March 1, 2008



REVIEWED BY STEVE ROCKAMANIAC OF www.maineventradio.netfirms.com

In recent years, New Jack has been no stranger to the shoot interview format, or wrestling related documentaries. He has made outlandish comments, taught us why cocaine is a wonderful drug, and never forgot to praise the rats who gave him years and years of pleasure. During the same time period, The Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Insider series from Big Vision Entertainment has upped the level of quality a shoot interview has to live up to. So a few months back, the two came together and the result is “Doing Time With New Jack” – A 2 Disc, 6 hour, New Jack extravaganza!

The main feature of “Doing Time With New Jack” is a 3 hour sit down interview, hosted by Dr Keith Lipinski, and once again Ultimate Insiders prove why they are different from your run of the mill shoot interview as you will immediately notice a custom background for the show which is shot from multiple camera angles allowing the editing team to cut flawlessly back and forth between Jack and Lipinski and their reactions to questions and answers.

One of the very cool things in this shoot is a flashback feature. As I mentioned at the top of this review,  New Jack has done many shoot interviews in the past, it’s almost to the point that if you have seen the earlier releases you may recognize some of the similarities and discrepencies of comments Jack has made before, so Ultimate Insiders innovates again by flashing back to actual shoot interviews Jack has done in the past to  set the record straight on something, or to give you more details on something. The funniest example of this is at the beginning of the interview, Jack claims to not of been a fan of wrestling growing up, more specifically not idolizing any specific stars, then we flash back to a old interview when jack was talking about how he would imitate Dusty Rhodes with friends after seeing him on TV, so later Jack clarifies his statements saying he would occasionally watch, but was never a mark and thus was not a fan growing up. The other cool feature is a pop up window which at various times shows some extra information on what is being talked about.

Although many of the expected new jack topics are covered  In this shoot, like other Ultimate Insider products its taken to a different level, as Jack refuses to sit and answer the same old questions the same old way, so if it was a typical question, jack made sure to go with it a different way then he has in the past, which also allowed for a whole new slew of topics to be covered such as wanting to be a reality tv star, potential retirement, running a wrestling school, burying the hatchet with Paul Heyman, and which man he allowed to call him sweetie without getting murdered.  Jack also goes off on MTV for wanting him off of Wrestling Society X, some lawsuits that resulted from the Mass transit incident that you may of never heard of, and wrestlers who turn to suicide. (Note this was filmed before the Benoit family trajedy) A lot of comedy is also featured in this, some of it planned (New jack starts the interview with some mysterious white powder under his nose) and some of it just on the fly making it another entertaining product featuring New Jack.

The second disc of this package is jam packed with extras. First off you get 7 full matches featuring New Jack in XPW, including the infamous Free Fall matchup with Vic Grimes, which nearly saw Vic Grimes fall to his death. Following the match up’s you get to spend more time with New Jack as he goes home so to speak, as Dr Keith and New Jack road trip it to South Central, LA. A lot of the 100 minute featurette is random stuff, such as New Jack stopping for fried chicken and making fun of people in nearby cars but still qualifies as classic New Jack material.

I must say that I enjoyed this package a hell of a lot, I sat down to watch it, and before I knew it 6 hours had past and left me wanting more.  I’ve been a fan of New Jack for years, despite that I think I would of enjoyed this package nonetheless as it was generally entertaining and informative throughout. It’s not your definitive New Jack shoot, but deserves to be in your collection and makes a great addition to any other New Jack shoot you may already own. Not to mention that Big Vision offers it for an amazing price!

“Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Insiders : Doing Time with New Jack” is available on DVD now from Big Vision Entertainment for $19.98. Check out www.bvdvd.com for more details on this and the many other great dvd’s Big Vision offers. And to read my previous reviews, head on over to www.maineventradio.netfirms.com

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