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DVD Review : UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition

December 4, 2011

DVD Package Reviewed by Steven Wilson

The Ultimate gift for the Ultimate Fighting Championship fan in your life is hitting DVD shelves this Tuesday December 6th, and it comes in the form of a 20 disc DVD set highlighting what was one of if not the greatest 12 month period of action in UFC’s history.

This brand new release, not to be confused with the 2009 10 Disc Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights set that hit shelves in conjunction with the promotion for UFC 100 , covers UFC 116 through UFC 131, as well as UFC Fight Night 22 through 24, and UFC Live 2 through 4. It packs all of this in along with a unique set of DVD extras over a whopping 20 disc set, with  over 52 hours of UFC action.

For the most part, each disc of the set covers a specific event, for example Disc 1 is UFC 116, and Disc 2 is UFC 117. Instead of presenting each event as it aired or as it was released on DVD, the UFC production team swaps in some cool fight buildup videos that includes footage from the fight week building to the event, or exclusive behind the scenes footage before a specific fight takes place.

Another interesting addition to this DVD set is the extras included on the 20th DVD which includes features on the best of Joe Rogan 1 on 1, the best of UFC Unguarded and the best of UFC Fight School.

The packaging on this set is impressive as since this DVD tells the story of the UFC during this 1 year period of time, what better way to express this than a storybook style package which pulls out of the DVD set outer box and allows you to flip through the pages, each of which contains 2 discs.

Some small negatives to mention about this release are the fact that the DVD’s were not put in the package in chronological order, instead they are presented PPV wise, of UFC 116 through 131, followed by the fight nights and Live events, so if the viewer does not realize to watch a certain fight night before a certain PPV they may hear the commentators talking about a fight they havent watched yet. The other negative is that some fights were cut for time to keep this at a 20 disc set. Of the 215 fights presented on the events in question, 170 of them are included in this set. Some of the fights cut were simple prelim fights, while others were a bit more suprising, nonetheless, if your not an absolute completionist, then this is still an absolutely awesome release. Even with a few prelims here and there missing, the set makes up for it with a great slew of bonuses and never before seen behind the scenes footage, 10 plus hours of previously unreleased footage that is, and this makes it an absolute must buy.

Currently on and for 99.99$, this set is well worth the cash, and would be much appreciated by any MMA fan on your list! I know I would love to find it under my tree on christmas morning, so if your searching for that perfect gift for the MMA fan in your life, you need not look any further.

The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition from Anchor Bay Entertainment hits retail shelves Tuesday December 6th, For more info check out or Anchor Bay’s website via


MMA DVD Review : UFC Ultimate Knockouts 9

November 6, 2011

DVD Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, its time to start looking at the latest releases that can appeal to the MMA fan on your list, and the first of such releases is the latest in the UFC Ultimate Knockouts DVD & Blu Ray series, this installment being Volume 9, hitting shelves on November 8th.

Much like the other releases in this series, the DVD checks in with a 93 minute run time and features the latest in high profile knockouts from UFC battles that took place over the past year.

As the tag line on the DVD`s back cover says, nothing puts an exclamation mark on a fight like a great knockout, especially when your least expecting it. This was the case in Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfot fight from UFC 126, It was the crane kick to the head heard around the world which would later spawn Lyoto Machida`s similar finish on Randy Couture at UFC 129. To say the least I have always been a big fan of the knockout, and honestly regardless of the type of UFC fan you are who doesnt like a good knockout every once in a while?

The release features action from 30+ fights that ended in a Knockout or Technical Knockout. Some fights are show in full, while others are joined in progress shortly before the “big bang” so to speak. These bouts include the afformentioned Anderson Silva/Vitor Belfort fight, as well as the Lyoto Machida/Randy Couture fight, also featured are the heavyweight title bout between Brock Lesnar & Cain Velazquez from UFC 121, the very short Matt Hughes BJ Penn UFC 123 fight, Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit from UFC 120, Chuck Liddel vs Rich Franklin from UFC 115, and Shogun Rua vs Jon Bones Jones from UFC 128

Extras are slim on this release, limited to only a Total TKO’s featurette. However considering the DVD’s main subject there is little more you can expect out of a 1 disc release such as this one. That being said, UFC producers still try and go all out with another one of their awesomely produced highlights packages.

