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DVD Review : You Shoot With The Iron Sheik

January 15, 2011

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

If you’ve ever seen one of Kayfabe Commentaries’ You Shoot DVDs, then you know that featuring The Iron Sheik as the lead participant of the fan directed shoot interview could be the recipe for the alcohol induced insanity that we’ve all come to know and love from Sheiky baby”. However Kayfabe Commentaries specializes in offering something different with their shoot DVD releases. A couple of years back they offered up the investigative special “Rebuilding The Sheik” which gave us an inside look at the Iron Sheik’s life behind the character that has become known for its over the top drug addicted actions, and Kayfabe Commentaries You Shoot with The Iron Sheik DVD continues along that path as we get a much more somber and truth spewing Sheiky with just the right amount of entertainment to keep you laughing along the way.

A two and a half shoot interview with the Iron Sheik may often touch on alot of the same old things, but for once I found myself actually hearing and for that matter seeing things I had never seen before. For example, did you know that The Iron Sheik had a massive erection during his match with Hulk Hogan in Madison Square Garden in 1984? Ok that might of been talked about before, but for the first time on video Sheiky is forced to watch the footage and you get to see his reaction while host Sean Oliver giggles away at the sight of Sheik giving Hulk Hogan the camel clutch with a raging erection. It’s a sight thats hard not to laugh at. (Pun Intended)

Did you also know that Sheiky was once the spokesman for Toyota Motor Vehicles? If anything when Sean Oliver plays that commercial for Sheiky you realize how different of an era in professional wrestling we are in.

You may also not be aware that Sheiky once got his fellow WWF wrestlers to cut promos backstage for him for use in a court case as character witnesses where he was being sued for assault in Connecticut.

These are just some of the examples of a new twist in this installment of the You Shoot DVD series as Kayfabe Commentaries has finally figured out a legal way to feature footage they dont own the rights to on screen (God Bless You Tube by the way), and the best part is you are seeing Sheikys reaction to it.

Beyond that, this is still You Shoot, where the fans call the shots. The afformentioned videos were referenced to by fans, and beyond that we also get a wide array of the typical Sheiky related questions, but as eluded to, instead of getting Sheik’s rant filled insanity, he generally responds calmly and informatively, a nice break from the normal Sheik DVD. Some examples of this is when Sheik discusses the offer he had to break Hulk Hogan’s leg in their title match, Sheiky doesnt start screaming about Hulk Hogan being a homosexual or piece of excrement, instead we find out who exactly was making the offer and how much we was really being offered as it was not just Verne Gagne who was in on this all along.

We also get the hands down worst chapter on the DVD (just kidding Eric!) as super agent Eric Simms joins Sheik to answer questions from the fans that revolve around Sheiks relationship with his agent. We get to hear Sheik’s honest thoughts on Simms as his agent, and Simms thoughts on guys like Dan Mirade and their treatment of his client. Although informative, be prepared as you willl get annoyed by Eric Simms long winded answers!

Fans of the “crazy” Iron Sheik need not worry, you still get some of your classic Sheiky fix in this DVD, this includes moments such as whenasked who is a worse jew, his agent Eric Simms or the bible character Judas, Shiek responds by asking if Judas was the one who picked him up at the airport!

Sheiky also plays the typical you shoot games of what a dick, the ho bag, and whats in the bag and wraps up with an offer of sex from a hot “rat”, which seemingly gets his “Hogan erection” moving.

Overall 2011 has started off on the right foot for the Kayfabe Commentaries crew as they offer up a new and highly entertaining twist on a Iron Sheik DVD shoot interview. I found myself laughing out loud throughout, and the 15 minutes covering those 3 afformentioned videos easily made the DVD worth watching.

You Shoot with The Iron Sheik is now available from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more info or to order your own copy head on over to


DVD Review : You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter

August 10, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Any fan past or present of Total Nonstop Action has probably at one time or another been so frustrated with something they saw on Impact or PPV that they just wanted to call Dixie Carter up and ask WHY!?! Realizing this Kayfabe Commentaries rolled out the You Shoot red carpet to the TNA president, and surprisingly she not only accepted but also accepted to do it live, and thus we now get the newly released DVD “You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter”

When I first heard about this DVD release I wondered to myself just how badly certain fans would take it to Dixie, After all 2010 has been the biggest roller coaster year in TNA’s history and never before has there been so much difference of opinion, I also wondered if Dixie would truly “shoot” or be a pro at dancing around the questions, ultimately what we get from her is a mix of both.

The DVD begins with some of the typical questions such as were you a wrestling fan growing up, how and why did you get into the business, etc.  Besides that, as you would expect there is plenty of questions about Vince McMahon, WWE, Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan,Eric Bischoff, and WCW comparisons. Some topics Dixie does well at avoiding while others she gets into.

