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DVD Review : TNA Hardcore Justice

November 9, 2010

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

Closure is a great thing to have. It’s a statement that rings true with everyone. When it comes to ECW, fans and wrestlers thought that 2005 and 2006 was going to be their closure, but as we would see from 2006 to 2009, closure was never achieved, instead it was a revival in order to murder a legacy once again, so when TNA announce they would be holding Hardcore Justice earlier this year, the question was whether or not this would be the closure so many were looking for. In the end, the guys may have been a bit older, a bit slower, and restricted by some legal worries but in the end they said they achieved their closure, and now you can decide whether or not you have your closure as TNA has released a special 2 Disc DVD set of Hardcore Justice.

Tommy Dreamer is quoted on the back cover of this DVD as saying “ This is it for an event like this, and it’s the perfect send off we never thought we’d receive” and while the reviews for the event were mixed amongst fans and critics, if Tommy’s statement is the truth then it’s hard for me to criticize some of the negatives of this event because what I may have found horrible, they used as their closure, and im glad they seemingly got it.  One thing’s for sure, this event was nostalgic, which nowadays garners much attention and appreciation and thus this does become a memorable event of 2010.

The first disc contains the event as a whole including what became a memorable main event not only because of the circumstances leading up to it, but what ended up happening. Jerry Lynn was scheduled to face Rob Van Dam in the main event but suffered an injury leading up to the show and was forced to pull out, RVD would choose to face Sabu. Over the years Sabu has done everything to his body that you can think of and in recent years has been paying the price as his body broke down and limited him in the ring. Despite this he and Rob Van Dam pull off a classic (all things considered that is) main event matchup and if this were to be the final “ECW” type of event that was the proper way to send it off into the sunset.

The event also featured the final chapter in a long lived ECW feud between Tommy Dreamer and Raven, as well as an Old School Philadeplhia street fight between Team 3d and the team of Axl Rotten &Balls Mahoney, while this tag match was sloppy as hell (Team 3D’s words in fact) it was certainly nostalgic, and a post match appearance by the gangstas was a nice surprise as I would not of expected New Jack to be allowed into the state of Flordia again following incidents in prior years, not to mention heat he had with Team 3D. All in all there was some good stuff and some bad stuff, also a very weird choice of lighting for the show, I wouldn’t necessarily consider this closure for myself as a fan of the extreme genre, but it was certainly better than “WWEcw” from 06 to 09.

The second disc is what makes this DVD worth the purchase as its 90 minutes of bonus features not seen on TV or PPV. This includes a 30 minute post show Q&A session with Mick Foley and Tommy Dreamer , a 30 Minute documentary featuring interviews with the stars of the show before during and after the event talking about what the show meant to them, as well as 20 minutes of interviews not used in the afformentioned documentary. It wraps up with a music video and old school photo gallery all of which is a nice nostalgic touch.

For the current Black Friday Sale price on ShopTNA’s website of 12.99, this is worth the purchase, especially for the second disc.

Hardcore Justice is now available on DVD from TNA Home Video. For more info or to order your own copy check out



Book Review : Countdown To Lockdown : A Hardcore Journal By Mick Foley

September 11, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

The hardcore legend Mick Foley is back with his fourth book of memoirs entitled Countdown to Lockdown : A Hardcore Journal, hitting bookshelves this October. This time around Foley looks at the weeks leading up to his in ring debut with TNA at their Lockdown PPV in April 2009, but  alsotouches on a wide variety of important topics along the way as well.

Written in a similar format to his last book “The Hardcore Diaries”, Mick tells us the story of what was mostly self inflicted pressure that he dealt with In preparing for his in ring return against Sting at last year’s Lockdown. Foley has often set the bar high when it comes to what he hopes to get out of a program. I recall watching Beyond The Mat seeing Foley get stitched up following a brutal I quit match with The Rock at The Royal Rumble 99 while he questioned and hoped that the match had come off well enough ensuring the fans got their money’s worth, I realized it then, and reading Countdown to Lockdown made me realize it again, Mick Foley cares, If only everyone was like him nowadays, perhaps the wrestling world wouldn’t be in the slump it seems to be in.

