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Film Review : Damage starring Stone Cold Steve Austin

October 14, 2009


Film / DVD Review : Damage starring Stone Cold Steve Austin

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

This past April, Stone Cold Steve Austin was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, capping off a career that left a huge imprint on the world of professional wrestling. Now with his wrestling career behind him, Austin is attempting to launch a new full time career in the acting world.

Austin’s first foray into the movie business was with the WWE when they produced The Condemned in 2007. The film received a mixed reaction and it did not fare well in the box office,  Personally I think the film should of done a bit better than it did, but then again I’m a self admitted Austin mark, Although I have heard others say that about every WWE Film which was released in theaters,so  perhaps it’s a stigma, people see the name WWE Films and they think to themselves this is going to be  some cheesy film made by a bunch of wrestlers. Whether you think The Condemned was a good movie or not, Steve Austin has never been one to quit that easily, so Austin worked out his departure from WWE Films and has set off on his own path, and the first film to be released on that new path is an action flick entitled Damage which wont open in theaters in North America until January, however it has been released on DVD in the United Kingdom.

The film stars Austin as John Brickner, a prison inmate serving  7 years for manslaughter. Brickner apparently choked a man to death and plead guilty.  No, this isn’t The Condemned all over again as 4 and a half years later Austin is granted parole and a new leash on life where he plans to seek redemption for his past acts, This is where The Condemned comparison’s end.

Once out of prison, Brickner stats to put his life back together. Finding a job at the local construction site, he gets little respect and little money.  Soon enough he falls into a second job as a bouncer at the local bar when he stands up for the lead female character Frankie, who is a smoking hot waitress who gets little respect from the patrons of the bar. Brickner’s imposing physique and obvious skill for fighting catches the eye of Frankie (played by Laura Vandervoort)  Soon enough Frankie and friend Reno (played by Walton Goggins) attempt to recruit Brickner into a underground fighting league with promise of major money making potential. Initally Austin’s character shrugs it off as he is attempting to turn over a new leaf. However when the widow of the man Brickner killed contacts him with a way for him to pay his debt to her and her family he quickly finds himself in a situation where he needs money and fast, so  into the underground Brickner heads and allows Austin to do what he does best… Whup some butt!

The film itself is not a blockbuster but plays into Austin’s strengths of being a serious / strong character who can fight. Throughout the movie however you do get a sprinkle of other shades of Austin, the actor. Some moments are comedic, others dramatic. Austin does not come off as a superstar, but shows some potential considering this is only his second film.

The movie could of gone down the road of just being all about the fights but it does not sell itself out completely to that theme, instead It opens up just enough to have a story around the actual fight scenes and makes for an enjoyable film.

In regards to the fight scenes they are action packed and action film fans get their dose so to speak as the blood does spill in a variety of different fight scenarios as Austin climbs the ladder of the underground fight scene.

Overall I enjoyed this film for what it is, An independent action film that attempts to tell a story while also giving the action marks what they came for. I think it is slightly better then The Condemned movie because of the fact that it provides more depth around the main subject than the condemned did. I am somewhat surprised that the film has been released on DVD in one part of the world months before it is slated to hit theaters in another. In this day and age that can and will hurt box office business whether it be because of downloads or those paying for duty and shipping fees to have it right away. I think the film is worthy of checking out on DVD but might be a pass when it comes to theatrical viewing but im not a movie industry expert so ill leave that up to them.

Austin is scheduled for a role in The Expendables next summer which stars Sylvester Stallone, he also has a role in a action thriller entitled The Stranger in which an FBI agent is on the chase for a important material witness in a ongoing investigation. Both these roles could be huge steps for Austin’s film career, meanwhile Damage is film that should be regarded as a learning step for Austin as he begins to expand his acting abilities


DVD Review : Andy Kaufman’s My Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Special Commemorative Edition

April 25, 2009



Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

It has been 25 years since the passing of comedy legend Andy Kaufman, but to this day some question whether or not he faked his own death. While some have refused to accept this unfortunate fact, it was at the far too early age of 35 that Kaufman passed away following a battle with lung cancer. One of his dying wishes was for friend and film director Lynne Margulies to complete and release the I’m From Hollywood documentary that chronicled his time in the wrestling world feuding with women from across the world as well as WWE hall of famer Jerry Legend. Kaufman was proud of his time in the wrestling world and according to Margulies, he considered it one of his greatest accomplishments in his career. Now more than two decades later both of Kaufman’s wrestling classic films are being released on DVD, completely uncut, and packed with bonus features.