For example, when asked which 1 WWE star she would want should they ever become available, Dixie basically responds that she is happy with her roster and wouldn’t really want any specific star from the WWE roster, and while I understand she wouldn’t want to put over a WWE talent and make it seem like she would desperately want a bigger star, we all know that if a Cena, Orton,  or whoever were available Dixie would be on the horn immediately trying to sign them up, and for that matter they don’t even need to be that big of a name as we’ve seen in 2010 with the likes of Orlando Jordan.

While on the topic of Vince Russo, Hogan and Bischoff, this DVD does become more insightful.  Former TNA employee and Professional Vince Russo hater, Jim Cornette submits a video question asking Dixie about why Vince Russo continues to be employed, to no surprise Carter defends Russo and explains that many times where a Fire Russo chant rang out, whatever was going on in the ring wasn’t even written or booked by him, sometimes they were instead booked by Cornette’s good friend Dutch Mantell.  Dixie reveals that one day she flipped on the creative staff and told them if there is another fire russo chant for something he had nothing to do with someone will lose their job.

The live aspect was a interesting idea, while it could have been epic, it did not necessarily make this edition of You Shoot any better than previous editions. Had their been more knowledgeable fans who were not nervous to ask Dixie questions to her face, it could have been a barn burner of a interview . Nonetheless another solid installment of the you shoot series, and you have to give some props to Dixie for having the sack to sit down and do this with seemingly no pre screening of the questions. Dixie Carter often reminds me of Sarah Palin, you never know what is gonna come out of her mouth, for that reason alone, check out this DVD release.

You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more info on this and their other DVD releases, check out


DVD Review : You Shoot With Maria Kanellis

July 31, 2010

Reviewed by  Steven Wilson of

Maria’s release from the WWE was one of the more surprising firings in 2010, It would set a trend that would later see Mickie James released while sending a firm message from the WWE to its talent…If you think your going to take your fame and roll it into success outside of the ring then you better give us complete control over it otherwise take a hike. Now a free woman, Maria made one of her first post WWE stops in the hot seat known as the You Shoot, which as you probably know by now has established itself as the no holds barred shoot interview for the fans.  As Maria reveals in this interview, she considers chances like this “Wrestling Therapy”,or in other words her chance to blow off some steam and move on from the WWE. With an admission like that it should be a give in that she is a great candidate for the You Shoot seat.

Despite the fact that she had just recently been released by the WWE, throughout the interview Maria does not come off as intentionally bitter, or intentionally timid in her responses to the questions, she comes off honest and to the point, which is somewhat refreshing for a recently released WWE star in a shoot interview format.

As the interview goes along you learn that Maria  may have played a bit of a ditz on WWE television, but in reality she is the complete opposite. A down to earth, smart woman who could of helped the WWE so much but because she’s  a woman, the limitations held her and other divas back. This is evident when she shares her thoughts on a variety of topics, such as how the divas have been used at recent wrestlemanias, why the guest host idea was overkill, why the divas are not marketed properly and why the WWE drops the ball on using opportunities like her musical project to create bigger prescence in the mainstream culture.

Meanwhile the marquee You Shoot games are featured, including Maria revealing whose racks are real and whose are fake in the Divas lockerroom, Discussing which male roster members were the biggest dicks and Maria playing the Guess the wrestling playboy playmate game.

Although Maria may have gotten into the wrestling world through what many wrestling fans and critics consider a joke (the diva search) After watching this interview Maria showed that if your willing to work hard at it you can become a good mind and a decent worker. This installment of the You Shoot series may not of been crazy and over the top (with the exception of the disturbing video submissions from the Off The Mark Crew) But this installment was great for the honest and playful nature of Maria.

Oh and for the pervs out there who probably don’t care about how honest Maria is or what happened during her run in the WWE, Maria drops a line in the shoot saying “Sometimes I like to play with myself” For that line alone Im sure you’ll be satisfied.

You Shoot with Maria Kanellis is now available from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan

March 9, 2009

DVD Review : You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

The You Shoot DVD series has become so wildly popular that not only has it become apparent that the producers have trouble getting in all the submissions in the allotted time, but even wrestling stars are stepping in to submit questions. This time around the bookerman Kevin Sullivan is in the hot seat facing the barrage of questions, many out of this world, others more obvious, and of course the Benoit tragedy.

This is the third DVD produced by KC featuring Sullivan, the previous 2 covering the end of WCW and fantasy booking the WWF in 1984. This is also the 5th entry in the You Shoot series which has seen a lot of wackiness, and coming off of insane editions with the likes of Sandman and Jamie Dundee, Sullivan is a welcome toning down.