Putting my state of the wrestling business rant aside, Foley’s story is told via a series of diary entries which gives you a interestling look into TNA’s backstage world, dealing with Vince Russo’s creative ideas, the budgetary issues that sometimes throw wrenches into the products direction and having Dixie Carter as a boss.

While Foley’s “Countdown To Lockdown” is a intriguing story in itself, there is plenty of other meaty subjects he has to touch on. This includes his departure from the WWE, The Chris Benoit Tragedy, Steroid Use in Pro Wrestling and Kurt Angle’s overly sensitive personality amongst many other topics.

Keeping with Foley’s writing tradition, he avoids any major burial of those he has disagreed with over the last few years. While his final days with the WWE and the weeks of problems he had with Vince McMahon yelling expletives in his ear while attempting to announce the weekly Smackdown matchups is covered, he decides not to provide the specifics of what was said, and offers only a small insight into some of the rules announcers in the WWE have to deal with, Apparently Vince hates pronouns so I hope he doesn’t read this review!

Meanwhile one of the chapters I found most capturing is one entitled “Kurt Angle, The Sensitive Olympian” Foley tells a story of a day where he and Kurt crossed paths with UFC star Mark Coleman, a former amateur wrestling rival of Kurts. Over the last few years we’ve heard many stories of Kurt’s mental and physical shape, and have also heard of the tough times he has dealt with in his personal life with the ending of his marriage.  The story told by Foley is from around the time Angle’s marriage was coming to an end, he was visibly upset, but would proceed to breakdown after Mark Coleman had a slight botch in memory saying he beat Angle at a championship meet in 1992, Foley tried to talk some sense into Angle but there was no stopping his breakdown, a saddening story to read, and makes one hope that Kurt is doing better nowadays.

Add in a touching appeal to the young up and coming wrestlers in the business to not go down the abusive road that so many in the past have and you have yet another great read from the hardcore legend.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out when it hits bookshelves in October.

Countdown To Lockdown : A Hardcore Journal will be available as of October 1st from Grand Central Publishing with a suggested retail price of $26.99. To get your hands on a copy check out your favorite online retailer or head on out to your local book store.


DVD Review : You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter

August 10, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Any fan past or present of Total Nonstop Action has probably at one time or another been so frustrated with something they saw on Impact or PPV that they just wanted to call Dixie Carter up and ask WHY!?! Realizing this Kayfabe Commentaries rolled out the You Shoot red carpet to the TNA president, and surprisingly she not only accepted but also accepted to do it live, and thus we now get the newly released DVD “You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter”

When I first heard about this DVD release I wondered to myself just how badly certain fans would take it to Dixie, After all 2010 has been the biggest roller coaster year in TNA’s history and never before has there been so much difference of opinion, I also wondered if Dixie would truly “shoot” or be a pro at dancing around the questions, ultimately what we get from her is a mix of both.

The DVD begins with some of the typical questions such as were you a wrestling fan growing up, how and why did you get into the business, etc.  Besides that, as you would expect there is plenty of questions about Vince McMahon, WWE, Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan,Eric Bischoff, and WCW comparisons. Some topics Dixie does well at avoiding while others she gets into.

For example, when asked which 1 WWE star she would want should they ever become available, Dixie basically responds that she is happy with her roster and wouldn’t really want any specific star from the WWE roster, and while I understand she wouldn’t want to put over a WWE talent and make it seem like she would desperately want a bigger star, we all know that if a Cena, Orton,  or whoever were available Dixie would be on the horn immediately trying to sign them up, and for that matter they don’t even need to be that big of a name as we’ve seen in 2010 with the likes of Orlando Jordan.

