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DVD Review : Guest Booker with Jim Cornette – Rebooking The Invasion Angle

August 21, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

If there was one angle that will forever be begging for a re-do it would have to be WWE’s Invasion angle in the early 2000’s. Kayfabe Commentaries Guest Booker series was designed for this type of fantasy booking, However rebooking the invasion angle could not be left to any simple talent who has dabbled in a booking committee or been given the book because of who they are related to. Instead only one man could truly tackle this topic and do it the way it should have been done, and that man happens to be one of the most requested guests for the Guest Booker series, none other than Jim Cornette. Now we all get the chance to hear not only Cornette’s uncensored rants against the WWE but we also get to hear how he would of booked the invasion angle in the latest installment of the critically acclaimed series.

The DVD’s back cover informs the fans that “this is the big one” and indeed it is. Spanning 3 hours and 2 discs, this is classic Cornette and a classic angle to re book. There is no arguing that the WWE drop the ball with the Invasion angle and Jim Cornette lets it be known loud and clear.

The DVD begins with a chapter entitled “Background” In this Cornette discusses a wide variety of topics including the differences between Wrestling booking & Wrestling writing , which bookers influenced him in his career as well as what everyday business was like in Jim Crocket Promotions. Cornette also brushes over what is wrong with the business today, As you would expect Cornette gives an impression that he could go on for hours about that subject but instead only partakes in a few specific rants. Including what should happen when “creative has nothing” for a talent.

The most interesting topic discussed in the opening chapters of the DVD is how and why Ohio Valley Wrestling was established as an official developmental territory of the WWE. Cornette talks about the differences between Jim Ross and John Laurinaitis as the head of talent relations and how much of a headache it was to deal with Laurinaitis who treated OVW like a piece of crap.

From there they discuss the Invasion and what went wrong. Host Sean Oliver joking says good night and makes a motion as if he was going to walk off at this point as he knew proposing this question would open a whole new can of worms for Cornette to rant on. The expected arguments are made by Cornette and although he makes a thousand points he does so in a quick fashion which doesn’t affect the flow of the DVD at all.

If you look back to statements made around the time WWE acquired WCW, it was suggested that the WWE and WCW would both continue to exist as separate entities owned by the same company. In real life that would not turn out to be the case as Vince McMahon would never allow another company to be viewed as equal to his, but the separate and equal brands is the basis of Cornette’s booking vision as we embark on the Re-booking chapters of the program.

Establishing separate brands which not only run their own feuds on a weekly basis, but also creates an on going war between the two with certain crossover storylines that slowly but surely gets more and more heated while lasting for an extended run, culminating at Wrestlemania the next year with a 16 match interpromotional war between WCW and WWE where the company who wins the most matches get to keep their job Host Sean Oliver like many of you who will watch this DVD sits back in awe of Cornette’s work of art as he brushes it stroke by stroke.

I wont divulge the card as the “fantasy” spoiler would be pointless, but just to say that Im sure some of us could come up with some dream matches that Cornette does not come up in this DVD, But his work of art compared to the piece of crap that the WWE put out will leave you scratching your head as to why the WWE didn’t put the booking power into Cornette’s hands at the time.

This is hands down the best installment of the Guest Booker series to date, and is up there as one of the best releases put out by Kayfabe Commentaries to date. As you would expect Cornette holds nothing back when criticizing what he believes was wrong and is still wrong with the WWE, and shows a enthusiasm for the scene he’s setting that has never before been seen in this DVD series. Host Sean Oliver even admits at the end of the episode that any future Guest Bookers have a lot to live up to. This is an absolute must watch. I cant say much more than that.

Guest Booker with Jim Cornette – Rebooking The Invasion Angle is available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more information or to order your own copy head on over to and to check out my previous DVD reviews head on over to


DVD Review : Timeline – The history of the WWE : 2000

August 13, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

The year 2000 was quite the busy one for the WWE. It would turn out to be the final full year of the Monday Night Wars, and the company was in the midst of an expansion that would see the opening of its own restaurant, the launch of its very own radio show, and even an announcement of plans for what would turn out to be a short lived football league.

