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DVD Review : Timeline – The history of the WWE : 2000

August 13, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

The year 2000 was quite the busy one for the WWE. It would turn out to be the final full year of the Monday Night Wars, and the company was in the midst of an expansion that would see the opening of its own restaurant, the launch of its very own radio show, and even an announcement of plans for what would turn out to be a short lived football league.

Meanwhile on the wrestling side of things, Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin and The McMahon’s were ruling the top spots, but one midcarder who was on the rise and would see himself involved with some of those big names by year’s end was none other than Rikishi.  So who better to host the latest installment of the Timeline DVD series from Kayfabe Commentaries than the big samoan himself as he and Sean Oliver take you on a ride of the history of the WWE in the year 2000.

Rikishi is quite the laid back character who is openly honest with his opinions throughout the DVD while not coming off as someone who is bitter because they find themselves on the outside looking in. When tackling subjects such as his run as the IC champion that year, or his questionable heel turn, the ever changing hardcore championship, or Triple H’s spot in the company, Kishi comes off as genuine as opposed to kayfabey or crybaby. This is always a welcome breath of fresh air on DVD shoot interviews.

The big samoan also touches on Too Cool, the origin of the stinkface, what he thinks of Johnny Ace, jokes about Pat Patterson, and shares his thoughts and memories on the death of fellow samoan family member Yokozuna. He also shares a very interesting story on how he helped former WWE Diva Victoria get her start in the business.

Topics that don’t directly involve Rikishi that are discussed include : The Radicals jumping ship to WWE, Taz winning the ECW title while under WWE contract,  the XFL, and even Goldberg / Gillberg!

It’s hard to believe that nearly a decade has passed since the events discussed in this DVD. The Timeline series is a welcome walk down memory lane and Rikishi turned out to be a great host. If you haven’t picked up the first installment with the Honky Tonk Man covering 1987, Id recommend getting both as this series will eventually be a very cool collection to have.

Timeline – The history of the WWE : 2000 is available now from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy head on over to


DVD Review : Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

October 9, 2008

DVD Review :  Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

Earlier this year Strong Style Productions sat down with Allison Danger to film two DVD projects, the first of which was the 4 hour “Quick Shooting with Allison Danger” shoot interview released back in April. Now work has been completed on their second project, “Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story” which is a documentary on the life and career of Allison Danger. 

With a main feature runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes, Fight Hard is able to offer up something completely different from the previously released shoot interview as the shoot focused more on her thoughts and opinions on the world of professional wrestling, picking apart the WWE, TNA and Shimmer rosters. In this feature you learn what it was like growing up as the little sister of Steve Corino, how her entry to the world of professional wrestling came about, how much involvement her brother had in her training and of course her eventual international career is covered in depth. At times there is spots were there is an assumption that you know what was going on with the storylines she is speaking of, but luckily that gets corrected as the documentary goes along. Overall there is very little downtime and makes for a fairly interesting watch. Chapter listings are as follows : 1) Growing up Corino, 2) Entering the business, 3) Ring Of Honour, 4) Hitting her stride, 5) Branching Out, 6) The girls step up, 7) USO Tour, 8) Debut of Shimmer, 9) Wrestling Takes it toll, 10) 100% Strong Style!, 11) A farewell to ROH, 12) Crowning a Shimmer Champion, and finally 13) What does the future hold?

Strong Style Productions does a decent job in dealing with the limitations an independent company faces when creating a documentary in this day and age.  Video and Photo footage of Danger in action in Shimmer, ROH, Chikara and Chickfight  finds itself sprinkled throughout the feature which to say the least is a nice addition and has become a must for a documentary nowadays, However being unable to spend a ton of cash to travel,interview, and film those she has worked and been influenced by, written quotes were instead obtained for the DVD from the likes of Francine, her brother Steve, Rebecca Knock and many others. Despite all this the video and audio quality deserves top marks. The documentary also features music from California band “theSTART” as well as irish band “Eden” and some of the musical choices are great and placed well, however sometimes the producers try a little too hard to use the music, as 10 second bits that end abruptly are more annoying than helpful.