While on the topic of Vince Russo, Hogan and Bischoff, this DVD does become more insightful.  Former TNA employee and Professional Vince Russo hater, Jim Cornette submits a video question asking Dixie about why Vince Russo continues to be employed, to no surprise Carter defends Russo and explains that many times where a Fire Russo chant rang out, whatever was going on in the ring wasn’t even written or booked by him, sometimes they were instead booked by Cornette’s good friend Dutch Mantell.  Dixie reveals that one day she flipped on the creative staff and told them if there is another fire russo chant for something he had nothing to do with someone will lose their job.

The live aspect was a interesting idea, while it could have been epic, it did not necessarily make this edition of You Shoot any better than previous editions. Had their been more knowledgeable fans who were not nervous to ask Dixie questions to her face, it could have been a barn burner of a interview . Nonetheless another solid installment of the you shoot series, and you have to give some props to Dixie for having the sack to sit down and do this with seemingly no pre screening of the questions. Dixie Carter often reminds me of Sarah Palin, you never know what is gonna come out of her mouth, for that reason alone, check out this DVD release.

You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more info on this and their other DVD releases, check out


DVD Review : TNA – Best of 2009

February 19, 2010

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

2009 will go down in many TNA fan’s eyes as the final year in the pre Hogan/Bischoff era. To many that’s a good thing, and to many that’s a bad thing. In this case it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you fall on, as TNA’s latest DVD release features the best wrestling matches of the 2009 calendar year.  Beyond any critcisms of creative that people have had for the TNA product, one thing just about everyone can agree on is the fact that the stars of TNA know how to more often than not deliver a solid wrestling matchup. The Best of 2009 DVD is a prime example of that.

2009 was yet another monster year for Kurt Angle as he is featured in 4 out of the 7 matches on this DVD. As the year began he was leading The Main Event Mafia against TNA’s frontline, and one of the matches this feud led to was a 2 out of 3 falls Tables match between Angle and AJ Styles on Impact in January. This may of been a television match but could of easily been on PPV,  action packed from begining to end, and was even stronger at the time due to the heat between the factions. Easily one of the best matches for 2009 and well deserving of being featured on this DVD.

Another classic bout Angle had in January was his No Disqualification grudge match against Jeff Jarrett at the Genesis PPV. This match took place well before the controversy erupted in mid summer where it was revealed that Angle had split with wife Karen Angle in real life, who in turn had begun dating Jeff Jarrett. Looking back on this match and knowing that makes it even more enjoyable, as it’s a match people want to see right now. These two tore the house down in this matchup and easily deserves to be featured on this DVD. Although this isn’t given the nod as Grudge Match of the year it should have been.

Instead the Grudge Match of the year was In February when Angle was feuding with Sting for the TNA world heavyweight championship. One of the matches in this feud was an empty arena match between the two on a edition of Impact. Compared to the previous 2 matches mentioned this match isnt exactly in their league, but is a decent match. Angle ends up taking a pretty big dive in the matchup continuing to show why he is an obsessed wrestling machine who will risk his body despite the fact that he is so often in bad shape.

The final matchup involving Angle is what many considered to be up there for match of the year in 2009, especially in TNA. Im talking about the November Turning Point PPV matchup between Angle and newcomer Desmond Wolfe. This match was a technical masterpiece and is more than deserving to be on this DVD, in fact I was somewhat surprised it wasn’t given the Match of the year nod in the DVD (that was given to the afformentioned AJ/Kurt bout)

TNA’s signature X division is represented on this DVD with their trademark Ultimate X match. The bout took place at Bound for Glory in October and pit Amazing Red vs Homicide vs Suicide vs Daniels vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin. Anytime the X division is turned loose it usually ends up being a good match, this is just one of what could have been many examples.

Also from Bound For Glory is the match that was hyped as Sting’s possible retirement match. It likely wont end up being so but this match was a major one in 2009 for TNA. The emotional promo following the match will forever be remembered by TNA fans.

The Knockouts Match of the year award is given to Alissa Flash vs Sarita. I must admit when i first looked at the DVD lineup, I found it odd that they would include this matchup. The matchup is a very good outing for both girls from an episode of Impact in mid July, but while It is a good match, it’s perhaps perhaps not Knockouts matchup of the year.

