The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Roberts

January 18, 2016


Steve Rockamaniac joins Tony Stabile of The Rowdy Wrestling Podcast to review The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts documentary. Spoiler alert: We loved the film!

Not much to say here other than go download this epic documentary and support a man who has pulled himself from the brink of death.

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DVD Review : UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition

December 4, 2011

DVD Package Reviewed by Steven Wilson

The Ultimate gift for the Ultimate Fighting Championship fan in your life is hitting DVD shelves this Tuesday December 6th, and it comes in the form of a 20 disc DVD set highlighting what was one of if not the greatest 12 month period of action in UFC’s history.

This brand new release, not to be confused with the 2009 10 Disc Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights set that hit shelves in conjunction with the promotion for UFC 100 , covers UFC 116 through UFC 131, as well as UFC Fight Night 22 through 24, and UFC Live 2 through 4. It packs all of this in along with a unique set of DVD extras over a whopping 20 disc set, with  over 52 hours of UFC action.

For the most part, each disc of the set covers a specific event, for example Disc 1 is UFC 116, and Disc 2 is UFC 117. Instead of presenting each event as it aired or as it was released on DVD, the UFC production team swaps in some cool fight buildup videos that includes footage from the fight week building to the event, or exclusive behind the scenes footage before a specific fight takes place.

Another interesting addition to this DVD set is the extras included on the 20th DVD which includes features on the best of Joe Rogan 1 on 1, the best of UFC Unguarded and the best of UFC Fight School.

The packaging on this set is impressive as since this DVD tells the story of the UFC during this 1 year period of time, what better way to express this than a storybook style package which pulls out of the DVD set outer box and allows you to flip through the pages, each of which contains 2 discs.

Some small negatives to mention about this release are the fact that the DVD’s were not put in the package in chronological order, instead they are presented PPV wise, of UFC 116 through 131, followed by the fight nights and Live events, so if the viewer does not realize to watch a certain fight night before a certain PPV they may hear the commentators talking about a fight they havent watched yet. The other negative is that some fights were cut for time to keep this at a 20 disc set. Of the 215 fights presented on the events in question, 170 of them are included in this set. Some of the fights cut were simple prelim fights, while others were a bit more suprising, nonetheless, if your not an absolute completionist, then this is still an absolutely awesome release. Even with a few prelims here and there missing, the set makes up for it with a great slew of bonuses and never before seen behind the scenes footage, 10 plus hours of previously unreleased footage that is, and this makes it an absolute must buy.

Currently on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca for 99.99$, this set is well worth the cash, and would be much appreciated by any MMA fan on your list! I know I would love to find it under my tree on christmas morning, so if your searching for that perfect gift for the MMA fan in your life, you need not look any further.

The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition from Anchor Bay Entertainment hits retail shelves Tuesday December 6th, For more info check out ufcstore.com or Anchor Bay’s website via http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com/detail.aspx?projectID=d25f15c2-b426-4e96-c5b6-f8256421ce08


MMA DVD Review : UFC Ultimate Knockouts 9

November 6, 2011

DVD Reviewed by Steven Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, its time to start looking at the latest releases that can appeal to the MMA fan on your list, and the first of such releases is the latest in the UFC Ultimate Knockouts DVD & Blu Ray series, this installment being Volume 9, hitting shelves on November 8th.

Much like the other releases in this series, the DVD checks in with a 93 minute run time and features the latest in high profile knockouts from UFC battles that took place over the past year.

As the tag line on the DVD`s back cover says, nothing puts an exclamation mark on a fight like a great knockout, especially when your least expecting it. This was the case in Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfot fight from UFC 126, It was the crane kick to the head heard around the world which would later spawn Lyoto Machida`s similar finish on Randy Couture at UFC 129. To say the least I have always been a big fan of the knockout, and honestly regardless of the type of UFC fan you are who doesnt like a good knockout every once in a while?

The release features action from 30+ fights that ended in a Knockout or Technical Knockout. Some fights are show in full, while others are joined in progress shortly before the “big bang” so to speak. These bouts include the afformentioned Anderson Silva/Vitor Belfort fight, as well as the Lyoto Machida/Randy Couture fight, also featured are the heavyweight title bout between Brock Lesnar & Cain Velazquez from UFC 121, the very short Matt Hughes BJ Penn UFC 123 fight, Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit from UFC 120, Chuck Liddel vs Rich Franklin from UFC 115, and Shogun Rua vs Jon Bones Jones from UFC 128

Extras are slim on this release, limited to only a Total TKO’s featurette. However considering the DVD’s main subject there is little more you can expect out of a 1 disc release such as this one. That being said, UFC producers still try and go all out with another one of their awesomely produced highlights packages.