Meanwhile on the wrestling side of things, Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin and The McMahon’s were ruling the top spots, but one midcarder who was on the rise and would see himself involved with some of those big names by year’s end was none other than Rikishi.  So who better to host the latest installment of the Timeline DVD series from Kayfabe Commentaries than the big samoan himself as he and Sean Oliver take you on a ride of the history of the WWE in the year 2000.

Rikishi is quite the laid back character who is openly honest with his opinions throughout the DVD while not coming off as someone who is bitter because they find themselves on the outside looking in. When tackling subjects such as his run as the IC champion that year, or his questionable heel turn, the ever changing hardcore championship, or Triple H’s spot in the company, Kishi comes off as genuine as opposed to kayfabey or crybaby. This is always a welcome breath of fresh air on DVD shoot interviews.

The big samoan also touches on Too Cool, the origin of the stinkface, what he thinks of Johnny Ace, jokes about Pat Patterson, and shares his thoughts and memories on the death of fellow samoan family member Yokozuna. He also shares a very interesting story on how he helped former WWE Diva Victoria get her start in the business.

Topics that don’t directly involve Rikishi that are discussed include : The Radicals jumping ship to WWE, Taz winning the ECW title while under WWE contract,  the XFL, and even Goldberg / Gillberg!

It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since the events discussed in this DVD. The Timeline series is a welcome walk down memory lane and Rikishi turned out to be a great host. If you haven’t picked up the first installment with the Honky Tonk Man covering 1987, Id recommend getting both as this series will eventually be a very cool collection to have.

Timeline – The history of the WWE : 2000 is available now from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy head on over to


DVD Review : Andy Kaufman’s My Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Special Commemorative Edition

April 25, 2009



Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

It has been 25 years since the passing of comedy legend Andy Kaufman, but to this day some question whether or not he faked his own death. While some have refused to accept this unfortunate fact, it was at the far too early age of 35 that Kaufman passed away following a battle with lung cancer. One of his dying wishes was for friend and film director Lynne Margulies to complete and release the I’m From Hollywood documentary that chronicled his time in the wrestling world feuding with women from across the world as well as WWE hall of famer Jerry Legend. Kaufman was proud of his time in the wrestling world and according to Margulies, he considered it one of his greatest accomplishments in his career. Now more than two decades later both of Kaufman’s wrestling classic films are being released on DVD, completely uncut, and packed with bonus features.

It all begins with My Breakfast with Blassie, originally released in 1983. The one hour film see’s Kaufman hop a Hollywood bus en route to a rendez vous with the one and only “King of Men” Freddie Blassie. The two sit down for breakfast in a real life restaurant and discuss life in what is often described as a classic piece of performance art. The footage which was shot over a quarter century ago does show some signs of aging but holds up well enough to be featured on DVD, while the audio is still well intact.

The driving force behind this DVD is the strength of it’s bonus features. For My Breakfast with Blassie, we begin with lost and deleted footage from the film. Director Johnny Legend introduces the 50 plus minutes of footage, which includes alternate takes, outtakes, and raw footage of the shoot. You get to see actual interaction between Kaufman and the crew, and you get a feel  for just how much Kaufman cared about the film.

This is followed up by a feature called “Blassie Graffiti“, It begins with some classic 1960’s black and white footage of Blassie from something called Wrestling Workouts. A interview and short match is shown, which is then followed by director Johnny Legend introducing the footage of Blassie’s match with Ricky Dozan where he lost the world title. Legend then introduces highlights of the Blassie Cage match with Jon Voulis from Los Angeles. The featurette completes with footage of Freddie Blassie shortly before his death, he is at a independent wrestling show, mid ring, singing his infamous pencil neck geek theme song.

