3. TV / Movie DVD Reviews

–Knockout starring Stone Cold Steve Austin (April 19th 2011)

–Hunt To Kill starring Stone Cold Steve Austin (October 29th 2010)

–Woodshop starring Jesse The Body Ventura (September 9th 2010)

— Damage Starring Stone Cold Steve Austin (October 14th 2009)

–Andy Kaufman’s Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Comemorative DVD Set (April 25th 2009)

— 12 Rounds starring John Cena (March 27th 2009)

— Southland Tales starring The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar (March 25th 2008)

— WRESTLEMANIAC – A new horror film starring Rey Misterio and Leyla Milani (March 11th 2008)

— Dark Rising – Featuring the film debut of Jay “Christian Cage” Reso (December 21st 2007)

–Fallen Angels, The Still Life, and June Cabin (November 25th 2007)

–Cougar Club – A comedy featuring appearances by Joanie Laurer (November 18th 2007)

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