For the big fans of the KO out there, this series continues to provide exactly what your looking for. It may not be content heavy release, but could always be good for a quick afternoon watch with your fellow UFC fans, and for the UFC fan on your holiday shopping list, its an affordable gift that should be much appreciated.

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 9 will be released on DVD and Blu Ray November 8th via Anchor Bay Entertainment. You can order your copy via quality online retailers such as Amazon for as little as 21.98$ for the DVD version


DVD/Blu Ray Review : UFC – Ultimate Royce Gracie

April 27, 2011

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

When writing the book on the history of Mixed Martial Arts in North America, one must begin with a chapter on Brazilian jiu jitsu, and one must begin with a look at the pioneer of that discipline in the US, the legendary Royce Gracie. The UFC aims to write that chapter with its latest DVD release “Ultimate Royce Gracie”

This in depth DVD documentary comes in a special book like packaging that includes 12 pages of images from Royce’s career as well as a biography. It is quite impressive to look at and is a much appreciated added touch to what is a well produced 2 Disc DVD documentary.

Disc 1 begins with the 90 minute documentary which aired on Spike TV focusing on the evolution of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu discipline from its roots in Brazil to its expansion to the US, and ultimate explosion thanks to the success of Royce Gracie at the first ever UFC event in the early 90’s.

What begins with a spotlight on Gracie jiu jitsu quickly becomes the history of the UFC as we hear the story of how UFC 1 came about and the stories behind the battles of UFC 1 through 5 and while this is the Ultimate Royce Gracie, it could easily be entitled, The History of the UFC Part 1.

Participants in the documentary include Royce himself, UFC announcer Joe Rogan, and numerous participants from UFC 1 through 5 such as Dan Severn, Art Jimmerson, and Jason De Lucia.

A wide array of bonus features is offered up on the 2 disc set. First up is every Royce Gracie fight from UFC 1 through 5 in their entirety. While on Disc 2 we get the UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Gracie as well as his 3 fights in full from the Pride events in 2000 & 2003. The bonus features conclude with Gracie’s last fight in the UFC which took place at UFC 60 against Matt Hughes.

In closing, the UFC did Royce Gracie right with this DVD package. I highly recommend picking this one up for your collection, not only is it very well produced, but its highly informative and comes in one of the coolest DVD packaging ive seen to date for any MMA DVD. If you’ve seen the Spike special, you know more or less of what to expect, for those who didn’t you wont be disappointed.

UFC’s Ultimate Royce Gracie will be available on DVD and Blu Ray on May 10th from Anchor Bay Entertainment with a SRP of $24.98 for the DVD and $34.99 for the Blu Ray. For more info check out ufcstore.com or your local UFC DVD Retailer.


DVD Review : Knockout starring Stone Cold Steve Austin

April 19, 2011

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin has been back in the squard circle rather frequently thus far in 2011. Currently hosting the reincarnation of the Tough Enough reality show series, and coming off of his guest referee spot at Wrestlemania, now Austin is stepping into the boxing ring for his latest acting gig, a straight to DVD release entitled “Knockout”

In the film Austin plays a former pro boxer turned school janitor named Dan Barnes. The film begins with the lead character, Matthew Miller (played by Daniel Magder) on his way to his first day at his new public school in a new city. Having spent years in private school, Miller arrives in a suit and finds it hard to fit in, attracting the attention of the resident school bullies, most notably, the school’s boxing champ Hector Torres. Miller, meanwhile, has had an interest in boxing for years as his grandfather was once a successful boxer, but never had he thought about participating in the sport as his somewhat overprotective mother has held him close through the years following a battle with leukemia as a child. Cue Stone Cold’s character, who as the school janitor steps in during a bullying incident between Matthew and the afformentioned Torres. With the encouragement and tutelage of Austin’s character, Matthew trains and gets his chance to face Torres in the annual box off for a chance to make the school boxing team.