The second disc offers up an hour of deleted scenes from the documentary which could of easily been included in the main feature and not brought it down a bit. Stories including her time hanging out in the ECW locker room, as well as hilarious stories of teasing the guys in ROH about how she got to make out with Mickie James, how Matt Hardy’s dad made her cry and why she is deathly afraid of Curry Man! Also included is 2 matchups, first up is Danger against Daizee Haze from Chikara in March 2005,  Then we have 6 way women’s action from February 06 in Chikara as Haze, Sumie Sakai and Mickie Knuckles team up to take up Danger, Rain and Ranmaru.

I was generally impressed with the overall quality of this DVD. Its rare to find a documentary of high quality that tells a interesting story and actually enables you to learn about someone who has done so much for the business, specifically for women’s wrestling which right now is more popular then ever, so if your looking for something different in your wrestling library give Fight Hard a look when it comes out next week.

Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story will be available from Strong Style Productions on October 14th, For more information or to order your own copy check out, And to read my previous DVD reviews check out



DVD Review : Quick Shooting With Allison Danger

May 9, 2008


Reviewed By : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

Strong Style Productions is the latest company to form and dive in to the wrestling DVD market. Their first release is “Quick Shooting With Allison Danger” , Which is a 2 disc, nearly 4 hour sit down shoot interview that is anything but “Quick” but rather intriguing at the same time.

For the non-mainstream fans reading this review, you might be asking who is Allison Danger and what makes her qualified to speak on the world of pro wrestling for nearly 4 hours? Well Allison Danger is one of the most talented and powerful female wrestlers out there today that is not under the WWE or TNA umbrella. Danger, alongside Dave Prazak run Shimmer Women Athletes, which is a all female independent wrestling company that has helped almost all of TNA’s and some of WWE’s female rosters rise to new levels in the world of professional wrestling. Danger has also been a regular in Ring Of Honour for years having best been known for managing Christopher Daniels in that promotion,  And for those who still don’t know who she might be, perhaps her real name would help, that being Cathy Corino, which makes her the younger sister of former ECW star “The King Of Old School” Steve Corino, so to say the least her 8 years in and around the business has permitted her to see and experience a hell of a lot, and she gets a chance to take the knowledge she has gained and give her opinion on the wrestling business in this DVD.

Presented in a widescreen format, Quick Shooting With Allison Danger is visually impressive, it transitions flawlessly between topics, and generally the audio is very clear, although since it was recorded on different days and Danger wears different outfits, there is one period where the sound suffers, but getting to the actual content of the DVD, This is not your cookie cutter shoot interview, where you start from the person’s childhood and go through every aspect of someone’s career. Instead Danger is asked her opinions on a variety of topics including her thoughts on working for WWE or TNA, being a woman on either roster, her actual thoughts on every single woman on those rosters, bra and panties matches, women who take part in “custom wrestling video shoots” and what she thinks young girls who are looking to break into the business need to do. Danger also answers some more personal questions such as her experiences with promoters, whether she would sign on with the WWE or TNA, who in the wrestling world she has had a crush on since she was young girl and what she plans to do once her time is up in the business.

I must say that once you watch this DVD you’ll probably be surprised how smart to the business this woman really is, she has seen and lived through so much in the business that she has some uber interesting things to say. Can it sustain your attention for nearly 4 hours? That depends on what type of fan you are, if you only watch WWE, or TNA, or have never seen Shimmer, then there is a chunk of the DVD that will drag for you, Personally I have followed all 3, and thus knew everyone and everything she was speaking of making it highly appealing to me and time flew when watching it, so if you’re a fan of at least the two major feds, and or a Indy fan who follows Shimmer, ROH and the circuit that those stars follow then this DVD can be just as appealing to you.

 “Quick Shooting With Allison Danger” is now available on DVD from Strong Style Productions. For more information you can check out the company’s website at and to read my previous DVD reviews check out


DVD REVIEW : Guest Booker with Raven : Booking Hall and Nash in ECW

April 22, 2008

DVD REVIEW : Guest Booker with Raven : Booking Hall and Nash in ECW

Reviewed by Steve Rockamaniac of

Over the years, Raven has been loved and hated by many in the wrestling business. Those he has not pissed off have praised the wrestling mind he has, and many times it has been suggested that Raven could be a highly successful head booker for a wrestling company, So Kayfabe Commentaries decided to give him that chance in a special installment of the “Guest Booker” DVD series that they are calling the “Booker At Heart” edition. The very hypothetical situation that Raven is given is booking  Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as if they decided to jump ship from the WWF to ECW back in 1996 instead of jumping to World Championship Wrestling. Raven was world champion at the time, so this becomes even more unique as he is not only given the chance to book the two big names, but to book himself during the 10 months leading into ECW’s PPV debut, Barely Legal in April 1997.

