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The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Roberts

January 18, 2016


Steve Rockamaniac joins Tony Stabile of The Rowdy Wrestling Podcast to review The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts documentary. Spoiler alert: We loved the film!

Not much to say here other than go download this epic documentary and support a man who has pulled himself from the brink of death.

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DVD Review : John Morrison – Rockstar

February 27, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

John Morrison is the self proclaimed Shaman of Sexy, Guru of Greatness and Your Friday Night Delight, but more importantly he is one of the quickest rising stars in the WWE today. The proof of that can be demonstrated on many levels, but one of them is the fact that he allready has his very own DVD release entitled Rockstar which is out now from WWE Home Video.

Running just over two and a half hours in length, Rockstar offers a mix of documentary like clips with in ring action. In total Eight matches from WWE television are offered up, starting with Morrison vs CM Punk on a September 2007 edition of ECW. One of the immediate let downs is that instead of using the full arena footage of the matchups, they use the TV feed which means it fades in and out of black during the matchups offered on this DVD. The other matchups include Miz & Morrison vs DX from Raw’s 800th show, Morrison vs Evan Bourne from April 2009 on ECW, Morrison vs Jericho from Superstars in June 2009, Morrison vs Edge from Smackdown in June 2009, and finally Morrison vs Hardy IC Title match in September 2009.

Documentary wise this release also leaves much to be desires. Don’t expect Morrison’s days in Tough Enough to be covered, nor his days as Johnny Nitro. Instead expect a lot of 5 minute markish segments.

Morrison intro’s the DVD saying he is going to give you a glimpse into his life, which is probably the best way to put it, a glimpse into his life. The first segment can be entitled the best of the dirt sheet, which was a weekly webisodic entry on where he and The Miz made fun of fellow wrestlers. Not one full episode is featured, and it jumps around playing 10 second clips of random episodes.

Next up is “Straight from the palace of wisdom” where Morrison takes time to answer 10 markish questions submitted to for him. From there, Morrison shows you where he trains as a Parkour expert, and later puts it into action where he runs around empty arenas doing the moves. Morrison then takes time to explain how he came up with his unique aerial attack, taking time along the way to tell you when he first used the moves in question. Next up is a segment where Morrison takes time to learn how a surfboard is made. I kid you not, then he puts the board into action and goes surfing. The documentary closes out with a Thank you for coming segment.

This DVD release will remind you more of the old school character home video releases as opposed to some of the great indepth DVD releases we have become accustomed to from the WWE. I honestly feel that the WWE didn’t really try with this release, and have barely tried with many of their DVD releases this past year. Only a couple have offered up more than fluff while many including this one were half assed, which could partly explain why sales were down 32% in 2009.

Perhaps I had too high of an expectation for this DVD, I realize that Morrison hasn’t been around that long, but so much more could have been done with this DVD. No interviews with other stars, no discussion of any part of his career, not even discussion of the matches being shown for that matter.

I was hoping that they would start off 2010 on the right foot and head back to putting out solid DVD sets like they were in 2005-2008. Sets being worked on for release later this year show more promise such as the Hart Family DVD and a Ricky Steamboat DVD, however John Morrison Rockstar does not live up to WWE’s normal DVD package standard. Matches included this DVD check in at about 2 hours and 40 minutes, perfect for the WWE’s PPV airings of DVD’s they release and unless you’re a hardcore JoMo fan that is prob the best place to watch it, on PPV.

John Morrison – Rockstar is now available from WWE Home Video, For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : The Rise & Fall of WCW

August 28, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

When the Rise And Fall of WCW DVD was announced it quickly became the most anticipated wrestling DVD release of the year for a multitude of reasons. Many hoped it would be as high in quality as the rise and fall of ECW while others looked forward to it to see how WWE would rewrite and criticize WCW’s history. With the final product now available I can say that neither hope or expectation came true, instead we’ve got another fluffed up DVD production that at best glosses over the history of World Championship Wrestling.

As has become the norm with major WWE DVD releases nowadays, this is a 3 Disc set featuring a documentary portion on Disc One, with the 2 other discs packed full of matches.

The documentary runs just over an hour and forty five minutes, with the first half hour looking at the early days of WCW, more specifically how WCW came to be. From Jim Crockett promotions to Georgia Championship Wrestling to Mid Atlantic Wrestling and finally WCW under the guise of Ted Turner, each era is covered with a decent degree of detail. Some historical accuracies are evident in chapters covering topics such as Black Saturday where Vince McMahon made a deal to get WWF programming on TBS while at the same time getting the crockett’s kicked off.

