DVD Review : Wrestling Society X – The Complete First (And Last) Season

March 6, 2008




In late 2006 when the Wrestling Society X project came to light I was confused. Why was MTV going to put on a half hour weekly wrestling program, and for that matter give a few minutes of each episode to a musical act and then expect it to be some sort of credible wrestling company. Then when the first episode aired and the positive reactions began to pour in, I was once again confused. More so when the internet wrestling websites began to report on how higher ups in WWE and TNA were worried that WSX could become a big player in the wrestling business. With commercial breaks and the musical act there was less than 20 minutes of action per week, wrestlers often no sold, and there were for some reason these (literally) unbelievable explosions. I thought to myself anyone who says this is the next wrestling revolution was off their rocker. There was talk of house shows and yes the roster was solid, but I asked how anyone who watched the show every week could expect the same type of product in a house show tour, sure the roster could go, but you wouldn’t be getting 3 minute spot fests and over the top explosions on each house show and if you did then you’d be paying to see a very short yet expensive house show. Then MTV began pre empting the show, bullying it around, and eventually relegating it to their secondary networks before cancelling the show. Fans and those associated with the federation cried foul, saying MTV was not behind what could be a huge success, But I still didn’t see what they were seeing. I wasn’t getting it, I was one of those people who fans said were too dumb to get the concept. Recently Big Vision Entertainment put out the Complete First (and Last) Season of Wrestling Society X, and I sat down to try and give this another shot, and after watching the entire season once again in a different frame of mind, I think I finally got it, and realize how and why WSX could have been a success.

It was because of the hype that many fans and internet sites were putting into WSX that I began to look at it the wrong way, You see Wrestling Society X could never be a WWE or a TNA. All the reasons I mentioned in the first part of this review proved that. However Wrestling Society X was in many ways Wrestling without the chance to get bored by a promo that goes too long or a match with a couple jobbers that are going nowhere, in fact WSX was a definition of Wrestling. What I mean by that is, how many times have you heard “girls have soap operas, and guys have wrestling”. WSX was a televised male soap opera, it was a weekly installment of crazy stories, over the top incidents, and weird characters except this was not set in a fictional town full of people but instead was set in a bunker in a wrestling format.

Whether you got it or didn’t get it at the time, It’s now that you have a chance to pick up what is a very impressive DVD package and give it a second go around. This 4 DVD set contains all 9 episodes that aired on MTV, as well as the “too crazy to air on TV” 10th episode. Although I don’t get why MTV thought this was too crazy, there is a piranha deathmatch as well as a exploding steel cage time bomb deathmatch but that’s almost no different from the random explosions and overly fake stuff they had done before.

But this isn’t your typical TV season set as it goes far beyond offering up just the episodes, As All 10 WSXtra Bonus Shows which were internet accompaniments to the weekly episodes are included in this set which include bonus matches that did not air on that weeks episode.  

A very cool feature on each DVD’s menu is the Marathon option which plays the TV episodes and WSXtra episodes in sequential order back to back.

There is also a TON of extras  including deleted scenes and how they were to be used.  Casting tapes featuring the stars of WSX in action from before they debuted in the fed.

 Super Hot featurettes on the girls of WSX Lacey and Lizzy Valentine, including some matches they had before coming to WSX. Lacey’s being a 4 way from shimmer which also includes “Nic Grimes” Sara Del Rey.

Another featurette looks at the controversial announcer Fabien Kaelin. I say controversial as many thought his style of in ring announcing was the worst thing they ever saw while others thought it was great. Big Vision asked for his reaction to the controversy and he responded in a unexplicable way.

Alternate commentary tracks from the stars and writers of WSX is available as well as Video Trading Cards that were featured on MTV’s website,

The musical performances from each show have been cut out meaning each episode is now just under 20 minutes,this is because it would of cost more money to pay for the rights to include them on DVD, but each musical acts commentary tracks are included and for your musical fix there is also some music videos included as bonus features.

It’s really a jam packed and well put together DVD,  and for under 25$ its well worth either reliving the greatness that was WSX or giving it a second chance to grown on you.

Wrestling Society X – The Complete First and Last Season is now available on DVD from Big Vision Entertainment for 24.98$. For more details head on over to Big Vision’s website at www.bvdvd.com and check out my previous reviews at www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm

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