What has to be most impressive about Raven’s booking performance on this DVD is that he came into it with absolutely no preparation, He may or may not have been told the subject of DVD beforehand, but he starts the feature with no idea of what was going on at the time in ECW despite the fact that he was living and fighting through it. That’s what substance abuse will do to as Raven called this point in time “the beginning of my lost years”. Despite this, Raven sits down for 90 minutes and goes in depth about how he would bring in Hall, Nash and as a added bonus Sean “Xpac” Waltman. Raven does this with only a couple of small timeouts to brush up on history, and goes into marathon mode for the final portion of the feature as he kicks host Sean Oliver to the curb and takes over the white board scribbling down the rantings and ravings of Raven’s booking mind. Admittingly it’s tough at times for the viewer  to keep track of Raven’s ramblings, even Oliver ends up with question marks all over his face  at one point (literally!), but as I would eventually find out it all makes sense in the end. The task of making it clear is somewhat easier thanks to a on screen display of the month by month booking as it gets filled in by Raven.  You also get the chance to learn something about Raven, that being he gets very cranky when is hungry as he continuously mentions near the end of the feature that he wants food and when it eventually arrives you get a added surprise in the closing credits as Raven scarfs down his chow.

Giving you a small idea of the path Raven goes down, Scott Hall arrives to ECW first and cuts a promo explaining how he was no longer going to be run over by a red white and blue bus of Lex Luger and is ready to break out, and will obviously want to do so by getting Raven’s world title, instead the flock confront Hall in the ring, after which Hall explains to Raven that if he wants to bring his friends into this, then Hall has some friends he could bring as well which as you can tell would be how Nash would eventually be introduced. Hall and Raven begin a long title feud while Nash it sent down a path of destroying big men such as Brian Lee and Dr Death Steve Williams to eventually enter a feud with The Sandman. X-pac is brought in during the progression of these feuds, and Terry Funk also enters heading into Barely Legal to get his title shot against Hall on Funk’s  20 year anniversary of being in the business.

To say the least this was a complete departure from previous Guest booker editions as not only is Raven a booker at heart, but the angle he is asked to book is something that never happened, regardless we end up with a entertaining final product as much like old time radio used to be, it gives you a chance to close your eyes for a second and fanaticize about what could have been and if you were an old school ECW fan or a big fan of the outsiders then it could be something very appealing to you .

“Guest Booker with Raven : Booking Hall and Nash in ECW” is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy check out and to read my previous DVD reviews head on over to



March 22, 2008



Reviewed by : Steve Rockamaniac of

On March 26th 2001, wrestling fans saw hell freeze over when Vince Mc Mahon appeared on WCW Monday Nitro to put what would be the final nail in the coffin of World Championship Wrestling. The Monday night war was over, and in the years that would follow, fans would question what had caused such a successful company to fall so hard on its face. Many fans were quick to jump and make the obvious accusations towards the likes of Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, and Hulk Hogan. As time went on documentaries, autobiographies, and shoot interviews would begin to shed some light on how the AOL-Time Warner merger caused the downfall of the company. Some have gone in-depth, others have just thrown accusations around,  However very few, if any gave you a week by week look at the tumultuous time that was 1999,2000,and 2001 in WCW history.  Enter the latest Kayfabe Commentaries DVD release entitled “Kevin Sullivan and the End of WCW”, As in early 2000, Sullivan was appointed head booker status and hoped to turn things around, while at the same time witnessed the empire crumbling around him. Over a 2 hour period Sullivan paints a picture of what was going on behind the scenes as the WCW when he had the reigns of power in the beginning months of the final year of the company’s existence.

Let me start off by saying that once again Kayfabe Commentaries has taken a topic that has been covered so many times, and somehow found a unique approach to covering it.

