DVD Review : XPW’s Cold Day In Hell

January 14, 2009

In the wrestling world we are often encouraged to never say never, but many thought it would be a cold day in hell before XPW returned to the wrestling scene, but that’s exactly what it was in 2008 when the promotion returned for a star studded action packed night.

The DVD begins with Mr Mc Phenom, a imitation of Mr McMahon claiming he was arriving at the arena to assure XPW wont return.  The event begins with hosts Kris Kloss and Larry Rivera mid ring running off the list of big name superstars in the building when they are interrupted by (Kid) Kaos who cuts a promo on Shane Douglas and his eventual opponent, Vampiro. This is how the majority of matches are setup on the show, as beyond the included pre show, some sort of storyline buildup needed to be executed to make these matches better and thus the pre match in ring promo’s are plentiful.

The show could actually be hyped as both an XPW as well as a Wrestling Society X reunion. While many of the stars of WSX were originally in XPW, this show also features those who were not in XPW at the time but did appear in WSX such as Vamprio, Sean Waltman, Joey Ryan, Jack Evans and Scorpio Sky.

The two disc set runs over 6 hours in total and features a very impressive lineup of matches.  Headlined by a Double Main Event, the show is able to offer the nostalgia feeling as well as the hardcore action fans were anticipating.

Looking at the matchups, the afformentioned Kaos/Vampiro match kicks off the show with a strong brawl all over the arena that sets the tone for the show as the pair use lighttubes chairs and tables to get the show off on the right foot. GQ Money and The hardcore homo Angel are second playing off a feud the two had in the original XPW in which they ended up beating eachother twice and thus this is the rubber match. The third match/segment sees The Sandman make his prescence felt making the save for the smoking hot J Love (aka Lizzy Valentine) when she is being attacked by her former nemesis Pogo The Clown. We Then get one of the two main event matchups featured on the card as the ageless wonder Terry Funk comes to the ring to assume his role as special guest referee in the match between Sabu and Homeless Jimmy taking on Raven and White Trash Johnny Webb. Unfortunately Funk has the task of informing us that Sabu is not cleared to wrestle due to a broken vertebrate. Irregardless Sabu attempts to get to the ring barely able to walk straight and Funk sends him back to the lockerroom. Instead we get Raven and Webb taking on Homeless Jimmy and Sabu’s disciple, Khan Kussion. Raven, not impressed with the “wal mart version of Sabu” calls much of the match on the house mic in a rather hilarious fashion.  This is followed up by 8 man tag action as Team Rev Pro (Disco Machine, Joey Ryan, and AWC) takes on Team XPW (Vinnie Massaro, Jardi Franz, and 6 Pac Sean Waltman). Following this is a WSX like matchup as Luke Hawx (formerly Alter Boy Luke) takes on Jack Evans and Scorpio Sky in a three way respect match. If you’ve never seen Jack Evans in action, you need to see this to believe the amount of talent he has, which is not to take away from the other two who provide for a quick paced high flying matchup. The original gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa) reunite and return for the semi final matchup of the show taking on their “imitators” the WSN. This would turn out to be New Jack’s final match as he announces his retirement at the end of the match which is unfortunate as Ill miss the guy. The main event is a No Rope, Barbed Wire, Double Hell Deathmatch between XPW hardcore hero Supreme and recent king of deathmatches Necro Butcher. To say the least this is a very violent ending to a overall very entertaining show.

Extras include the entire pre show which hyped up the event in the weeks leading to it. Also included is numerous music videos, something XPW was known for as their weekly TV shows often featured music videos.  Live show bonus features include the Dynamite D Fallen Heroes Tribute Battle Royal which pays tribute not only to the late Dynamite D, but as well as the other stars who were part of XPW who have unfortunately passed away. This is followed up by 6 full length matchups from the XPW library featuring the fallen stars including Dynamite D vs Kaos, Chris Candido vs Julio Dinero, Westiders vs Pitbulls vs Public Enemy, Snuff vs Vic Grimes, Homeless Jimmy vs Johnny Webb vs Kronus, and Big Dick Dudley vs Tool, as well as a Bad Boy Basil highlights package. Also Cut from the live show but included in the extras is the smoking Miss Xtreme Bikini contest.

In this day and age where fans find themselves clamoring for the hardcore action they onced enjoyed week in a week out, the XPW Cold Day In Hell event is a much appreciated DVD. Although im sure the guys at XPW would not like being mentioned in the same breath as ECW but for those who have never heard of XPW, this is one of if not the closest a promotion has ever gotten to providing the same experience to the fans of hardcore. So if you enjoyed ECW I would recommend this DVD to you, If you’re a fan of hardcore in general then Id recommend this to you as well, it was a great event and I wouldn’t mind seeing another XPW reunion show somewhere down the line.

XPW’s Cold Day in Hell is now available on DVD and Blu Ray from Big Vision Entertainment. You can check out www.bvdvd.com for more information or to order your own copy.


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