For the big fans of the KO out there, this series continues to provide exactly what your looking for. It may not be content heavy release, but could always be good for a quick afternoon watch with your fellow UFC fans, and for the UFC fan on your holiday shopping list, its an affordable gift that should be much appreciated.

UFC Ultimate Knockouts 9 will be released on DVD and Blu Ray November 8th via Anchor Bay Entertainment. You can order your copy via quality online retailers such as Amazon for as little as 21.98$ for the DVD version


DVD Review : Hunt To Kill starring Stone Cold Steve Austin

October 29, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Coming off his role in the box office smash hit The Expendables, Steve Austin is looking to continue his transition into the acting world with the straight to DVD release of the action thriller “Hunt to Kill”

This is the 3rd straight to DVD release which stars Austin in the leading role, the prior two being Damage and The Stranger, and much like the previous releases, this film takes a familiar route to an enjoyable yet somewhat “by the book” film.

Austin plays the role of US border patrol agent Jim Rhodes who is not only trying to get over the loss of his murdered partner but is also trying to raise his teenage daughter as a single father, which as you may guess  with any girl of that age, is rebellious to the bone. This ends up getting both her and her father in some major trouble as Austin’s daughter is taken hostage by a group of criminals and when Austin’s character walks in on the kidnapping, he is forced into assisting the group in hunting down one of their former colleagues who is hiding out from them in the mountainous woods of Montana, a place that Austin knows very well having worked there on a daily basis.

As they embark on the hunt through the mountains, the movie begins to follow the typical storyline  playout of the bad guys turning on eachother, and Austin’s character taking advantage of this to begin outsmarting them in a survival of the baddest type of situation.

I couldn’t help but have a bit of a déjà vu feeling while watching the movie, That being said it is far from being a bad movie, in fact I enjoyed it very much as would any other Austin fan or fan of the action thriller genre. The timing and playout of the story is well done, and the climax is fast paced enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it was hard to kick the fact that I felt I had seen this before.  Perhaps that’s the downfall of some movies in this day and age, where everything has been done before and even slight twists on the outline of what a thriller is supposed to be, still comes off as by the book.

Austin does play his role perfectly, perhaps because it’s designed for him as who wouldn’t portray Austin as a rugged, tough as nails guy who can kick your butt, but also the lead villain played by Gil Bellows serves as a bad guy whose performance compliments Austin’s role greatly.

DVD Bonus features for the standard DVD release of Hunt to Kill include audio commentary with Director Keoni Waxman and actor Michael Eklund, as well as a behind the scenes of Hunt To Kill featurette.

Having been a fan of Austin for many years, im glad to see that his acting career is coming along nicely, not every retired wrestling star gets this chance in the movie mainstream and starts to succeed, Austin is quickly establishing his own movie career, which may not get to the level The Rock has, but will certainly be a respectable one.

Hun to Kill is out on DVD and Blu Ray November 9th from Anchor Bay Entertainment, For more information check out or Anchor Bay’s page for the film at




August 24, 2010

Like with any Controversial decision, Lyoto Machida and Shogun Rua’s initial championship battle inside the octagon resulted in much debate amongst MMA fans as to who was the better man.  A rematch as well as  a chance to make things right was desperately needed and fans got what they wanted at UFC 113 when Machida/Shogun 2 would headline what turned out to be one of the UFC’s better events of 2010, and I don’t just say that because I had the chance to attend UFC 113 live here in Montreal, But I say that because the card was stacked with some great fights that delivered, and now you can check it out for yourself on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Much like when a wrestlng event is held at the Bell Center, the crowd in attendance was super hot from the opening of the event as they were looking forward to a great night of fights, they were not let down. The event opened up with hometown hero Patrick “The Predator “ Cote against the quick rising star of Alan “The Talent” Belcher.  This was a great opener for the main card, It was a soild back and forth battle that would last a round and a half with Belcher going over following a barely legal piledriver into a rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Heavyweight battle between Kimbo Slice and fellow Ultimate Fighter contest Matt Mitrione was up next.  The Montreal crowd was definitely behind Kimbo heading into the fight but once again their favorite would suffer defeat as Kimbo got rocked early on in this somewhat sloppy fight and later Mitrione would work Kimbo hard on the ground to the point that he ran out of gas and lost via TKO from strikes in the second round. This would turn out to be Kimbo’s curtain call as the UFC released him following the loss