About 30 minutes into the film I found it hard to kick the feeling that I had seen this film before, then it dawned on me, this is WWE Films “Legendary” but with boxing instead of amateur wrestling and Steve Austin instead of John Cena. The surrounding story might be slightly different, but at its core they are identical movies. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on what you personally thought of Legendary.  For those you didn’t see it, what this basically boils down to is your typical inspirational family drama with a happy ending.

Like many of the straight to DVD films Austin has done since leaving WWE films, he is given a tailor made character to play so that it accentuates his acting positives and hides the negatives.

Ive always been a big fan of Austin’s and because of this I did enjoy the film. Although I found the fact that Knockout is very similar to Legendary to be somewhat amusing considering that Austin had chosen to depart WWE films many years ago to chase his own career path, but has ended up doing the exact same films under various different banners. Then again he probably would not of gotten his spot in The Expendables without being independent, but I digress.

The DVD version of Knockout offers little in terms of DVD extras. A digital copy option is included as well as the film’s trailer, but nothing in terms of behind the scenes footage or featurettes. Ultimately I would call this a “Rent It”, but if you’re a big fan of Austin adding it to your collection wont hurt.

Knockout starring Stone Cold Steve Austin hits the streets on DVD and Blu Ray, April 26th with the suggested retail price of $29.99, It will also be available via Video on Demand, For more information check out Phase 4 Films official webpage for the film via http://phase4films.com/detail.aspx?projectId=295806ed-6e2b-422f-bedf-37dc9a13bd1c


Book Review : How To Become The World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps

January 25, 2011

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

In the opening foreward of Chris Jericho’s new book “Undisputed : How To Become The World Champion In 1,372 Easy Steps”  Mick Foley writes about how back in 2007 when Jericho’s first autobiography “A Lion’s Tale” was released, Foley found himself not only enthralled in the story Jericho was telling but worried that he was about to lose his title as the wrestling star with the best autobiography out there.

While Foley has never defeated Jericho in a wrestling ring (a point Jericho makes sure to point out numerous times throughout this book) Mick refuses to relinquish his title in the author’s squared circle but not before putting him over big time and basically admitting that if someone is the next Mick Foley in the wrestling author ranks, its Chris Jericho. If anything that is all you need to know before deciding whether or not to pick up Jericho’s new autobiography as Jericho delivers another awesome read.

Picking up where A Lion’s Tale left off, Y2J takes you through his WWE career to date beginning with the infamous debut segment on Raw where he interrupted The Rock turning out to be one of the most unique debuts in recent memory. Despite this fact, Jericho’s early days in the WWE were no different than many before him as he recalls the massive heat he developed backstage as he tried to adjust to the WWE way of doing things.

Jericho’s story is both intriguing and hilarious at the same time. Coming from WCW to the WWE was a major transition for Chris. In the first few weeks and months of his WWE career he managed to piss off  locker room leaders like The Undertaker and Triple H, developed a reputation of being green as grass and nearly had his “Walls of Jericho” finisher named “The Salad Shooter” of all things.  Yes that’s right, WWE’s creative team offered up some of the dumbest names one can think of, and Jericho includes the original email to prove it.

Reading the stories of Jericho’s interactions with boss Vince McMahon is a fascinating look inside the WWE that we rarely get. Any wrestling fan has heard the things the so called dirt sheets has had to say about McMahon and his rapport with his staff, but having it come straight from the mouth of someone who has spent a lot of time working for him and someone without an agenda of being bitter over a release or sucking up in hopes of a push, makes much of this book a truly awesome read.

Coming in at nearly 450 pages the book covers a lot but doesn’t seem anywhere near that long as its quite the pager turner. Amongst what will be the most talked about chapters is the one simply entitled Benoit.  It may be nearing 4 years since the tragic events of June 2007 but reading this chapter about Jericho’s interactions with Benoit in the weeks leading up to the tragedy and his reaction is truly captivating. Although Jericho doesn’t intend to offer up any sort of new information on the tragedy he indirectly does so when describing how hard it was for him to interact with Benoit during his final years due to Benoit’s anti social nature.  Much like he did during the few media appearances Jericho made during the media blitz that covered the tragedy, Jericho does what I consider the best job in telling the world how and what to separate when thinking of Chris Benoit the man versus Chris Benoit the murderer.