A featurette on the director Johnny Legend is next which begins with an appearance on the Art Reiner TV show talking about his relationhip with Andy Kaufman. This is followed by some 1960’s footage of Freddie Blassie hanging out on the beach with some wrestling friends and Johnny Legend. This featurette wraps up with a look in at Legend’s wrestling career as a manager as he lays down a challenge live on the Jon Stewart show, and highlights of the resulting match is then shown.

The plentiful extras continue on with footage from the film’s Hollywood premiere, a photo gallery, and as if that wasn’t enough, it wraps up with a half hour  discussion between co creators Johnny Legend and Linda Lautrec which was filmed shortly before the release of the man on the moon film. The pair discuss the making of the Breakfast with Blassie.

Moving onto Disc 2, Lynne Margulies who is the writer and director of Im From Hollywood provides an introduction to the documentary explaining how the video came about, why Kaufman wanted to make it, and just how much it meant to him.

Celebrities getting involved in wrestling has been seen numerous times over the years but none that I recall got to the level than that of Andy Kaufman.  The feud he had with Jerry Lawler came at a time where kayfabe was still alive and well, people thought it was real. This documentary gives you some prime examples of that as news footage reporting he had been sent to the hospital as a result of a Lawler’s piledriver leads it off and the next hour not only chronicles a legendary feud but also a remarkable career that Kaufman led.  Andy wasn’t politically correct nor did he care to be, his challenges and insults toward women pushed the limits at a time where the idea of being politically correct was only starting to be accepted. Jerry Lawler would eventually poke his nose into Kaufman’s business defending the women Lawler was insulting and assaulting, and this would lead to the feud between the big Hollywood star and the Memphis wrestling legend. It’s wrestling gold from there on, and in my opinion something every wrestling fan should see. Much like breakfast with Blassie the video footage shows its age at times but the audio is still clear.

There is also a plethora of DVD Extras for Im From Hollywood. A feature length commentary from the afformentioned Lynne Margulies kicks it off.  Margulies, who acquired much of Kaufman’s possessions following his passing is also able to offer up some very intriguing pieces for the rest of the extras, including scans of actual letters and photos Kaufman received during his open challenge to women from across the country. Also two full length matchups between Lawler is Kaufman with boxing stipulations are offered both with original audio and alternate commentary.

We then wrap up with a 35 minute Q & A session with Jerry Lawler and Lynne Margulies following a screening of Im from Hollywood at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian theater on November 6th 2007. It is moderated by See No Evil writer Dan Madigan. Lawler gives a lot of insight into exactly how the feud came about and how and why Vince McMahon turned it down at the time.

For the wealth of extras alone this DVD is well worth the 24.98 suggested price tag. Add to that the chance to put these Kaufman classics into your wrestling DVD collection allowing you to relive them time and time again, to me it makes this DVD an absolute must buy. Thank you very much! (for reading)

Andy Kaufman’s My Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Special Commemorative Edition will be available on DVD on May 12th. For more information check out or pre order your copy from Amazon, Highspots or wherever you buy your wrestling DVD’s.


DVD Review : You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan

March 9, 2009

DVD Review : You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

The You Shoot DVD series has become so wildly popular that not only has it become apparent that the producers have trouble getting in all the submissions in the allotted time, but even wrestling stars are stepping in to submit questions. This time around the bookerman Kevin Sullivan is in the hot seat facing the barrage of questions, many out of this world, others more obvious, and of course the Benoit tragedy.

This is the third DVD produced by KC featuring Sullivan, the previous 2 covering the end of WCW and fantasy booking the WWF in 1984. This is also the 5th entry in the You Shoot series which has seen a lot of wackiness, and coming off of insane editions with the likes of Sandman and Jamie Dundee, Sullivan is a welcome toning down.