Third fight of the night saw lightweights Sam Stout and Jeremy Stevens in the only main card fight that went the distance. The fight itself was an interesting back and forth exchange of striking and kicking from the two men, The result could of went either way, and the judges scorecards reflected that as it was a split decision in favour of Stevens.

The Co Main Event was a controversial one, as Josh Koscheck took on Paul Daley with a spot as coach for the next Ultimate Fighter season against current welterweight champ GSP on the line. The controvery began early as Koscheck faked being struck by Daley’s Knee to his face while on the ground, however replays showed it barely grazed his hair, The montreal crowd took a major crap on Koscheck for that, and as the fight went along, Koscheck, who although was dominating Daley in takedowns and control, was getting even more heat for the little action that was going on. When the fight ended Daley’s temper blew over, perhaps  his anger influenced by the crowd’s anger, he sucker punched Koscheck after the bell, and ended up getting fired from the company for it. I was somewhat disappointed that Koschecks rant on the montreal crowd was edited out of the DVD, it was awesome.

The show closed with Machida/Shogun 2 and this time around we got a clear winner. The rematch did not last long, as Shogun knocked out Machida 3 minutes into the first round and righted what many thought was a wrong in the judging of the first fight.

As with each major UFC DVD release, it comes packed with a bunch of DVD extras, including the Countdown Special, Weigh Ins and Behind The Scenes Featurette, which this time around looked at Machida/Shogun 1 and the controversy that surrounded the result.  Another DVD exclusive is the Preliminary Card in its entirety. Highlights include Mike Guymon getting a emotional hard earned victory against Yoshiyuki Yoshida as well as Marcus Davis defeating another hometown hero in Jonathan Goulet.

Overall UFC 113 was a great night of fights, which makes the DVD worth picking up.

UFC 113 – MACHIDA VS SHOGUN 2 is now available on DVD From Anchor Bay Entertainment, You can pick it up at your favorite local DVD retailer, or order it online, For more information check out

Three Weeks Later, The UFC returned to Las Vegans for UFC 114, headlined by Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. It was a feud that had spaned over a year in time, and had come to a even hotter boiling point when the two were against each other as coaches on the ultimate fighter. The fight was begging for a clear knockout victory, both men had guaranteed one, and the intensity of their promo work leading up to the fight left fans begging for one. What would ensue was a entertaining back and forth fight with both men nearly scoring knockouts, but the fight would go the distance, which you can now see for yourself as Anchor Bay Entertainment releases UFC 114 on DVD on August 31st.

Looking at the fight, The first two rounds had gone Evans way, he opened the fight by rocking Rampage with a right hand and was able to control Jackson. When the third round came along, Rampage’s corned ordered a KO, and that’s what he tried to do, knocking down and nearly out with a barrage of punches on the ground, somehow Evans survived and went back to his control of Jackson. The fight would go to decision which to no ones surprise leaned in Evans favour, both men asked for rematch, and I think the crowd want it as well, I know I was hoping to see someone knocked out here, and eventhough Evans did win the fight, I think this is one of those feuds that needs a more clear cut winner than a decision, it needs a KO.

Looking at the rest of 114, Unlike 113, almost all of the fights on the main card went the distance, including a controversial result in the Antonio “Little Nog” Nogueira and Jason Brillz fight. Brillz had taken the fight late, after Forrest Griffin had pulled out, but Brillz impressed everyone by giving Nogueira all he could handle with the constant stream of single leg takedowns and submission attempts, That’s not to say Nogueira did not get some of his own submission attempts in there but it seemed clear to many that the fight would go 29-28 in favor of Brillz, however when the scorecards were read the fight went in favor of Nogueira and the crowd went nuts in anger. Eventhough he did not score the victory Jason Brillz certainly climbed the ladder here.