It’s from there on in that the DVD goes into gloss over mode. The biggest problem this DVD faced was the fact that numerous DVD’s had been released in the past that touched on the rise and fall of WCW, most notably the Monday Night Wars DVD. Although that DVD shared the spotlight with the WWF’s actions at the time it still provided for a decent picture of the situation and war between the two companies which in many ways is the meat of WCW’s life story. The WWE can consider itself lucky that they produced that DVD, because had they not, many of the interview footage for this DVD would not of been available.  Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Ted Turner and others sided against participating in this DVD and thus a wide array of canned footage is used.

Unfortunately for the viewers of this DVD, its possibly because of the fact that the prior DVD’s had been released that the final two thirds of this DVD does nothing more than touch on major subjects with little to no details. From the revoving door of WCW presidents to the hiring of Eric Bischoff and the signing of Hulk Hogan to the creation of the N.W.O, to its rise in popularity, goes by in minutes. You get no feel for just how big it got, how much of a problem it became, the major feuds they entered into, or even mention the fact that it eventually split into two groups.

The same thing can be said about other stars mentioned in this DVD, even including Goldberg, who does get a major spotlight put on him but little to no explanation of major milestones his character reached, the feuds he entered in or the impact it had on the company.

Moving onto the “Fall of WCW” chapters you are met with what is probably the biggest letdown. If you wanted to know what caused the downfall of WCW and details of how bad the backstage was at the time your more likely to find the information on a series of shoot interviews and independent documentaries, but the WWE can boast that they have the footage. Showing scenes such as Nash ending Goldberg’s streak just to lay down to Hogan soon after, as well as Vince Russo’s shoot on Hulk Hogan at the Bash at the Beach 2000 PPV and David Arquette winning the WCW championship you get to see some of the examples of the downfall of WCW but with little to no explanation.

Participants in the DVD include Jim Ross, Kevin Sullivan (who never acknowledges he was a booker or talks about his opinions of the fall) Chris Jericho, The Big Show and Goldberg. The Crockett / NWA era is covered by the likes of Jim Croclett JR, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Mike Graham. Sprinkled throughout the DVD is Vince McMahon, who is never negative or critical of WCW, but keeps his thoughts extremely short acknowledging they were competition but almost sounding sarcastic when he does admit it.

This documentary had the potential of being a smash hit, However due to the lack of willing participants,  the lack of intensive detail, and the lack of some historical accuracies it does not live up to what it could have been.  The DVD is far from unwatchable. Much like the greatest stars of the 90’s DVD, you can sit down and reminisce a bit but your unlikely to learn anything new. In otherwords it is not the definitive word on the rise and fall of WCW despite the fact that it carries the title.

If something makes this DVD worth the money it’s the multitude of matches from the WCW video library. There is 20 matches in all, and while some are more worthy than others, they don’t repeat certain big matches such as Goldberg vs Hogan which were released on previous DVD releases.

The Rise & Fall of WCW is now available on DVD from World Wrestling Entertainment. You can pick it up wherever WWE DVD’s are sold or via any major internet retailer. For more information check out and to read my previous DVD reviews here on


DVD Review : Guest Booker with Jim Cornette – Rebooking The Invasion Angle

August 21, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

If there was one angle that will forever be begging for a re-do it would have to be WWE’s Invasion angle in the early 2000’s. Kayfabe Commentaries Guest Booker series was designed for this type of fantasy booking, However rebooking the invasion angle could not be left to any simple talent who has dabbled in a booking committee or been given the book because of who they are related to. Instead only one man could truly tackle this topic and do it the way it should have been done, and that man happens to be one of the most requested guests for the Guest Booker series, none other than Jim Cornette. Now we all get the chance to hear not only Cornette’s uncensored rants against the WWE but we also get to hear how he would of booked the invasion angle in the latest installment of the critically acclaimed series.

The DVD’s back cover informs the fans that “this is the big one” and indeed it is. Spanning 3 hours and 2 discs, this is classic Cornette and a classic angle to re book. There is no arguing that the WWE drop the ball with the Invasion angle and Jim Cornette lets it be known loud and clear.