As with previous editions of You Shoot the submissions come from a wide array of characters. The problem here being that as the series continues to grow in popularity, so does some of the poor submissions. Numerous times in this DVD there are questions that are unintelligible and thus have to be skipped over wasting a minute of time as Sullivan either doesn’t know what the hell the individual is talking about or just cant understand a word they are saying. A tip for those out there submitting videos, speak up and at least try to make some sense! Making a joke is one thing, throwing a character into it is another, but saying things that make absolutely no sense is counterproductive. That being said, this edition of You Shoot still contains some entertaining topics and answers. It’s the first that features submissions from other wrestlers, as Missy Hyatt, Nikolai Volkoff, and the Iron Sheik all submit questions.

It was quite obvious that when Sullivan was announced as the featured participant in this edition of You Shoot that a million questions about the Benoit tragedy were going to be submitted. Host Sean Oliver smartly rolls all the questions up into one big ugly ball and allows Sullivan to speak his piece, and for the most part he like many others have, criticizes how the situation was handled by the media and shares some insight on how it affected the rest of the families. Other topics covered include the dungeon of doom and everything WCW, including of course the infamous “feud” between Sullivan and Brian Pillman who coined the phrase bookerman while working the boys in the back leading up to the memorable “shoot” on PPV between the pair.

Also You Shoot’s trademark games return as Sullivan ranks the best bookers of all time, play’s what in the bag and assumes the role of rumour killer as he distinguishes between what infamous wrestling rumours he believes and thinks is total BS. Overall another strong entry from Kayfabe Commentaries who are promising to continue to revolutionize the wrestling dvd market this year with new series featuring big name wrestling stars heading back to ringside to watch and relive some of their biggest matches of their careers, as well as starting a lengthy year by year review of the history of the WWE hosted by a big name star of the time.

You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan is now available on DVD. For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : Ring Roasts 1 – A Comedic Tribute to the Iron Sheik

December 3, 2008


DVD Review : Ring Roasts 1 – A Comedic Tribute to the Iron Sheik

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of


During the last few years no old school wrestler has enjoyed as much of a resurgence in popularity than the Iron Sheik. Using his wild out of control antics that blur the line of work and shoot he has been able to gain a whole new generation of fans, including myself. I have been marking out at every piece of audio or video that I could find starring the Iron Sheik, but my mark out level for those clips could not even match the level I experienced when I heard that Sheiky Baby was going to be the guest of honour at his very own comedic roast. What better way to get back at the man who has talked crap about everyone then to hire his friends and foes alike and line them up to take him down comedy style. The result is not only guaranteed to be hilarious, but as those who were there live saw, it quickly led to controversy as well, put it all together and the result is a truly epic wrestling dvd release.


KC’s Sean Oliver opens the DVD introducing the dais as well as the roastmoaster who is none other than well known wrestling journalist Bill Apter, who stumbles onto the screen in a waiter’s outfit, apparently he like many in these tough economic times needs a part time job to pay the bills (I guess subscriptions to’s website are down!)


Its then time for the roasting to begin, Comedian Mike Morse is first up. Morse has made numerous appearances on the Howard Stern show over the years, he is able to hit a couple of zingers, his best line comes in the form of telling King Kong Bundy that he looks like a whale’s dick or a crazy glue combination of  Lex Luthor, Telly Suvalos and Mr Clean, Speaking of Bundy, he was up next, highlights include “Jesus Christ Bill (Apter),clean the dandruff off of your suit, before Don Muraco tries to snort it”, “Rene Goulet, You look incredible for a fn corpse”. Although Bundy did not really go after Sheik, thus slightly missing the point of being on the dais of the roast. Don Muraco remains in the same boat, and only takes a short shot at Sheik and then puts over all his friends from the past. Comedian and wrestling manager Ryan Maher then steps up and gets the roast rolling again, being a wrestling fan/manager helped immensely as he was able to rip on everyone present and highlights include ripping on B Brian Blair’s Masked Confusion Gimmick which caused Mass Confusion amongst the fans wondering why the hell he and Brunzell had a job in the first place, And On King Kong Bundy’s singlet it made you look like a giant penis breaking out of a black condom”. Maher rips into the sheik as well, sharing some stores and remembering when he would watch Sheik as a kid “I would look at you in thee ring and was scared, but then I would see those curly toed boots and think to myself that I want to see you bake cookies with the rest of the kiebler elves” You then get Tom Brandi and King Kahlua tag team  to roast the Sheik sharing some of their favorite Sheik stories. Sheik “General” Adnan Al Kaissy goes down the same route recounting a story of himself, Sheik and Sgt Slaughter on the freeway where Sheik was busy rolling some gimmick and the police pulled up beside them and Sheik seemingly did not care.explaining how a little gimmick never hut nobody.


