DVD Review : UFC’s Ultimate Submissions

November 2, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of MainEventRadio.com

When you enter the octogan a lot of things can happen, but one of the most exciting results  is when one of the fighters are pushed to their absolute limit and are forced to tap out. The submission is often considered an art, and it has become the subject of the UFC’s latest best of DVD & Blu Ray release as they put out “UFC’s Ultimate Submissions”

This is a 1 disc release that features 30 matchups from the UFC’s video library that ended in a submission victory. With a run time of 70+ minutes only the preview and highlights of each fight is shown, but still gives you a feel for the numerous different submission possibilities an MMA fight can end with.

The 30 featured bouts include the likes of Georges St Pierre vs Matt Hughes, a trio of Frank Mir fights vs Tim Slyvia, Brock Lesnar and Chieck Kongo, Demian Maia vs Chael Sonnen, BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian amongst many others.

The strength of this DVD release is truly in the bonus material, which in a way is backwards as you’d think the main feature would be the release’s main attraction, but if there is one reason to buy this DVD its for the bonus matchups which feature 20 full length fights broken down into 2 sections.

The first being “Submissions From The Vaults” including early day UFC gems such as Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie 1, Scott Morris vs Sean Dougherty, Royce Gracie vs Jason De Lucera, Dan Severn vs Anthony Macias, Oleg Taktarovus vs Ernie Vedizia, Marco Ruas vs Larry Cureton, Tank Abbott vs Steve Jennum, Mark Coleman vs Dan Severn, Randy Couture vs Tony Halme, and Kazushi Sakruaba vs Marcus Silveira.

The section section solely titled “Bonus Submissions include  Tank Abbott vs Frank Mir, 4 fights from UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes ( vs Frank Trigg 1, vs BJ Penn 1, vs Georges St Pierre 1, and vs Frank Trigg  2) as well as Forrest Griffin vs Bill Mahood, Joe Stevenson vs Melvin Guillard, Dustin Hazelett vs Jonathan Goulet, Bj Penn vs Jens Pullver 2,

The bonus materials wrap up with a short featurette on fighters who refuse to submit. Overall the bonus materials run nearly 90 minutes.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, this could be a easy gift idea for the MMA fan in your life. Holiday shopping aside, for 20$ this is easily a good addition to your collection.

UFC’s Ultimate Submissions is available now on DVD and Blu Ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment for more information or to pick up your own copy check out www.ufc.com or Anchor Bay’s Web page for the release via


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