It all begins with My Breakfast with Blassie, originally released in 1983. The one hour film see’s Kaufman hop a Hollywood bus en route to a rendez vous with the one and only “King of Men” Freddie Blassie. The two sit down for breakfast in a real life restaurant and discuss life in what is often described as a classic piece of performance art. The footage which was shot over a quarter century ago does show some signs of aging but holds up well enough to be featured on DVD, while the audio is still well intact.

The driving force behind this DVD is the strength of it’s bonus features. For My Breakfast with Blassie, we begin with lost and deleted footage from the film. Director Johnny Legend introduces the 50 plus minutes of footage, which includes alternate takes, outtakes, and raw footage of the shoot. You get to see actual interaction between Kaufman and the crew, and you get a feel  for just how much Kaufman cared about the film.

This is followed up by a feature called “Blassie Graffiti“, It begins with some classic 1960’s black and white footage of Blassie from something called Wrestling Workouts. A interview and short match is shown, which is then followed by director Johnny Legend introducing the footage of Blassie’s match with Ricky Dozan where he lost the world title. Legend then introduces highlights of the Blassie Cage match with Jon Voulis from Los Angeles. The featurette completes with footage of Freddie Blassie shortly before his death, he is at a independent wrestling show, mid ring, singing his infamous pencil neck geek theme song.

A featurette on the director Johnny Legend is next which begins with an appearance on the Art Reiner TV show talking about his relationhip with Andy Kaufman. This is followed by some 1960’s footage of Freddie Blassie hanging out on the beach with some wrestling friends and Johnny Legend. This featurette wraps up with a look in at Legend’s wrestling career as a manager as he lays down a challenge live on the Jon Stewart show, and highlights of the resulting match is then shown.

The plentiful extras continue on with footage from the film’s Hollywood premiere, a photo gallery, and as if that wasn’t enough, it wraps up with a half hour  discussion between co creators Johnny Legend and Linda Lautrec which was filmed shortly before the release of the man on the moon film. The pair discuss the making of the Breakfast with Blassie.

Moving onto Disc 2, Lynne Margulies who is the writer and director of Im From Hollywood provides an introduction to the documentary explaining how the video came about, why Kaufman wanted to make it, and just how much it meant to him.

Celebrities getting involved in wrestling has been seen numerous times over the years but none that I recall got to the level than that of Andy Kaufman.  The feud he had with Jerry Lawler came at a time where kayfabe was still alive and well, people thought it was real. This documentary gives you some prime examples of that as news footage reporting he had been sent to the hospital as a result of a Lawler’s piledriver leads it off and the next hour not only chronicles a legendary feud but also a remarkable career that Kaufman led.  Andy wasn’t politically correct nor did he care to be, his challenges and insults toward women pushed the limits at a time where the idea of being politically correct was only starting to be accepted. Jerry Lawler would eventually poke his nose into Kaufman’s business defending the women Lawler was insulting and assaulting, and this would lead to the feud between the big Hollywood star and the Memphis wrestling legend. It’s wrestling gold from there on, and in my opinion something every wrestling fan should see. Much like breakfast with Blassie the video footage shows its age at times but the audio is still clear.

There is also a plethora of DVD Extras for Im From Hollywood. A feature length commentary from the afformentioned Lynne Margulies kicks it off.  Margulies, who acquired much of Kaufman’s possessions following his passing is also able to offer up some very intriguing pieces for the rest of the extras, including scans of actual letters and photos Kaufman received during his open challenge to women from across the country. Also two full length matchups between Lawler is Kaufman with boxing stipulations are offered both with original audio and alternate commentary.

We then wrap up with a 35 minute Q & A session with Jerry Lawler and Lynne Margulies following a screening of Im from Hollywood at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian theater on November 6th 2007. It is moderated by See No Evil writer Dan Madigan. Lawler gives a lot of insight into exactly how the feud came about and how and why Vince McMahon turned it down at the time.

For the wealth of extras alone this DVD is well worth the 24.98 suggested price tag. Add to that the chance to put these Kaufman classics into your wrestling DVD collection allowing you to relive them time and time again, to me it makes this DVD an absolute must buy. Thank you very much! (for reading)

Andy Kaufman’s My Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Special Commemorative Edition will be available on DVD on May 12th. For more information check out or pre order your copy from Amazon, Highspots or wherever you buy your wrestling DVD’s.