It was then time for,  as Bill Apter put it, “the confrontation 25 years in the making” as Mr. Bob Backlund stepped up to the mic but this “confrontation” would pale in comparison to what was to come. Backlund mainly puts over Sheik in calm Backlund fashion, that is until someone in the crowd interrupts him and he goes off on them in wacko Backlund fashion. Nikolai Volkoff steps up, tells some stories and is somewhat hard to understand but gets a couple of good laughs. The much hated Eric Simms and BOMBS hard, he has a couple of decent jokes, but the crowd gives him nothing but dead silence and insults, partly thanks to Scott Hall’s disturbance off camera.


Then there was Roundboy Jimmy Graham who is able to deliver a pounding but he is of course the man who stirred up a whole brew of trouble when he dropped the “your career is dropping faster than Owen Hart” In the main feature his line and the scuffle is left out instead reserved for a feature on the second Disc, this decision makes for a weird edit as you can tell something before Don Jameson’s set happens but its not acknowledged until you watch the supplemental feature, nontheless by now we’ve all seen or heard about the fan cam clips of Scott Hall flipping out and causing a scene, and although I can see how and why someone who worked with and considered Owen Hart a friend could of taken offense to what was said, on the other hand this is a comedic roast, which traditionally holds nothing back, which is why I as a person who was a fan of Owen Hart did not take major offense to what was said. One thing I have heard from those close to Owen Hart often say was that he was known to be a kidder and could laugh at himself, In relation to that, Artie Lange, co host of the Howard Stern show was the guest of honor for one of Stern’s roasts since moving to Sirius Satellite Radio. For those not aware, many years ago Lange’s father fell off a roof he was working on and became a paraplegic because of it, and would later die due to complications related to that. I bring this up to point out that when Lange was roasted, he faced a barrage of jokes about his father and the accident that eventually caused his death, and Lange took it all in stride laughing his butt off, as did everyone around him, no one flipped out, no one took offense. One could say that they are a bunch of mentally ill people, but if there is one thing to be noticed in this roast, it’s the difference in how the actual comedians and wrestlers approached and delivered their roasts. The comediens approached it as they would any roast, while the wrestlers seemingly approached it as more of a rib type of celebration, both of which entertaining and both of which worthy of being presented, but for those who took offense id suggest that you needed to recognize and respect the comedian’s approach.


B. Brian Blair main events the dais. He spends time thanking his fans and putting over some friends and colleagues in the room, and then moves to the Iron Sheik. Firstly he clears up that he is not homosexual, and that he has respect for Sheik. Blair explains how he came to find out about Sheiks rants, and his reactions to them, and then takes some homosexual shots at Sheiky Baby, but for the most part comes off as a “humbled man”, or perhaps as bit of a scared individual as it seems like he didn’t want to say anything to controversial since he was in the middle of an election campaign.


Sheik gets the Ring Roast award and is given the open mic, he thanks everyone and expresses his respect for everyone present, but in true Sheiky fashion couldn’t go out without ranting on Blair and we finally get the face to face encounter between the two, and Sheik slaps Blair right in the face! An unbelievable ending to a great production running over an hour and forty minutes.