The Main Event of this DVD is the 3 way battle between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. This was a rematch of an 2005 PPV main event, a match which is my all time favorite TNA matchup hands down. I was somewhat worried going into this matchup as I didnt think they could live up to the hype and expectations people had for the match, myself included. In the end they may not of surpassed it, but they came very close to doing so, and is worthy of the nod as Top TNA PPV match of 2009.

DVD Extras included are the Madison Square Garden Press Conference that shocked the wrestling world when Hulk Hogan announced he was joining TNA. Also the interview from Impact with Dixie Carter adressing the changes and a TNA music video are included.

TNA put out a Best of the year DVD back in 2007 but didnt follow up in 2008, Im glad they decided to revive the release for 2009. The DVD is highly recommended as you can acquire a good collection of matches with a single purchase, it includes matches from television that would not of been included on other DVD releases, and is also a good way to introduce the action of TNA to some of the new fans who are getting into the product thanks to Hogan & Bischoff.

TNA : Best of 2009 is now available on DVD across North America, For more information or to order your own copy head on over to ,


TNA DVD Review : Jeff Jarrett King Of The Mountain

April 7, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

It’s been literally years in the making, having been postponed many times before, but now TNA is ready to unleash a massive 4 disc DVD set focusing on the  career of it’s founder,the King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett. Running over 11 hours featuring 25+ matches and segments from the TNA video library as well as an in depth documentary and old school 1980’s Memphis wrestling footage, fans now have a source to learn about the life and career of Jeff Jarrett.

Following what has become TNA’s standard DVD presentation, the main feature is presented with a mix of documentary chapters and full matchups. Looking at the documentary portion, It begins with Jeff Jarrett’s days as a basketball star who had a passion for the sport of professional wrestling. Being a son and grandson of wrestling promoters, Jeff recounts growing up with wrestling legends in his life who would pass through the Memphis territory including stories of the early day Sting, Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. Jarrett explains the  Memphis wrestling scene at the time and what would lead to his first match. The early part of his career is covered fairly well including footage of the time that TNA acquired for the DVD. Interviews with the likes of Dutch Mantell, Sting, Scott Steiner, Jim Cornette and others offer insight of the time.

Moving away from the Memphis territory, Jarrett talks about Vince McMahon’s revolution of the wrestling industry with the move from territory to national, which leads to chapters on his career in WCW and the WWF. For the most part his time in these companies is only  touched on via the major events, ie his debut as a fake singer, his departure from the WWF and taking part in the WCW/NWo angle, his return to the WWF, the problems he had there and his eventual hold up of the company before his match with Chyna for the IC title. The documentary then moves onto the end of WCW and the effect it had on the stars and staff at the time, including touching on the incident from Bash at the Beach 2000 where Russo cut a shoot promo on Hulk Hogan who’s creative control card was causing too many problems in the company. Closing out his time in these companies is the death of Owen Hart. Jarrett tells the story of that night and reflects on his true friend’s passing. Mick Foley and Jim Cornette also share thoughts in what is truly a touching chapter of the DVD.

As was touched on in the History of TNA Year 1 DVD, The summer of no worries is discussed, which was the time after WCW closed and everyone who didn’t take or wasn’t offered the WWE’s buyout at the time sat at home collecting paychecks, which eventually led to the idea and creation of TNA. The ups and downs of the business  of that first year is discussed, including what Jeff viewed as an insult when people said that they were nothing but a independent wrestling company. Meanwhile stars who were in the WWE at the time such as Angle, Booker and Foley share their thoughts on the opinions of those who were in the WWE at the time as to whether or not they thought the company could get off the ground.

Another highly emotional chapter looks at the final months of the life of Jill Jarrett. Jeff shows unbelievable strength discussing the time period, as does those who lived alongside Jarrett throughout it. You get a feel for just how much of a fighter Jill was, and how much of an impact it had on the company at the time.

The documentary portion rounds up with reflections on how big TNA has become, and thoughts on the future of the company as well as the future of Jarrett’s career.