DVD Review : You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan

March 9, 2009

DVD Review : You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

The You Shoot DVD series has become so wildly popular that not only has it become apparent that the producers have trouble getting in all the submissions in the allotted time, but even wrestling stars are stepping in to submit questions. This time around the bookerman Kevin Sullivan is in the hot seat facing the barrage of questions, many out of this world, others more obvious, and of course the Benoit tragedy.

This is the third DVD produced by KC featuring Sullivan, the previous 2 covering the end of WCW and fantasy booking the WWF in 1984. This is also the 5th entry in the You Shoot series which has seen a lot of wackiness, and coming off of insane editions with the likes of Sandman and Jamie Dundee, Sullivan is a welcome toning down.

As with previous editions of You Shoot the submissions come from a wide array of characters. The problem here being that as the series continues to grow in popularity, so does some of the poor submissions. Numerous times in this DVD there are questions that are unintelligible and thus have to be skipped over wasting a minute of time as Sullivan either doesn’t know what the hell the individual is talking about or just cant understand a word they are saying. A tip for those out there submitting videos, speak up and at least try to make some sense! Making a joke is one thing, throwing a character into it is another, but saying things that make absolutely no sense is counterproductive. That being said, this edition of You Shoot still contains some entertaining topics and answers. It’s the first that features submissions from other wrestlers, as Missy Hyatt, Nikolai Volkoff, and the Iron Sheik all submit questions.

It was quite obvious that when Sullivan was announced as the featured participant in this edition of You Shoot that a million questions about the Benoit tragedy were going to be submitted. Host Sean Oliver smartly rolls all the questions up into one big ugly ball and allows Sullivan to speak his piece, and for the most part he like many others have, criticizes how the situation was handled by the media and shares some insight on how it affected the rest of the families. Other topics covered include the dungeon of doom and everything WCW, including of course the infamous “feud” between Sullivan and Brian Pillman who coined the phrase bookerman while working the boys in the back leading up to the memorable “shoot” on PPV between the pair.

Also You Shoot’s trademark games return as Sullivan ranks the best bookers of all time, play’s what in the bag and assumes the role of rumour killer as he distinguishes between what infamous wrestling rumours he believes and thinks is total BS. Overall another strong entry from Kayfabe Commentaries who are promising to continue to revolutionize the wrestling dvd market this year with new series featuring big name wrestling stars heading back to ringside to watch and relive some of their biggest matches of their careers, as well as starting a lengthy year by year review of the history of the WWE hosted by a big name star of the time.

You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan is now available on DVD. For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

October 9, 2008

DVD Review :  Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

Earlier this year Strong Style Productions sat down with Allison Danger to film two DVD projects, the first of which was the 4 hour “Quick Shooting with Allison Danger” shoot interview released back in April. Now work has been completed on their second project, “Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story” which is a documentary on the life and career of Allison Danger. 

With a main feature runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes, Fight Hard is able to offer up something completely different from the previously released shoot interview as the shoot focused more on her thoughts and opinions on the world of professional wrestling, picking apart the WWE, TNA and Shimmer rosters. In this feature you learn what it was like growing up as the little sister of Steve Corino, how her entry to the world of professional wrestling came about, how much involvement her brother had in her training and of course her eventual international career is covered in depth. At times there is spots were there is an assumption that you know what was going on with the storylines she is speaking of, but luckily that gets corrected as the documentary goes along. Overall there is very little downtime and makes for a fairly interesting watch. Chapter listings are as follows : 1) Growing up Corino, 2) Entering the business, 3) Ring Of Honour, 4) Hitting her stride, 5) Branching Out, 6) The girls step up, 7) USO Tour, 8) Debut of Shimmer, 9) Wrestling Takes it toll, 10) 100% Strong Style!, 11) A farewell to ROH, 12) Crowning a Shimmer Champion, and finally 13) What does the future hold?