As with previous editions of You Shoot the submissions come from a wide array of characters. The problem here being that as the series continues to grow in popularity, so does some of the poor submissions. Numerous times in this DVD there are questions that are unintelligible and thus have to be skipped over wasting a minute of time as Sullivan either doesn’t know what the hell the individual is talking about or just cant understand a word they are saying. A tip for those out there submitting videos, speak up and at least try to make some sense! Making a joke is one thing, throwing a character into it is another, but saying things that make absolutely no sense is counterproductive. That being said, this edition of You Shoot still contains some entertaining topics and answers. It’s the first that features submissions from other wrestlers, as Missy Hyatt, Nikolai Volkoff, and the Iron Sheik all submit questions.

It was quite obvious that when Sullivan was announced as the featured participant in this edition of You Shoot that a million questions about the Benoit tragedy were going to be submitted. Host Sean Oliver smartly rolls all the questions up into one big ugly ball and allows Sullivan to speak his piece, and for the most part he like many others have, criticizes how the situation was handled by the media and shares some insight on how it affected the rest of the families. Other topics covered include the dungeon of doom and everything WCW, including of course the infamous “feud” between Sullivan and Brian Pillman who coined the phrase bookerman while working the boys in the back leading up to the memorable “shoot” on PPV between the pair.

Also You Shoot’s trademark games return as Sullivan ranks the best bookers of all time, play’s what in the bag and assumes the role of rumour killer as he distinguishes between what infamous wrestling rumours he believes and thinks is total BS. Overall another strong entry from Kayfabe Commentaries who are promising to continue to revolutionize the wrestling dvd market this year with new series featuring big name wrestling stars heading back to ringside to watch and relive some of their biggest matches of their careers, as well as starting a lengthy year by year review of the history of the WWE hosted by a big name star of the time.

You Shoot with Kevin Sullivan is now available on DVD. For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : You Shoot with Jamie Dundee

July 31, 2008

DVD Review :  “ YOU SHOOT “ With Jamie Dundee from Kayfabe Commentaries

Reviewed by : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

Kayfabe Commentaries’ You Shoot series has been highly praised by not only myself, but by many of those in the wrestling media, as well as the fans who have flocked to the series in droves. Coming off of two insane editions with the likes of Missy Hyatt and The Sandman, the KC team was faced with a big challenge…Find someone who could possibly top them, so in true You Shoot fashion, they turned the booking sheets over to their fans and asked who they wanted to shoot with. The message was apparently loud and clear as PG-13 member, one time star of the WCW, WWE, and ECW, and “semi-main eventer of Wrestlemania 13” Jamie Dundee ,was brought in, sat down, and left to the mercy of his fans who leave almost no shell unturned in the latest 2 hour edition of the You Shoot series.

According to the DVD’s back cover, Dundee garnered the most participation reaction to date, Those fan’s submissions don’t disappoint and covers a very broad range of topics, and if there is one thing Jamie delivers on, it’s the agreement to truly answer everything that is asked. In previous editions, the same pledge was made but occasionally you’d find a question or topic that the subject would kind of skate over, not with Dundee. Prime example, a individual named “Paul The Rapist” asks him about Jerry Lawler’s supposed love for young er woman, and whether or not he ever shared some of them with Dundee,  Jamie laughs, wants to skate over it, but instead says he had not indulged, and shares a story about being in a car with the Road Dogg “BG James” and Jerry Lawler that can either have you on the floor in stitches or sitting in silence with your  chin on the floor in shock.

Tons of other great stories are shared by Dundee over the course of the DVD, including who he dropped the “I was on the semi main event of Wrestlemania… Bitch!” line on in the ECW lockeroom,  his absolutely unbelievable pay off for that appearance,  why John Cena as nothing more than a Jamie Dundee copycat and a intense rant on the internet smarks who write incorrect stuff about him on Wikipedia.

You also get a special appearance via phone line from Jamie’s father Bill Dundee, who is the subject of many questions during the course of the shoot. Jamie noticeably puts a lot of effort into reacting to the fans, as he seems genuinely honored that so many fans stepped up and not only suggested him for the DVD but also sent in such a high volume of questions, so as a special treat for all of them he shoots off on them, more so than any other participant in the series thus far, He also shows his friendly side, kissing host Sean Oliver at least 10 times over a two hour period.

To be honest, when I heard Dundee had been chosen for You Shoot, I thought it would be ok, but pale in comparison to those in the 3 previous editions, and while it barely falls short compared to that of The Sandman, the best wrestling shoot DVD series out there today has another hit on their hands with Jamie Dundee in the hot seat so pick up a copy and see for yourself just how crazy a You Shoot DVD can get.

You Shoot with Jamie Dundee is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy head on over to and to read my previous DVD reviews check out