The DVD begins with a chapter entitled “Background” In this Cornette discusses a wide variety of topics including the differences between Wrestling booking & Wrestling writing , which bookers influenced him in his career as well as what everyday business was like in Jim Crocket Promotions. Cornette also brushes over what is wrong with the business today, As you would expect Cornette gives an impression that he could go on for hours about that subject but instead only partakes in a few specific rants. Including what should happen when “creative has nothing” for a talent.

The most interesting topic discussed in the opening chapters of the DVD is how and why Ohio Valley Wrestling was established as an official developmental territory of the WWE. Cornette talks about the differences between Jim Ross and John Laurinaitis as the head of talent relations and how much of a headache it was to deal with Laurinaitis who treated OVW like a piece of crap.

From there they discuss the Invasion and what went wrong. Host Sean Oliver joking says good night and makes a motion as if he was going to walk off at this point as he knew proposing this question would open a whole new can of worms for Cornette to rant on. The expected arguments are made by Cornette and although he makes a thousand points he does so in a quick fashion which doesn’t affect the flow of the DVD at all.

If you look back to statements made around the time WWE acquired WCW, it was suggested that the WWE and WCW would both continue to exist as separate entities owned by the same company. In real life that would not turn out to be the case as Vince McMahon would never allow another company to be viewed as equal to his, but the separate and equal brands is the basis of Cornette’s booking vision as we embark on the Re-booking chapters of the program.

Establishing separate brands which not only run their own feuds on a weekly basis, but also creates an on going war between the two with certain crossover storylines that slowly but surely gets more and more heated while lasting for an extended run, culminating at Wrestlemania the next year with a 16 match interpromotional war between WCW and WWE where the company who wins the most matches get to keep their job Host Sean Oliver like many of you who will watch this DVD sits back in awe of Cornette’s work of art as he brushes it stroke by stroke.

I wont divulge the card as the “fantasy” spoiler would be pointless, but just to say that Im sure some of us could come up with some dream matches that Cornette does not come up in this DVD, But his work of art compared to the piece of crap that the WWE put out will leave you scratching your head as to why the WWE didn’t put the booking power into Cornette’s hands at the time.

This is hands down the best installment of the Guest Booker series to date, and is up there as one of the best releases put out by Kayfabe Commentaries to date. As you would expect Cornette holds nothing back when criticizing what he believes was wrong and is still wrong with the WWE, and shows a enthusiasm for the scene he’s setting that has never before been seen in this DVD series. Host Sean Oliver even admits at the end of the episode that any future Guest Bookers have a lot to live up to. This is an absolute must watch. I cant say much more than that.

Guest Booker with Jim Cornette – Rebooking The Invasion Angle is available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more information or to order your own copy head on over to and to check out my previous DVD reviews head on over to


Film Review : 12 Rounds starring John Cena

March 28, 2009
Reviewed by Steven Wilson of
Leading up to the release of 12 Rounds starring John Cena the WWE refused to screen the film for film critics. Similar treatments were given to their previous film’s however See No Evil premiered at film festivals before it was wide released and thus fans got a chance to know what to expect. For 12 rounds we instead faced a barrage of promo’s and commercials on WWE television trying to convince their dwindling number of marks to show up in droves in hopes of this not being another one of their films “Condemned” to major financial loss. A review in the Herald Sun in Australia called the film “a big dumb lug of an action movie fronted by a big dumb lug named John Cena” and went on to say acting was no friend of the professional wrestler. Despite this I decided to head out and watch the film and although its far from being a smash hit, its not as bad as those at the Herald has made it out to be. For those wondering there are no major spoilers in my review, there is some details on how the story forms but nothing that would ruin the movie for you so please feel free to read on.    

I arrived at the theater while the previews were rolling and took a quick look around couting about 15 to 20 heads in the large Montreal theater I was watching the film in. With the way the cinema industry is nowadays I was not too surprised but I thought more Cena marks would of shown up that 15. Irregardless the film begins as the FBI is in the middle of an attempted capture of crafty criminal named Miles Jackson, who has eluded the FBI’s reach for years. It does not take long for the action to get going, the opening 15 minutes of the film is pretty much a non stop blitz of chasing action. Cena, who is a local police officer in the lower 9 of New Orleans eventually plays a major role in the capture of the criminal, but not without the casualty of the Jackson’s accomplice. It’s because of this that Jackson (played by Aidan Gillen) swears that he will get revenge. Flash forward a year later and Cena’s character is now a detective of the New Orleans Police department, and his life quickly spirals into hell when he gets the call from Jackson informing him that he has escaped from prison, and has just kidnapped Cena’s girlfriend, and if he wants to have any chance of seeing her again he has to enter a game of 12 deadly rounds through the city of New Orleans.