Strong Style Productions does a decent job in dealing with the limitations an independent company faces when creating a documentary in this day and age.  Video and Photo footage of Danger in action in Shimmer, ROH, Chikara and Chickfight  finds itself sprinkled throughout the feature which to say the least is a nice addition and has become a must for a documentary nowadays, However being unable to spend a ton of cash to travel,interview, and film those she has worked and been influenced by, written quotes were instead obtained for the DVD from the likes of Francine, her brother Steve, Rebecca Knock and many others. Despite all this the video and audio quality deserves top marks. The documentary also features music from California band “theSTART” as well as irish band “Eden” and some of the musical choices are great and placed well, however sometimes the producers try a little too hard to use the music, as 10 second bits that end abruptly are more annoying than helpful.

The second disc offers up an hour of deleted scenes from the documentary which could of easily been included in the main feature and not brought it down a bit. Stories including her time hanging out in the ECW locker room, as well as hilarious stories of teasing the guys in ROH about how she got to make out with Mickie James, how Matt Hardy’s dad made her cry and why she is deathly afraid of Curry Man! Also included is 2 matchups, first up is Danger against Daizee Haze from Chikara in March 2005,  Then we have 6 way women’s action from February 06 in Chikara as Haze, Sumie Sakai and Mickie Knuckles team up to take up Danger, Rain and Ranmaru.

I was generally impressed with the overall quality of this DVD. Its rare to find a documentary of high quality that tells a interesting story and actually enables you to learn about someone who has done so much for the business, specifically for women’s wrestling which right now is more popular then ever, so if your looking for something different in your wrestling library give Fight Hard a look when it comes out next week.

Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story will be available from Strong Style Productions on October 14th, For more information or to order your own copy check out, And to read my previous DVD reviews check out



PWG Sells Out : The best of Pro Wrestling Guerilla Volume 1

August 9, 2008

DVD Review : PWG Sells Out – The Best of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Volume 1

Reviewed by : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

When a cult favorite band signs a major record deal, some of their fans turn their backs claiming they sold out, so when southern california’s Pro Wrestling Guerilla signed a national DVD distribution deal with Big Vision Entertainment, they decided to pre empt those cries, and title their Volume 1 release “PWG sells out” However unlike any musical act, you wont be hearing fans of PWG crying this as they’ve built up a loyal fanbase with their impressive in ring action and just as impressive roster, which not only features some of the best that So Cal has to offer, but also boasts the big names of today with the likes of Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson and AJ Styles, and what better way to familiarize yourself with PWG then with The Best of PWG Volume 1 now available on DVD.

Over the last few years ive been watching a lot of indy wrestling, although much of that was from here in Canada, slowly but surely the guys I had grown to enjoy here were expanding into the US, IWS stars Kevin Steen and El Generico are two examples of this, and one of the reasons I discovered PWG. As I began to watch more and more US stuff one thing was always constant, and that was PWG’s solid roster, solid lineup and  solid in ring action. Month in and month out, Id take a look at the card and every time there was multiple matchups I couldn’t wait to see, and multiple big name talent from other companies all on one show. PWG’s greatness didn’t stop there as they always throw in a dash of humour, ranging from some of the most unique show names to the somewhat over the top announcers.

Looking more specifically at this DVD, PWG Sells Out is a 3 disc, 9 hour best of package offering up over 20 matches. The first thing you should notice is that 21 matches over a 9 hour period equals out to an average of 25 minutes a match, and in this day and age of people complaining about too much talk and not enough wrestling, then you are about to enter wrestling heaven with this DVD. It’s literally impossible, after watching the 9 hours of action to pick and choose some of my favorite matches without forgetting something just as worthy, that’s how good this DVD is, so instead here is a quick match listing…

Disc One : Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe,  Cage match for the title Adam Pearce vs. Frankie Kazarian,  CM Punk vs. Super Dragon, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Jack Evans,  Samoa Joe vs. Super Dragon,  AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe and  AJ Styles vs. James Gibson

Disc Two : . Titles vs. Masks Chris Bosh & Scott Lost vs. The Aerial Xpress , 8 man tag Super Dragon, El Generico, Jack Evans, and  Kazarian, vs. Scott Lost, Ricky Reyes, Davey Richards, & Joey Ryan,

Super Dragon vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen in Guerilla Warfar.