In other results, Michael Bisping defeated Dan Miller by Unanimous Decision , Mike Russow defeated Todd Duffee by KO and John Hathaway defeated Diego Sanchez  by Unanimous Decision making Sanchez’s first fight back at 170 a failure.

Much like 113 and every other major UFC DVD release, it comes with 2 discs and hours of bonus features, which Ive always found interesting because UFC really goes all out for their PPV DVD releases unlike WWE who could probably learn something from the UFC in this department as it easily makes the events worth the money with the plethora of bonus features.

UFC 114 – RAMPAGE VS EVANS will be out on DVD August 31st From Anchor Bay Entertainment, You can pick it up at your favorite local DVD retailer, or order it online, For more information check out and


DVD Review : UFC Best Of 2009

February 27, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

It appears video yearbooks are becoming popular DVD releases nowadays as the WWE and TNA both recently released 2009 retrospectives, and now the UFC checks in with a look back on what was probably the biggest year in the company’s history. With 20 events and over 200 fights there was a lot to choose from, so the UFC and Anchor Bay Entertainment have released a 2 disc set with nearly 6 hours of UFC action from 2009.

Based on the December Spike TV special, the UFC Best Of 2009 dvd mixes both documentary and full fight action. In total 12 matches are featured in the main program, while 8 others are offered as DVD Bonus Fights.

These fights are  : Matt Huges vs Matt Serra, Condit vs Ellenberger, Marquardt vs Maia, Franklin vs Belfort, Quarry vs Credeur, Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin, Evans vs Mashida, Liddell vs Rua, Jardine vs Thiago Silva, the great Guida vs Sanchez blowout, and heavyweight bouts Couture vs Nogueira and the second installment of what has become a bitter feud between Former WWE star and UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir. This was also the fight where Lesnar made his famous post match comments about beer sponsors and mounting his wife Sable when the night is done.

DVD Bonus matches include full bouts that are only referenced in the documentary portions such as Canada’s George St Pierre vs BJ Penn, Swick vs Hardy , Bonnar vs Jones, Griffin vs Franca, Diaz vs Guillard, Sherk vs Edgar, Stevenson vs Diaz and BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian.

Documentary type portions look at the year that was for Georges St Pierre and the welterweight division. The induction of Chuck Liddell to the UFC Hall of Fame, the return of Tito Ortiz, The Ultimate Fighter US vs UK season, the year that was in the Lightweight division and heavyweight division as well as various other mentions of big matches along the way of 2009.

Also included as a DVD bonus is a 20 minute behind the scenes of the UFC feature which takes a look at the training and development of Welterweight champ Georges St Pierre, the fighter preparation and build to Franklin vs Silva and Davis vs Hardy at UFC 99, as well as various other fights.

If like me you started to get into UFC in 2009 because of the rise of Brock Lesnar, then the Best of 2009 DVD is a great way for you to get caught up on what is going on in the company. Meanwhile if you’ve been a big fan of the UFC for years, it serves a great year in review to add to your dvd collection without having to dish out for all of the single event DVD’s.

The UFC Best of 2009 DVD will be available in stores everywhere from Anchor Bay Entertainment on March 9th. For more information or to order your own copy of this or any other UFC dvd’s check out


DVD Review : WRESTLEMANIAC starring Rey Misterio and Leyla Milani

March 11, 2008


DVD REVIEW : WRESTLEMANIAC – A new horror film starring Rey Misterio Sr and Leyla Milani
Reviewed by Steve Rockamaniac of