The other important aspect of this book is Jericho’s decision to chase yet another dream with the formation of his band Fozzy. The chapters about the adventures of Fozzy are sprinkled throughout the book and are just as interesting as the wrestling related chapters as you learn a lot about how the recording industry truly works and how hard it was for Fozzy to even get to the point they are today.

Overall, Undisputed is yet another great book from Chris Jericho. It’s honest, its entertaining and it’s insightful, I highly recommend it , and to Mick Foley I’d say watch out, Jericho could quickly become the “undisputed” wrestling author champion of the world.

Chris Jericho’s “Undisputed : How To Become The World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps” will be available February 16th in book stores everywhere.


DVD Review : UFC 123 : Rampage vs Machida

January 20, 2011

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

When looking at the main card of UFC 123, you could say that this was an event that featured both the fast rising prospects of the UFC, as well as the established big names who were looking to get their careers back on the world title track.

Headlined by a pair of former light heavyweight champions in Quinten “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida as well as the third and final chapter of the BJ Penn/Matt Hughes  trilogy, UFC had the potential for yet another strong event in what was a very successful year of 2010 for the UFC.

The opening matchup of the night Australian George Sotiropoulous up against Joe Lauzon. Sotiropoulos survived an early onslaught from Lauzon to eventually take the fight to the ground and prove why he is one of the better grapplers in the UFC as he would eventually grapple his way to a submission victory over Lauzon in the second round via Kimura.

In the second bout of the main event card, the undefeated “Mr Wonderful” Phil Davis submitted Tim Boetsch with a never before seen one arm kimura in the second round. Davis moved to 8-0 with the win and could be a major player in the years to come in the light heavyweight division.

The third fight featured the debut of Maiquel Falco against Gerald Hurricane Harris. The story of this fight was Falco showing the UFC fans that he has what it takes to hang in the octagon as he beat down Harris for the first two rounds and then went into cruise control through the third round to earn an easy victory. I may not of liked the fact that the third round was boring as hell, but I understand the strategy of ensuring your victory without risk.

The co main event of the evening featuring BJ Penn and Matt Hughes did not last long. This was the rubber match between the two men, and was an extremely important fight for BJ Penn as he came off of back to back losses to Frankie Edgar, the second of which he was dominated for 5 straight rounds. This fight however was Penn’s rebound, as easily walked away with the bragging rights finishing Matt Huges 21 seconds into the fight. You could see before the fight even started that Penn meant business as he intensely marched to the cage and came out swinging and swinging hard for that matter as Hughes had no idea what knocked him out, admitting after the match that it was so hard that he thought it was a kick or knee that caught him.

The main event between Rampage and Machida was a fight that went the distance and delievered a  somewhat interesting decision. The first two rounds of the fight were nearly identical as both men felt eachother out. Machida proved why he is one of the most elusive fighters out there as he stuck to his circling away and picking his shots while Rampage stalked Machida endlessly. The first two rounds were hard to score but an edge could be given to Rampage. Realizing this Machida entered the third round with some urgency and it paid off as he rocked Rampage with a flurry of shots and nearly finished the former PRIDE star. Rampage survived and the judges delivered a split decision of 29-28 in favour of Rampage Jackson, who in defeat admitted that Machida beat him up real bad in the third and deserved the win, and even went as far as to offer him an immediate rematch.  It was a entertaining main event and personally I think the right man got the win.

As Is the case with every major UFC DVD release, this is a 2 disc set featuring hours of bonus materials. The entire unaired undercard is on the second disc along with the usual bonus feature suspects such as the Countdown to UFC 123 special, the Weigh in show and UFC.com promos.

Also featured in the bonus materials is the 30 minute behind the scenes featurette contains a look at the team of coaches behind a fighter and how they help the fighters they work for. Kenny Florian’s  perspective for the BJ Penn/Matt Hughes match and Ryan Bader’s perspective for the Rampage/Machida main event. The featurette wraps up with a look at the different fighting styles of the UFC fighters.

I highly enjoyed UFC 123 on DVD, it may not of been one of those stacked cards, but it was a good night of fights and as always a DVD chock full of quality bonuses.  The main event is good fodder for a debate with your friends on the scoring and whether or not you’d like to see a rematch one day, and overall should make a nice addition to your UFC DVD collection.

UFC 123 : RAMPAGE VS MACHIDA will be available on DVD February 1st from Anchor Bay Entertainment. For more information check out www.ufc.com or http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com,