DVD Review : RF Video – The Outsiders Shoot Interview

March 4, 2008



REVIEWED BY STEVE ROCKAMANIAC OF www.maineventradio.netfirms.com

Recently a friend of mine brought to my attention a new “Outsiders” shoot interview, the latest in the RF Video Shoot Interview Series, At first I thought to myself that RF Video was possibly overkilling the revived interest in one of the greatest tag teams of all time. After all I had seen the nearly 3 hour long Nash solo shoot , as well as the Nash “Wrestle Reunion” shoot hosted by Scott Hudson, not to mention the fact that RF had also put out a Scott Hall solo shoot a month or two before this new team shoot, but much like they used to do week in and week out, Hall and Nash managed to peak my interest and entertain me for a couple of hours with some new stories, some re-told stories with new twists and some good old fashioned Hall and Nash comedy spots.

Right off the bat, Hall and Nash recall their first meeting and first time driving together and why Nash thought Hall may be a homosexual, Making It evident that they weren’t going to be holding anything back, so over the 2 hour period you are treated with some great stories from their past, including how Nash would get what he wanted in WCW by working himself into a rage, what incident in the WWF ended up being the straw that broke the camels back when it came to Nash deciding to leave for WCW, and a hilarious story about the duo trying to cross the border into Canada for Wrestlemania 18 and how they almost didn’t make the show. One thing I liked about this shoot interview compared to others is that Hall and Nash are so good at telling their story and transitioning to another event that those questioning the duo barely have to speak beyond the quick one line questions.

As with most shoot interviews, the audio does leaves something to be desired, and is single camera shot. I wouldn’t go as far as to call this an absolute must own but if you don’t already own the solo shoots, then save yourself some money and get this tag team shoot which covers all the important parts of the outsiders rise to stardom and power.

The RF Video Shoot Interview with The Outsiders is available now through RFVideo.com for 20$ plus shipping and handling. Check out www.RFVideo.com for more details and check out www.maineventradio.netfirms.com/reviews.htm for all of my previous DVD reviews.


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