The only odd thing in the documentary portion continues to be the on occasion random placement of a topic, For example the chapter about Owen Harts passing comes after the end of WCW chapter, Also on a couple of occasions a chapter about TNA’s growth or potential is thrown in out of place. This is the last step TNA needs to correct to finally complete a move to a solid documentary presentation on their DVD’s.

Match lineup consists of three 2002 matchups which are the battle royal to crown the first NWA TNA champion, vs Scott Hall from July, and vs Ron Killings in November. 2003 Matchups see Jarrett team with the Road Warriors to take on Triple X and Vince Russo in January, as well as teaming with Sting vs AJ Styles and Sean Waltman from February, and vs Raven in April of that year. 2004 matchups include the king of the mountain from June, The ladder match with Jeff Hardy from July, and the Monty Brown matchup from December. 2005 Matchups are against Kevin Nash in February, and April’s Lethal Lockdown. 2006 has June’s King of the mountain, September’s Fan Revenge matchup against Samoa Joe, and October’s world title match against Sting from Bound For Glory. 2007 matchups are VS Robert Roode at Sacrifice and the Lethal Lockdown. While 2008 is represented by Jarrett’s matchup against Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory. Also featured on the DVD are segments such as the attack of the tennesse titans from the early days of TNA, the attack on Hulk Hogan and the Jill Jarrett tribute.

Extras consist of classic 1980’s Memphis wrestling footage including Jarrett’s first on camera appearance as a referee, as well as his television debut against Tony Faulk, and 1987/88 bouts against Hector Guerrero, Jerry Lawler and in tag action with Bill Dundee against Cactus Jack and Gary Young. These are complete matchups uncut from original footage.

As eluded to, this DVD has been a long time coming. In this day and age very few big name stars from the 80’s and 90’s don’t have at least 1 dvd dedicated to them or their career, and if they don’t then one is on the horizon very soon. TNA had a lot to live up to with this DVD and they generally deliver. The classic Memphis footage is a very nice touch as its not only peppered throughout the DVD but is also featured uncut as extras. Meanwhile there could be a debate as to whether or not more could have been put into the chapters focusing in on Jarrett’s time in the WWF and WCW. In one way I could understand that TNA would not want to spend time on their DVD talking in depth about what Jarrett did in other companies, but at the same time I would be interested to hear more about his thoughts on the feuds he had, the road stories from the time and relationships with those he worked with. Ultimately this is a minor complaint as the massive amount of footage and documentary spread out over 4 discs is easily worth the 29.99$ price tag (which is also up for pre order for 21$ via amazon)

Jeff Jarrett : King Of The Mountain will be available on DVD on April 14th. For more information or to order your own copy check out  


DVD Review : TNA Bound For Glory IV

January 27, 2009

DVD Review : TNA’s Bound For Glory IV


Reviewed By : Steven Wilson of

This past October, TNA invaded Chicago to present its signature PPV event, Bound For Glory. Newly Acquired Mick Foley was making his PPV debut as the special guest referee for the battle between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle while the feud between the main event mafia and TNA’s front line was just beginning to heat up. Now TNA Home Video gives you the chance witness the company’s biggest PPV to date as Bound for Glory 4 hits DVD shelves nationwide.

 It’s rare that I take the time to review a PPV event DVD, mainly due to the fact that most of you have either saw the event live, or have read/seen everything that happened by the time the DVD is released, so to avoid boring you I wont break down every single match but as you would expect, the event in it’s entirety is featured and headlined by Samoa Joe and Sting’s battle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The rest of the card featured the afformentioned Kurt Angle / Jeff Jarrett encounter, a couple of three ways, the first featuring AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Booker T, with the second having the Knockouts title on the line as Taylor Wilde defended against Roxxi and Awesome Kong. X division gold was on the line between Shiek Abdul Bashir and Consequences Creed, a future shot at that title was the prize for the Steel Asylum match, while the tag team championships were decided in a signature bound for glory match, that being the monster’s ball between Team 3D, LAX, Beer Money Inc and Abyss/Matt Morgan, which also featured former WCW star Steve Mongo McMichael as the special guest ring enforcer. And last but not least The Bimbo brawl rounds out the packed lineup.