For the most part, this DVD takes a look at the first 3 months of the year 2000, But first the feature opens with some background information looking at how the NWA became WCW, and spends some time introducing the “players” such as Brad Siegel, Bill Busch, Vince Russo, Ed Ferrara, and Eric Bischoff.  Sullivan and host Sean Oliver look at the decision to send Bischoff home, and the hiring of Bill Busch, who would then hire Russo and Ferrara. Sullivan picks apart Starrcade 99 and the mistakes around that. They enter the year 2000, and Sullivan explains the state of the company at the time, specifically the talent, as the young guys were looking for a push, while the big players such as Hall and Nash were coming to realize that the new world order was on its last legs, the talent wanted a change, and Bill Busch who was in charge at the time makes Sullivan head booker, Russo leaves, and Sullivan is left to embark on what is a ridiculous task of trying to rebuild a product left in shambles. We hear how he was planning to turn the product around, all the while having to deal with talent who wanted out, talent who were being fired because of their off air actions, and a group of higher ups so out of their element it wasn’t funny.

At times you will get some of the stuff you expect from the “End of WCW” story, but what makes this DVD so great is the fact that Sullivan takes you into his world for a day by day and week by week look at the 3 months of his reign as head booker of the company. We’ve all heard the stories of a crazy and unorganized backstage area of WCW, but with this DVD you get a mind boggling explanation of what the head booker had to deal with, as it was almost to the point where, as Sullivan explains and accuses, people were seemingly intentionally trying to have the company fail.  So to finalize things this DVD is a very interesting watch, may even be a must watch for those who have always been intrigued with the fall of WCW’s empire.

“Kevin Sullivan and the end of WCW” is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy check out  And you can also check out all of my previous reviews at


DVD Review : RF Video – The Outsiders Shoot Interview

March 4, 2008




Recently a friend of mine brought to my attention a new “Outsiders” shoot interview, the latest in the RF Video Shoot Interview Series, At first I thought to myself that RF Video was possibly overkilling the revived interest in one of the greatest tag teams of all time. After all I had seen the nearly 3 hour long Nash solo shoot , as well as the Nash “Wrestle Reunion” shoot hosted by Scott Hudson, not to mention the fact that RF had also put out a Scott Hall solo shoot a month or two before this new team shoot, but much like they used to do week in and week out, Hall and Nash managed to peak my interest and entertain me for a couple of hours with some new stories, some re-told stories with new twists and some good old fashioned Hall and Nash comedy spots.

Right off the bat, Hall and Nash recall their first meeting and first time driving together and why Nash thought Hall may be a homosexual, Making It evident that they weren’t going to be holding anything back, so over the 2 hour period you are treated with some great stories from their past, including how Nash would get what he wanted in WCW by working himself into a rage, what incident in the WWF ended up being the straw that broke the camels back when it came to Nash deciding to leave for WCW, and a hilarious story about the duo trying to cross the border into Canada for Wrestlemania 18 and how they almost didn’t make the show. One thing I liked about this shoot interview compared to others is that Hall and Nash are so good at telling their story and transitioning to another event that those questioning the duo barely have to speak beyond the quick one line questions.

As with most shoot interviews, the audio does leaves something to be desired, and is single camera shot. I wouldn’t go as far as to call this an absolute must own but if you don’t already own the solo shoots, then save yourself some money and get this tag team shoot which covers all the important parts of the outsiders rise to stardom and power.

The RF Video Shoot Interview with The Outsiders is available now through for 20$ plus shipping and handling. Check out for more details and check out for all of my previous DVD reviews.




