August 24, 2010

Like with any Controversial decision, Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua’s initial championship battle inside the octagon resulted in much debate amongst MMA fans as to who was the better man.  A rematch as well as  a chance to make things right was desperately needed and fans got what they wanted at UFC 113 when Machida/Shogun 2 would headline what turned out to be one of the UFC’s better events of 2010, and I don’t just say that because I had the chance to attend UFC 113 live here in Montreal, But I say that because the card was stacked with some great fights that delivered, and now you can check it out for yourself on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Much like when a wrestlng event is held at the Bell Center, the crowd in attendance was super hot from the opening of the event as they were looking forward to a great night of fights, they were not let down. The event opened up with hometown hero Patrick “The Predator “ Cote against the quick rising star of Alan “The Talent” Belcher.  This was a great opener for the main card, It was a soild back and forth battle that would last a round and a half with Belcher going over following a barely legal piledriver into a rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Heavyweight battle between Kimbo Slice and fellow Ultimate Fighter contest Matt Mitrione was up next.  The Montreal crowd was definitely behind Kimbo heading into the fight but once again their favorite would suffer defeat as Kimbo got rocked early on in this somewhat sloppy fight and later Mitrione would work Kimbo hard on the ground to the point that he ran out of gas and lost via TKO from strikes in the second round. This would turn out to be Kimbo’s curtain call as the UFC released him following the loss

Third fight of the night saw lightweights Sam Stout and Jeremy Stevens in the only main card fight that went the distance. The fight itself was an interesting back and forth exchange of striking and kicking from the two men, The result could of went either way, and the judges scorecards reflected that as it was a split decision in favour of Stevens.

The Co Main Event was a controversial one, as Josh Koscheck took on Paul Daley with a spot as coach for the next Ultimate Fighter season against current welterweight champ GSP on the line. The controvery began early as Koscheck faked being struck by Daley’s Knee to his face while on the ground, however replays showed it barely grazed his hair, The montreal crowd took a major crap on Koscheck for that, and as the fight went along, Koscheck, who although was dominating Daley in takedowns and control, was getting even more heat for the little action that was going on. When the fight ended Daley’s temper blew over, perhaps  his anger influenced by the crowd’s anger, he sucker punched Koscheck after the bell, and ended up getting fired from the company for it. I was somewhat disappointed that Koschecks rant on the montreal crowd was edited out of the DVD, it was awesome.

The show closed with Machida/Shogun 2 and this time around we got a clear winner. The rematch did not last long, as Shogun knocked out Machida 3 minutes into the first round and righted what many thought was a wrong in the judging of the first fight.

As with each major UFC DVD release, it comes packed with a bunch of DVD extras, including the Countdown Special, Weigh Ins and Behind The Scenes Featurette, which this time around looked at Machida/Shogun 1 and the controversy that surrounded the result.  Another DVD exclusive is the Preliminary Card in its entirety. Highlights include Mike Guymon getting a emotional hard earned victory against Yoshiyuki Yoshida as well as Marcus Davis defeating another hometown hero in Jonathan Goulet.

Overall UFC 113 was a great night of fights, which makes the DVD worth picking up.

UFC 113 – MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2 is now available on DVD From Anchor Bay Entertainment, You can pick it up at your favorite local DVD retailer, or order it online, For more information check out http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com andwww.UFC.com

Three Weeks Later, The UFC returned to Las Vegans for UFC 114, headlined by Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. It was a feud that had spaned over a year in time, and had come to a even hotter boiling point when the two were against each other as coaches on the ultimate fighter. The fight was begging for a clear knockout victory, both men had guaranteed one, and the intensity of their promo work leading up to the fight left fans begging for one. What would ensue was a entertaining back and forth fight with both men nearly scoring knockouts, but the fight would go the distance, which you can now see for yourself as Anchor Bay Entertainment releases UFC 114 on DVD on August 31st.

Looking at the fight, The first two rounds had gone Evans way, he opened the fight by rocking Rampage with a right hand and was able to control Jackson. When the third round came along, Rampage’s corned ordered a KO, and that’s what he tried to do, knocking down and nearly out with a barrage of punches on the ground, somehow Evans survived and went back to his control of Jackson. The fight would go to decision which to no ones surprise leaned in Evans favour, both men asked for rematch, and I think the crowd want it as well, I know I was hoping to see someone knocked out here, and eventhough Evans did win the fight, I think this is one of those feuds that needs a more clear cut winner than a decision, it needs a KO.

Looking at the rest of 114, Unlike 113, almost all of the fights on the main card went the distance, including a controversial result in the Antonio “Little Nog” Nogueira and Jason Brillz fight. Brillz had taken the fight late, after Forrest Griffin had pulled out, but Brillz impressed everyone by giving Nogueira all he could handle with the constant stream of single leg takedowns and submission attempts, That’s not to say Nogueira did not get some of his own submission attempts in there but it seemed clear to many that the fight would go 29-28 in favor of Brillz, however when the scorecards were read the fight went in favor of Nogueira and the crowd went nuts in anger. Eventhough he did not score the victory Jason Brillz certainly climbed the ladder here.

In other results, Michael Bisping defeated Dan Miller by Unanimous Decision , Mike Russow defeated Todd Duffee by KO and John Hathaway defeated Diego Sanchez  by Unanimous Decision making Sanchez’s first fight back at 170 a failure.

Much like 113 and every other major UFC DVD release, it comes with 2 discs and hours of bonus features, which Ive always found interesting because UFC really goes all out for their PPV DVD releases unlike WWE who could probably learn something from the UFC in this department as it easily makes the events worth the money with the plethora of bonus features.

UFC 114 – RAMPAGE VS EVANS will be out on DVD August 31st From Anchor Bay Entertainment, You can pick it up at your favorite local DVD retailer, or order it online, For more information check out http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com and www.UFC.com

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