PPV DVD releases are often weak when it comes to bonus features, however Bound For Glory has some interesting offerings. We begin with footage from the fanfest as Lauren Brooks and Jeremy Borash interview various stars as they meet their fans, this feature was originally used for in the hours leading up to the PPV. We then get to the DVD exclusive bonus features as an interview/featurette with Dixie Carter discusses the origins of Bound for glory, the fan fest and meeting the fans in the stands before the PPV. Post match interviews with Jeff Jarrett and Sting are up next followed by a behind the scenes making of the PPV commercial featurette, as you get to see how TNA created the Chicago “untouchables” theme on the set of universal studios in Flordia and see the boys having fun filming the commercial. Bonus features then close out with the Smashing Pumpkins “Tarantula” music video featuring highlights from the PPV, as well as a Lee South Photo gallery from the event, and finally the TNA cross the line music video.

TNA’s home video department has been improving leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, but one thing that continues to confuse me is why they usually take 2 or 3 months to release their PPV events on DVD. In one way I can understand that it makes purchasing the live PPV airing more important as you wont get a chance to see it or buy it for months later but at the same time for those who missed it , or wanted to relive it, releasing in a shorter time frame could help boost sales as in this day and age of online file sharing people rarely are willing to wait 3 months to get an event they want on DVD. Bound for Glory 4 is a DVD release worthy of adding to your collection, I cant say that about every PPV, but this is surely one of those that qualify especially due to nice array of bonus features.

TNA’s Bound for Glory 4 is now available on DVD from TNA Home Video. For more information or to order your own copy you can check out or head down to your local video retailers. To read my previous DVD reviews check out or add the myspace profile via


DVD Review : TNA’s Ultimate Matches

October 17, 2008

DVD Review : TNA’s Ultimate Matches

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

When you hear of a DVD entitled Ultimate Matches one could jump the conclusion that it is sure to offer some of the best matches the company has had to date, in many ways that is true with TNA’s latest dvd release, but the best way to describe this DVD is TNA’s Ultimate “Gimmick” Matches as the entire lineup is comprised of the innovative and over the top matchups that TNA’s creative team has come up with over the years.

Complimented with short interview clips explaining and hyping each match, the 2 Disc, 6 and a half hour feature serves up a look at some of the unique type of matches TNA offers to its fans, some confusing at first look, but usually highly entertaining.

Matches include : King Of The Mountain 3,4, & 5 from Slammiversary 06-08, 5 Ultimate X matchups (Final Resolution 05, Destination X 05, No Surrender 06, Victory Road 07, and Bound For Glory 07), 3 Six Sides of Steel matches including the infamous  Turning Point 04 match where Elix Skipper nearly killed himself walking along the top of the cage and pulling off the hurricarana, Also AJ Styles vs Abyss from Lockdown 05, And Abyss vs Christian Cage from Lockdown 06,  Then TNA’s version of Tables Ladders and Chairs, adding in Chains for Full Metal Mayhem featuring Jeff Hardy vs Abyss from Against All Odds 05 as well as Abyss vs Christian Cage from Sacrifice 06, Then we have 2 Monster’s Ball matchups from Bound For Glory 05, and 06, all capped off with the excellent ladder match between Christian Cage and Kaz from Genesis 07.

Id recommend this DVD mainly to those new to TNA or those who are thinking of getting into the company. Within this one dvd you get to know all the major players, and the special matches these feuds  build up to. For the hardcore TNA fan if you don’t already have most of these matchups on DVD whether it be the PPV dvd’s or the other best of releases then ultimate matches is worth the add to you collection as the amount of footage for the price is worthy.

TNA’s Ultimate Matches will be available on DVD across the continent on October 21st, Check out or for more details, and to read my previous DVD reviews check out