The second disc contains three featurettes running about 30 minutes in length, the first being the pre show backstage behind the scenes. The second being looking at the Scott Hall incident which shows you how much of a disturbance Hall was to the show. Perhaps he was just practicing for TNA’s Turning Point PPV and the upcoming Royal Rumble. Sean Oliver even offers him a spot on the show but Hall turns him down instead choosin to do it from the crowd, as a whole it’s a scene needed to be seen to be believed, Halls line of the night is “F you and everyone that looks like you” Finally the third featurette looks at the B Brian Blair confrontation, and you get to see Blair’s reaction to it.


Ring Roasts 1 – A Comedic tribute to the Iron Sheik is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information head on over to, and to read my previous DVD reviews check out


DVD Review : What Do You Mean There’s More? The Lost Allison Danger Clips

December 3, 2008

DVD REVIEW : What do you mean there’s more? The Lost Allison Danger Clips

Reviewed by  : Steve Wilson of

Coming off the heels of Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story and Quick Shooting With Danger, Strong Style Productions completes their Allison Danger trilogy with the release of “What do you mean there’s more? – The Lost Allison Danger Clips. The prior releases contained extensive interviews and deleted scenes, however there was still plenty of clips yet to be released and thus we have this supplemental release.

The first section of “lost” scenes is from the Quick Shooting with Allison Danger release. Danger offers her  thoughts on the likes of Lufisto, Kelly Kelly, Michelle Mc Cool, Madusa, Katie Lea, Trinity, Maryse and Layla. The most intriguing lost scenes come in the form of Danger speaking on Nancy Sullivan, and the Chris Benoit Tragedy. Danger offers candid thoughts on how the tragedy was handled by the media, and by the WWE, Also touching on how it affected those close to the family. The segments then move onto her thoughts on some of the famous males in the business including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, John Cena, Kurt Angle, and Ken Kennedy. This segment lasts 25 minutes in length.

The second segment features over 35 minutes of lost clips from the Fight Hard documentary. During this part of the feature Danger’s experiences in the business are covered, including her dark match with Sarah Stock at ROH, working with Mick Foley at ROH,  working with Larry Zybyzko in World 1, and working the La Reunion 12 Day African Tour. More opinion scenes are also included, touching on her thoughts on Mickie James’ ROH farewell shortly before her WWE debut, Why TNA’s Knockouts are better than the WWE Divas with the answer being quite obvious, And why not top it all off with a funny story of a Traci Brook’s wardrobe malfunction.

I was somewhat surprised to hear that this DVD was coming out, it seemed like a somewhat unorthodox release considering that nowadays companies pack in all the extra deleted scenes into the original releases as a selling point. Nonetheless it does offer some interesting moments, especially the comments on the Benoit tragedy, But much like any trilogy, to best enjoy the third you need to see the first two, so this release serves as a supplement to those two and a worthy supplement at that.

 “What Do you mean there’s more? – The Lost Allison Danger Clips” is now available on DVD from Strong Style Productions, For more information or to get your own copy of this and the other 2 Danger DVD’s check out their website at and to read my previous DVD reviews including the 2 previous Danger releases, check out



TNA DVD Review : Kurt Angle – Champion

November 25, 2008

TNA DVD Review : Kurt Angle : Champion


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Back on September 24th 2006, TNA was presenting its annual No Surrender PPV, and heading into the show they had been promising a huge announcement. I remember that night vividly. Apparently TNA doesn’t as the voiceover in the DVD says it was September 23rd, irregardless, I remember watching the PPV live with a group of wrestling fans at a local sports bar, and the discussion throughout the night was centered around who or what the big announcement would be, The Kurt Angle rumour had flown around, but there was much doubt that he is was in any shape to sign on with TNA so soon after being released from the WWE and reportedly addicted to pain killers to get through the day. Ill forever remember the moment Kurt Angle appeared on the screen that night, and the reaction of the group of fans around me as they chanted holy s*it. It was real, it was damn real, and now just over two years later, TNA takes a look at his “impact” on the company, as they release “Kurt Angle : Champion” on DVD this week.