Tag Team Titles – Jack Evans & Roderick Strong vs Super Dragon & Davey Richards
Cage match for the title Joey Ryan vs. B-Boy
CIMA vs. El Generico as well as El Generico taking on Pac

Disc Three :  Guerilla Warfare Match for the World Title : Joey Ryan vs. Human Tornado
Mr Wrestling Kevin Steen vs Pac,

Kaz Hayashi vs. PAC
Tag Team Championship – Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. PAC & Roderick Strong
Tag Team Championship – PAC & Roderick Strong vs. El Generico & Kevin Steen

and  minutes after that match El Generico vs. Bryan Danielson


For those who may not enjoy some of the humour the announcers have to offer, a atmospheric audio track is offered which regardless of the announcers is always a nice option in my books because it allows you to enjoy the matches as if you were there.  The DVD’s menus are also incredible with faceoff  video clips before each match as well, all of which is just another added touch making this DVD the total package.


The back cover of this DVD jokes about how you should stop reading and quickly head to the register because someone might figure out that your ripping them off paying such a low price for a such a high quality product and I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to bang for your buck, this is the DVD of the year, buy it now, you wont regret it.

PWG Sells Out : The Very best of Pro Wrestling Guerilla is now available on DVD from Big Vision Entertainment. The 3 Disc set sells for 14.99 over at Big Visions website at, You can also check out PWG’s official website at for more info.


DVD REVIEW : Guest Booker with Raven : Booking Hall and Nash in ECW

April 22, 2008

DVD REVIEW : Guest Booker with Raven : Booking Hall and Nash in ECW

Reviewed by Steve Rockamaniac of

Over the years, Raven has been loved and hated by many in the wrestling business. Those he has not pissed off have praised the wrestling mind he has, and many times it has been suggested that Raven could be a highly successful head booker for a wrestling company, So Kayfabe Commentaries decided to give him that chance in a special installment of the “Guest Booker” DVD series that they are calling the “Booker At Heart” edition. The very hypothetical situation that Raven is given is booking  Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as if they decided to jump ship from the WWF to ECW back in 1996 instead of jumping to World Championship Wrestling. Raven was world champion at the time, so this becomes even more unique as he is not only given the chance to book the two big names, but to book himself during the 10 months leading into ECW’s PPV debut, Barely Legal in April 1997.

What has to be most impressive about Raven’s booking performance on this DVD is that he came into it with absolutely no preparation, He may or may not have been told the subject of DVD beforehand, but he starts the feature with no idea of what was going on at the time in ECW despite the fact that he was living and fighting through it. That’s what substance abuse will do to as Raven called this point in time “the beginning of my lost years”. Despite this, Raven sits down for 90 minutes and goes in depth about how he would bring in Hall, Nash and as a added bonus Sean “Xpac” Waltman. Raven does this with only a couple of small timeouts to brush up on history, and goes into marathon mode for the final portion of the feature as he kicks host Sean Oliver to the curb and takes over the white board scribbling down the rantings and ravings of Raven’s booking mind. Admittingly it’s tough at times for the viewer  to keep track of Raven’s ramblings, even Oliver ends up with question marks all over his face  at one point (literally!), but as I would eventually find out it all makes sense in the end. The task of making it clear is somewhat easier thanks to a on screen display of the month by month booking as it gets filled in by Raven.  You also get the chance to learn something about Raven, that being he gets very cranky when is hungry as he continuously mentions near the end of the feature that he wants food and when it eventually arrives you get a added surprise in the closing credits as Raven scarfs down his chow.

Giving you a small idea of the path Raven goes down, Scott Hall arrives to ECW first and cuts a promo explaining how he was no longer going to be run over by a red white and blue bus of Lex Luger and is ready to break out, and will obviously want to do so by getting Raven’s world title, instead the flock confront Hall in the ring, after which Hall explains to Raven that if he wants to bring his friends into this, then Hall has some friends he could bring as well which as you can tell would be how Nash would eventually be introduced. Hall and Raven begin a long title feud while Nash it sent down a path of destroying big men such as Brian Lee and Dr Death Steve Williams to eventually enter a feud with The Sandman. X-pac is brought in during the progression of these feuds, and Terry Funk also enters heading into Barely Legal to get his title shot against Hall on Funk’s  20 year anniversary of being in the business.

To say the least this was a complete departure from previous Guest booker editions as not only is Raven a booker at heart, but the angle he is asked to book is something that never happened, regardless we end up with a entertaining final product as much like old time radio used to be, it gives you a chance to close your eyes for a second and fanaticize about what could have been and if you were an old school ECW fan or a big fan of the outsiders then it could be something very appealing to you .