March 1, 2008



Reviewed By : Steve Rockamaniac of

In the weeks leading up to the release of the second installment of the You Shoot series from Kayfabe Commentaries, the company uploaded teaser trailers of this volume’s guest, Missy Hyatt. These trailers were entitled Missy on Boys, Missy on Girls, and Missy on another planet, and warned the viewers to brace ourselves for a wild ride. Now I knew beforehand that Missy has been known for her over the top reputation in the wrestling business, but never have I watched a trailer for a wrestling DVD and found myself speechless with the insane comments emanating from someone’s mouth, so this week, I took KC’s advice, braced myself, and popped in the full length DVD and went for a roller coaster ride with Missy Hyatt.
First off, for those who are still not familiar with the You Shoot series, it is the new evolution of the wrestling shoot interview, as the entire feature is conducted by you, the fans, via video and email submissions, nothing is off limits, and some craziness ensues. Trust me when I say that you’ve never seen a shoot interview like it.
Now For those of you who are familiar with the format, beyond the addressing of submitted questions ,there is something different in this volume as Missy plays a couple of games that will leave your  jaw hanging. The first game is “What A Dick” where Missy is asked to rank wrestlers by penis size from biggest to smallest, and even circumcised or uncircumcised!! There is some gems in this part of the interview as Missy reveals who blew a load after just french kissing, who could last less than a second, and sets the record straight on Val Venis’s porn star gimmick!  The other game is “Real or Fake” which as you could probably figure out is Missy having to declare whether the diva in question has real or fake tits.
In press releases hyping the dvd’s release, those at Kayfabe Commentaries hoped that the slight tweak to the format would increase the enjoyment of the feature by those who raved about the first installment with The Honky Tonk Man, and I think it did exactly that, as not only does it provide for some of those moments that left me speechless when watching the trailers, but it also provides for a slightly better finished product as the viewer doesn’t have to put up with multiple submissions asking the same question about a different star.
The rest of the feature is divided into 7 different main topics, which are as follows…
Gossip – Missy has been a queen of gossip for many years so it was obvious that some hearsay emails would be sent her way, including those that may or may not of directly surrounded her experiences. Some not so direct gossip questions include whether Tammy Sytch would give blowjobs to Jim Cornette while in OVW in hopes of advancing to the WWE, Also whether Vince Mc Mahon really fools around with the divas he employs, which leads to a direct question of whether or not she has ever fooled around with Vince, I won’t spoil the answer, you’ll have to see the DVD for yourself!
Sex and Drugs – What Missy Hyatt DVD would be complete with touching on her escapades with sex and drugs in the wrestling business? I submitted a question for this topic as I got Missy to address the rumours of her being involved in a Sex Lottery a few years back in Reno, Nevada where people could buy a lottery ticket and the winner would get to meet and have sex with Missy in a hotel room. She doesn’t deny it, and yes she did the winner! And now you get to hear the details of that story as well as other important topics such as whether she prefers circumcised penis, whether she would ever do hardcore porn. We also get to learn a new math formula to determine just how many guys she has slept with in the wrestling business, I was never good at math, but something tells me that you’ll agree that her formula could be way off. Missy also plays a game called Whats in the bag, where she addresses the various drugs from her past.
Beefs – Much of this chapter surrounds the numerous over the top comments that New Jack has made about Missy Hyatt over the years. Missy laughs off and denies Jack ’s allegations of talking to inanimate objects, reporting herself missing and whether her doctor killed himself because of her. Missy’s other beef with Eric Bischoff is also looked at in this chapter.
Conquests – Just who has she slept with in the wrestling business? We’ve all heard the rumours, and now she goes on record with names, and rants on her relationship with Jason Hervey.
Territories – Thoughts and stories of Missy’s time in Georgia Championship Wrestling, as well as her feud with “Sunshine” in Texas. Missy also touches on whether or not the Von Erich family was as screwed up as some think, and her experiences in the WWF doing Missy’s Manor.
Modern Wrestling – In this chapter Missy’s thoughts are given on woman in wrestling in 2008 and why they should not be in the ring wrestling.  She also tells us what  she would do with the girls on TV today if she was the one in charge of the woman’s division in the WWE.
Miscellaneous – A variety of topics including what she thinks Eddie Gilbert be doing if he was still alive today?, Which promoters does she respect the most, and if she has lost contact with any friends in the wrestling business that she would like to reconnect with.
This DVD comes in at over 2 hours, and much like the first You Shoot, the time just flies by, the flow of the DVD is so flawless, perhaps thanks to some great editing, or some great planning on the organizers part, but probably a combination of both, which is why this DVD and so many others from Kayfabe Commentaries have been met with such a positive reaction. For the record the DVD is intended for mature audiences as there is not only graphic sexual discussion but also some swearing, which is absolutely fine with me, you just gotta take that into consideration when your about to watch it as you don’t exactly want your little sister around when Missy Hyatt starts talking about penis! All in all another great DVD release from Kayfabe Commentaries that I’d recommend you picking up sometime soon.
“You Shoot” With Missy Hyatt is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries for 20$, For more information or to order your own copy head on over to . Also check out my previous wrestling DVD reviews including those from Kayfabe Commentaries in the Main Event Radio’s Review section at