The 2 disc, 7 hour set continues to prove that TNA has crossed the line when it comes to their big name DVD packages. Similar to the TNA Knockouts DVD, this set’s main feature mixes in the documentary style interviews segments in between the big time matchups Angle has had over the past two years.  These interview segments feature a wide array of people both in and out of the business, including Angle’s mom, Angle brothers John, Mark and Eric, Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino, Pittsburgh Steeler James Farrior, Mick Foley, Angle’s agent Dave Hawk and of course most of the TNA roster.

The DVD begins with a intro looking at Kurt’s beginnings in TNA and the headbutt heard round the world from Angle to Joe. The documentary installments then begin with talk of Kurt’s childhood life. The match lineup begins with the first installment of the classic series of matches between Angle and Samoa Joe, this of course from Genesis in November 2006. The second and third battles then follows while also including segments on Kurt’s progression as a amateur wrestler in High school, his amateur world championships and his Olympic glory. The first disc’s match lineup then wraps up with the Slammiversary 07 King of the mountain match which saw Angle crowned TNA Champion. We then hear the story of Angle’s progression into professional wrestling, including the reactions of those around him at the time, and how his obsession with the world of professional wrestling blossomed, how it affected his personal life, his body, and his life. You also get the entire story on how he broke into the WWE, how quickly he progressed and candid thoughts on Vince McMahon’s business prowess. Angle is also very honest in talking about the hard times including the pain killer addictions and the effects it had on his family.

Disc 2 leads off with the 4th PPV encounter between Joe and Angle, this time for all the belts at Hard Justice 07. Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Angle’s agent Dave Hawk then tell the story of how Kurt Angle came to sign with TNA and what everyone close to Angle thought of the move. We then have one of Angle’s favoritematches in TNA thus far and thats where he put over Black Machismo Jay Lethal in the X division title match which was certainly a big win for Lethal and showed that Angle was willing to help some of the young talent in TNA while looking out for himself in other situations.  Before and after the back to back battles between Angle and Sting in October 07, the roster explains the impact Angle had on them and TNA once he joined the company. Followed by the Angle / Nagata matchup from Global Impact, The main feature then closes out with talk of Kurt’s future including a possible venture into MMA,and how he turned down a UFC contract when he signed with TNA.The match lineup concludes with the Angle/Joe match from this year’s Lockdown which saw Samoa Joe finally crowned TNA world champion.  

There is probobly many other matchups worthy of being included on this DVD, Had it been up to me I probably would not of included that against Nagata which was previously released on TNA DVD, but to each their own as I can understand the argument that this DVD intends to give as big of a picture of Angle in TNA as possible, but using that argument you would expect one of his battles with Christian Cage to be included which it was not. Also worth mentioning is something that has become the norm with TNA terming the interview segments as Bonus Materials, so don’t go searching for a Extras menu despite the fact that the DVD’s covers refer to one.

Kurt Angle – Champion is the strongest DVD release to date from TNA Home Video. Over 7 hours of footage including 2+hours worth of documentary, plus the amazing series of matches between Angle and Joe make the 16.99 price tag easily worth it, and a recommended holiday gift for any TNA fan. I’d think it’s safe to assume that if their was one TNA DVD that a hardcore WWE fan may take a chance on it’s this, and it’s so complete that it will easily appeal to them as well and probably convince many of them to check out more of TNA as this DVD shows more than any other recent release how high of a level of main event wrestling match TNA has to offer.

Kurt Angle : Champion is now available on DVD from TNA Home Video, For more details check out or  And to read my previous DVD reviews check out