“Guest Booker with Raven : Booking Hall and Nash in ECW” is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy check out and to read my previous DVD reviews head on over to


DVD REVIEW : SOUTHLAND TALES starring The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar

March 25, 2008


DVD REVIEW : SOUTHLAND TALES starring The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Reviewed by Steve Rockamaniac Wilson of

Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales starring The Rock and Sarah Michelle Gellar has travelled a rather rough road since it’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. As it screened, people walked out of the theater, rounds of boo’s followed and the press tore the movie to shreds.  After the Cannes disaster, Kelly worried that the film was dead in the water, and the only way he would ever get it released was if he agreed to basically create a whole new film by cutting it down from a nearly 3 hour presentation to an hour and a half for US audiences. Despite this, Sony Films and two other companies  presented Kelly distribution offers for the film. Ultimately Sony picked up the film, and Kelly faced a daunting task of trying to make this film better. Somehow he convinced Sony to sink another million dollars into it to upgrade the special effects, and re-shoot some scenes, but he got away with not cutting out more than about 20 minutes from the film before it was released into theaters late last year. Despite the work done, a lot of negative reviews were sent Southland Tales way. Famed movie reviewer Richard Roeper declared it one of the worst films of 2007, while his partner Roger Ebert said “I recommend that Kelly keep right on cutting until he whittles it down to a ukulele pick.” Meanwhile a few tried to defend the film, but the negative reviews piled up, and for  me it got to the point where you hear something is such a piece of crap so many times that you just have to see it for yourself, so with Southland Tales now out on DVD I sat down and found out what all the hoopla was about. On July 4th 2005, The US is hit by a terrorist attack in the form of a nuclear explosion in the heart of  Texas, World War 3 begins, and 3 year’s later (where the film begins),  the US is still locked in that battle, they have reinstated the draft and have bombed the hell out of the middle east. The conflict has caused the US’s access to foreign oil to nearly cease, because of this an alternative feul source is desperately being seeked. The country is in shambles. The country thinks its unable to fight a war on terrorism unless they control cyberspace, so a government agency called USI-Dent has been formed under an extended Patriot Act, Travelling between states without a passport is against the law, people are watched 24/7, and as you would expect there is those who want to rebel against it. A new energy source has been created by a renegade scientist, a hydro electric energy field that would run machines by remote and thus not need refueling, its called Fluid Karma.

Looking at the characters, and there is a lot of them, but the main players include the rock playing Boxer Santaros, a man who went missing and was later found with his memory erased in the Arizona desert, he is an actor, who is married to the vice-presidental candidates daughter. Because of his importance, the search for him is a big one. The film begins with Boxer spending some time with “Krysta Now”, a porn star, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is hoping to expand her career as she along with the rock’s character have written a screenplay predicting the end of the world and is trying to sell it. Meanwhile The 2008 presidential election is underway and because of Boxer’s relationship with potential new vice president, a group opposed to USI Dent have set Boxer up to film him in a compromising light in hopes of blackmailing the vice president. Add in Sean William Scott, who is playing two characters, Roland Williams, and Ronald Wiliams, played off as twin brothers, the second is actually a doppelganger, created bya tear in the fourth dimension, which was created by this new perpetual motion energy source mentioned earlier. Starting to sound a bit weird right? Add in a ton of other characters, many played by SNL Alums such as Cheri O’Teri and Jon Lovitz and you’ve got a hard to follow mess.

That’s the problem with Southland Tales, it does have a interesting idea that it explores, that being the possible end of the world due to the US’s addiction to oil which causes World War 3, However at two and a half hours, it’s a very complicated story that quite frankly is nearly impossible to follow, less than an hour in, I felt rather lost so continuing through the last 90 minutes was hard for me to do, in the end it made a little bit more sense than I thought it would, but I was sill scratching my head, the plot lines tie into eachother but at the same time don’t at all, The acting is decent, but there is so many characters to deal with that getting familiar with any of them is undoable. I cant recommend a buy on this, perhaps if you are as curious as I was before watching this, then head out and rent a copy and spend a night in the southland and if you can help make more sense of it for me then drop me a line one day.

DVD Extras include, a “about the film” featurette, and a animated short entitled “This is how the world ends”

Southland Tales is now available on DVD from Sony Home Entertainment. You can pick it up at your favorite DVD retailers or online at places such as amazon. To read any of my previous reviews head on over to