Running an hour and 48 minutes the film is definitely action packed. Most action films will have its spurts of action followed by a slow down but 12 Rounds almost never takes a breather. It’s evident that the WWE wanted to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat and if you’re an action mark then the action itself will not let you down. Of course there is those moments where you say to yourself what you just saw is impossible, but much like watching wrestling you need to suspend your beliefs every once in a while and let it slide.

The acting on the other hand is a whole other barrel of monkeys. Much like The Marine this film is made by the strong performance of the villain. Aidan Gillen’s character is sophisticated and twisted. Your likely to remember his performance more than anything. Meanwhile John Cena’s performance, while not horrible, is nothing special either. I feel as though they went to great stretches to make sure that Cena’s character stay typical to avoid any sort of major criticism, but in the end it caused him to be outshined by Gillen.

Ultimately I would call this a “wait for the DVD” movie. The film is unlikely to rake it in from the box office numbers but is likely to move a decent amount of DVD’s and while some may question why the WWE would even bother to continue putting out theatrical releases instead of straight to DVD, as long as it breaks even with DVD sales it really doesn’t matter what the critics say.

12 Rounds starring John Cena is in theaters now. For more information check out



March 26, 2009




Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

 Coming out of left field this week is Havin’ a beer with Mike’s Hacksaw Jim Duggan : Caught On Tape! The Orlando based syndicated TV series has over the years filmed numerous segments with good old Hacksaw and these segments have now been compiled onto this new DVD release.


When I stumbled upon this DVD, I was quite intrigued and confused all at the same time. I had never heard of the Having a beer with Mike series and if I were to make the mistake of judging the DVD by its cover I’d possibly believe that the series caught Duggan in some rather controversial moments as it boasts of its footage of Duggan intoxicated and on a legitimate rampage. As it turns out its quite the opposite.


Having a Beer with Mike is a comedy series that attempts to blur the line of reality and documentary, the easiest way to explain it would be a blend of Candid Camera and Jackass. As a result some of the stuff can be hilarious, while other parts are overly cheesy. The show itself airs in Orlando and through various other syndicated stations in the US and UK. Best of DVD volumes have also been released over the years and are available in big ticket stores like Best Buy and Circuit City. This release centering around the wrestling legend contains footage that was mainly shot in the early to mid 2000’s, much of which was before WCW closed as he is referenced to as a WCW superstar.


The DVD is separated into 4 separate features. The first is a “best of” episode of the series running just over 20 minutes in length, It begins with Hacksaw sitting down in a “Tuesday Night Titans” like environment to be interviewed by host Michael Mc Donald, Hacksaw promises to keep his composure as long as no one mentions Stone Cold Steve Austin. He answers the typical career in wrestling questions and eventually leads to him randomly blowing up and tearing apart the stage. Next up is a staged attack as Hacksaw is approached by a masked man while meeting with some of his fans in a parking lot, The masked man calls Hacksaw a jerk, and Duggan demands the individual get off his back and proceeds to pound him and throw the guy onto a car trunk. That would not be the end of it as Hacksaw is hanging out and signing autographs  at a local bar with a hot ring rat, this time Hacksaw puts the guy through a table to the shock of the local patrons. Getting closer to reality, Duggan accepts a dare and we get to see him performing somewhere you probably never thought you’d see Duggan perform and that’s a comedy club. Hacksaw holds his own for an amateur telling a funny airport security joke and a story about fighting Andre The Giant. This is followed by another sit down interview with stories about being sick in the middle of the ring, experiencing an earthquake while on the road, and Jake Roberts forgetting his snake in the car one night in Detroit and finding it frozen to death the next morning. The episode is topped off with  promos where Duggan confronts someone who looks like a terrorist in a bar and chokes him out, and where Duggan is confronted by a Richard Simmons impersonator.


Part 2 of the DVD is a 30 minute “lost pilot” of Bikers Court. Hacksaw is featured as the judge in this red neck biker parody of the peoples court. Alongside him is the sexy bailiff Bunny Gunns. The case before him features three individuals suing the tobacco industry for ruining their lives. The plaintiffs includes a midget who claims his growth was stunted by smoking, a fat individual who says his health sucks because of smoking, and a nude houseclean (played by Duggans real life wife) who complains about the cigarette ash burns on her breasts. There is a jury who renders a verdict but Hacksaw then lays the law down himself. This is actually kinda funny and considering Brian Knobs once had a pilot for Trailer Park Justice then something this crazy isn’t unheard of. The post show includes a real life interview with the actress who played Bunny Gunns and some deleted scenes from the episode.