Over the years there have been a few examples of wrestling themed movies. These include Nacho Libre, Ready to rumble and Grunt to name a few. However, none of them have ever crossed over into a horror theme and featured a wrestling character as a mass murdering lead villain. This is where WRESTLEMANIAC comes in, and shows us what happens when the wrestling world and horror film world collide. Starring Rey Misterio Sr and former WWE diva search girl Leyla Milani, Wrestlemaniac tells the story of El Mascarado, a deranged, former Mexican wrestling star, who has been exiled to a deserted ghost town named “La Songre De Dios” (or the blood of god).The film opens as a amateur porn group travels through Mexico in hopes of arriving at a popular beach to shoot what they hope to be the next great porn film. This is where we meet most of the cast. There is Alphonse, the dirty porn director. Steve, his camera man and a American born Mexican, who is also a wrestling aficionado. Debbie and Dallas (Leyla Milani), the lead female porn stars, who are also joined by Daisy, who happens to be passed out in the car from partying a bit too hard. Finally there is Jimbo, brother of Debbie, and a guy who enjoys his weed, so much so that he agreed to let his van be used and tag along without realizing it.
Having been travelling for many hours already, Debbie asks to pull off for a rest stop. The crew stops in at a seemingly abandoned gas station and encounter “The Stranger” who is also a wrestling fan and dons a mask when he exits the shack and scares the crew. The Stranger informs them that the next town is about a hundred miles away but Alphonse realizes he only has about 50 miles worth of gas in the tank, and with no gas available at this broken down station, The Stranger tells them they will have to go south for gas, but by dong so would have to pass through “La Songre De Dios” which immediately gets a rise out of Steve who realizes what that city is all about. Legend has it that many years prior, Mexican wrestling star El Mascarado was put there after he went crazy and began tearing people’s skin off their faces. Alphonse laughs it off as nothing but a legend, and as the crew begins down the road, determines that the ghost town would be the perfect location for their porn film. The girls are scared and don’t want to stop their, but as you would expect that doesn’t matter as, Alphonse ends up driving the truck over a major boulder in the road which causes the truck to break down right on the border of “La Songre De Dios”. The crew decides to enter the deserted town and proceed to begin filming their initial scenes in a broken down bar. Just as they start to get into it, Daisy awakes from her deep sleep and joins in on the fun, but only seconds later becomes sick and runs off to vomit, while doing so she gets lost in the fields and accidently cuts her foot on some glass, and while she tries to pull the shards out is attacked by someone. As the crew waits for her to return, Steve reviews the footage he had shot and noticed that there was a separate shadow outside the building when Daisy had run out, the crew decides that it would be best to leave, but first Jimbo would venture out to try and find Daisy, he is eventually attacked by someone as well. Meanwhile the group tries to start the van which is still broken down, Leyla Milani’s character knows how to repair cars because her father owns a show, so while she stays behind, the rest of the crew head out to find Jimbo and Daisy. While searching inside a abandoned building, Debbie finds Jim dead with his face skin ripped off, Steve realizes this is exactly how El Mascarado would kill people and thus he must be here. Alphonse, now high on coke, begins to freak out, and tries to run out of the building, this is when he sees the figure of El Mascarado at the end of the hall, and its time for the faceoff to begin!

WRESTLEMANIAC certainly scores points with me for its originality, being both a horror film and wrestling fan, it was really cool to see both worlds come together. That being said It is a low-budget production, and follows a lot of your typical horror film storylines. This fact is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on your personal taste. Visually I think the film comes together very well, however some of the blood effects were noticeably cheap. The film is also fairly short at an hour and fifteen minutes, but more time probably would of slowed it down too much.

In closing, WRESTLEMANIAC is something you can enjoy if your both a wrestling and horror film fan, mainly because its like nothing we have seen before. Id like to note that before im told that See No Evil was basically Kane on film, the actual storyline of that film had nothing to do with Kane or a wrestler so I consider it something different, WRESTLEMANIAC has an actual wrestling character as the killer, which is pretty cool to me, but I will say that despite its unique premise, if you have grown tired of the very “cookie cutter” horror film playouts then you may have some trouble getting through it.

WRESTLEMANIAC is now available on DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment. You can pick it up at your favorite online DVD retailers like Amazon or check out your local video outlet who may have it as well. You can check out the film’s trailer at or For more information you can check out and as always you can check out my previous DVD reviews at