Part 3 is another confrontation as the boys from having a beer with Mike convince a guy who looks nothing like hacksaw to put on the hacksaw trunks and a carlito type wig and run into a bar where Hacksaw is hanging out  and confront him as his impersonator, the stunt gets the crew kicked out promptly so they head to another bar and stage it successfully.


The DVD then closes out with a one on one interview with Duggan’s wife Debra who talks about life with Hacksaw. DVD Bonus features are trailers for the previous released best of DVD’s.

One of the cool things about this release is that it comes with an actual chip off one of Hacksaw’s recently used 2 x 4’s. A certificate of authenticity signed by Hacksaw, his wife and creator Michael McDonald accompanies it. If you’re a long time fan of Duggan’s then this alone could entice you to order a copy. One thing’s for certain, you’ve never seen a wrestling star in a DVD quite like this so if your looking for something unique to add to your collection then this could be worth a look, and even more so if you’re a fan of this type of comedy. 

Havin’ a beer with Mike presents : Hacksaw Caught on Tape! Is now available on DVD for 15.95$ US. For more info or to order your own copy head on over to and to read my previous dvd reviews check out


Book Review : WWE Encyclopedia : The Definitive Guide to World Wrestling Entertainment

March 17, 2009


Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

The title of the book is a claim that is sure to leave many skeptical. In order to be the definitive guide to a company with 45+ years of history you need to work endlessly to make sure you don’t leave anything out. Vince McMahon’s forward to the book proclaims it to be the “first ever official documented history of the WWE”, Throughout the years we’ve all heard about superstars and events going down in the history books and now we have an officially recognized WWE history book, and quite frankly it’s an extremely impressive one.

Authored by former WWE employees Brian Sheilds and Kevin Sullivan (no not the taskmaster) and coming in at over 350 full colored pages, profiling nearly a 1000 superstars and utilizing over 1500 images from the WWE and PWI archives, the WWE encyclopedia is packed with more than enough information for you to become an expert on the who’s who and the what’s what of the WWE.

As with any encyclopedia, the book runs from A to Z. The majority of entries are the profiles of the superstars of the WWE. This includes the obvious big names such as Stone Cold, John Cena, Taker and Michaels, but also includes the names you possibly never heard of or tried to forget such as the Battle Kat, Mystery Man and Friar Furgeson, It even includes those you probably didn’t even expect to be in the book. I speak of course of the names WWE chooses to forget sometimes, the most obvious being Chris Benoit who is recognized with a half page bio with no mention of the 2007 tragedy. Those who have crossed Vince McMahon, those who have sued him and those that are currently working against him in TNA are all recognized as well, which to me was a sign that for once the WWE was not going to censor a product because of a grudge they have with someone, which scores it bonus points in heading towards the goal of being the definitive guide.

A title history for every single WWE title is featured in the book. From little known titles such as the Woman’s Tag Team Championship or the World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship to the most obvious WWE Championship, every single champion is recognized. The one odd thing is that the WWE officially recognized the entire US title history while in WCW but did not recognize the World Heavyweight championships history prior to their adopting of it in 2002

Pay Per Views and Television is also recognized. A complete history of Wrestlemania caps off the book, while other PPV’s include a recap of the main events of said shows. 30 years of WWE television is also documented with a short explanation of each show. Spotlghts on WWE merchandise, Video Games, Fan signs and superstars in themovies are also included.

The book has a suggested retail price of 45$ American but is available via Amazon for 30$, The book is hardcovered and sports large 12 by 9 pages. I was legitimately impressed with the presentation of the book and its wealth of information, For those wondering for the most part the book is kayfabed. No real names, identities of masked superstars or post WWE career information is included, but nonetheless this book is a must for any true WWE fan and can be a reference tool for those who write or speak about the company as you can certainly learn a lot about the company’s history. Is it the definitive guide to the history of the WWE? It’s pretty darn close, I would definitely consider this the definitive guide to the kayfabe side of the WWE, while the definitive guide to the business side of the company and how it evolved through the years could easily fill another book, and or has been covered in an array of other books over the years.

The WWE Encyclopedia is available now, You can order it via amazon via or check out the publishers official website via . To read my previous book and dvd reviews head on over to or add the myspace via