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DVD Review : UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition

December 4, 2011

DVD Package Reviewed by Steven Wilson

The Ultimate gift for the Ultimate Fighting Championship fan in your life is hitting DVD shelves this Tuesday December 6th, and it comes in the form of a 20 disc DVD set highlighting what was one of if not the greatest 12 month period of action in UFC’s history.

This brand new release, not to be confused with the 2009 10 Disc Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights set that hit shelves in conjunction with the promotion for UFC 100 , covers UFC 116 through UFC 131, as well as UFC Fight Night 22 through 24, and UFC Live 2 through 4. It packs all of this in along with a unique set of DVD extras over a whopping 20 disc set, with  over 52 hours of UFC action.

For the most part, each disc of the set covers a specific event, for example Disc 1 is UFC 116, and Disc 2 is UFC 117. Instead of presenting each event as it aired or as it was released on DVD, the UFC production team swaps in some cool fight buildup videos that includes footage from the fight week building to the event, or exclusive behind the scenes footage before a specific fight takes place.

Another interesting addition to this DVD set is the extras included on the 20th DVD which includes features on the best of Joe Rogan 1 on 1, the best of UFC Unguarded and the best of UFC Fight School.

The packaging on this set is impressive as since this DVD tells the story of the UFC during this 1 year period of time, what better way to express this than a storybook style package which pulls out of the DVD set outer box and allows you to flip through the pages, each of which contains 2 discs.

Some small negatives to mention about this release are the fact that the DVD’s were not put in the package in chronological order, instead they are presented PPV wise, of UFC 116 through 131, followed by the fight nights and Live events, so if the viewer does not realize to watch a certain fight night before a certain PPV they may hear the commentators talking about a fight they havent watched yet. The other negative is that some fights were cut for time to keep this at a 20 disc set. Of the 215 fights presented on the events in question, 170 of them are included in this set. Some of the fights cut were simple prelim fights, while others were a bit more suprising, nonetheless, if your not an absolute completionist, then this is still an absolutely awesome release. Even with a few prelims here and there missing, the set makes up for it with a great slew of bonuses and never before seen behind the scenes footage, 10 plus hours of previously unreleased footage that is, and this makes it an absolute must buy.

Currently on and for 99.99$, this set is well worth the cash, and would be much appreciated by any MMA fan on your list! I know I would love to find it under my tree on christmas morning, so if your searching for that perfect gift for the MMA fan in your life, you need not look any further.

The UFC Ultimate Fight Collection 2011 Edition from Anchor Bay Entertainment hits retail shelves Tuesday December 6th, For more info check out or Anchor Bay’s website via


DVD Review : You Shoot with Bob Holly

January 26, 2010

When you think of former WWE superstar Bob Holly your likely to think of the racing character “Sparky Plug” from the WWF in the 1990’s, otherwise you likely will think of the controversial shoot incidents he had in the WWE during the final years of his run there. One thing’s for certain, Bob Holly is not well liked individual, some may respect him, while others absolutely hate him, but very few have a kind word to say about Bob Holly so to say the least that makes him a good candidate to sit down and go on the record with the public during the latest installment of the You Shoot series from Kayfabe Commentaries.

The DVD starts off with the expected progression from training to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to entering the WWE and hating the name Sparky Plugg. From there his days in the New Midnight Express and eventually becoming Hardcore Holly are talked about. Along the way Holly offers some interesting stories such as telling off the clique and whether he ever thought about jumping ship to WCW during the Monday night wars.

The meat and vegetables of this DVD then begins as the interesting topics and questions for Bob Holly do not revolve around the progression of his career but rather with the controversies that garner internet press and the reputation of being a bully. Holly is accosted by large shirtless men in submitted videos and numerous emails about working stiff with people in the ring and incidents with the likes of Matt Capottelli, Rene Dupree, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. Holly holds nothing back in addressing each one, providing information that wasn’t provided in the many internet reports at the time of the various incidents and explains why his so called stiff ring work is overblown.

Beyond that some other topics covered include whether he would consider jumping to the MMA world (including a challenge for Brock Lesnar), just how bad his pain killer addiction was, whether he used steroids and whether those in the WWE locker room use them, and whether or not Molly Holly has a naughty side (she apparently does!)

One of the things that I looked forwarding to seeing is what type of games host Sean Oliver would play with Bob Holly, After all You Shoot has come to be known for some of its crazy games and Bob Holly doesn’t come off as the type to play games. However, as they always do, the guys at Kayfabe come up with something unique to suit their guest, this time around they feature a hilarious “How would Bob Holly kick their ass” where Bob comes up with some crazy ideas to inflict pain and torture on people in the business that he doesn’t see eye to eye with like Ken Kennedy. As you know by now Holly is rather hated amongst wrestling fans so a game debating on who is more hated than Bob Holly is featured and then a debate on who is tougher than Bob. The You Shoot classic of What’s in the bag returns as well.

The most appealing aspect of this DVD is finally hearing Bob Holly’s side of a long controversy filled story. I think there is a lot to be learned from this DVD, that is if you want to learn something. Holly eludes to numerous times in this DVD that people will believe what they want to believe.

There is 2 sides to every story and I think the You Shoot with Bob Holly DVD is a must see for any Bob Holly hater because it sets the record straight on so many things. As the back of the DVD cover states, Bob Holly…Bully? Coward? Or misunderstood, You be the judge. Ive never been a big fan of Bob Holly, I respect him as a guy who was employed that long by the WWE has to have talent, and after watching this DVD, my judgement is he is somewhat misunderstood.

You Shoot with Bob Holly is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : Andy Kaufman’s My Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Special Commemorative Edition

April 25, 2009



Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

It has been 25 years since the passing of comedy legend Andy Kaufman, but to this day some question whether or not he faked his own death. While some have refused to accept this unfortunate fact, it was at the far too early age of 35 that Kaufman passed away following a battle with lung cancer. One of his dying wishes was for friend and film director Lynne Margulies to complete and release the I’m From Hollywood documentary that chronicled his time in the wrestling world feuding with women from across the world as well as WWE hall of famer Jerry Legend. Kaufman was proud of his time in the wrestling world and according to Margulies, he considered it one of his greatest accomplishments in his career. Now more than two decades later both of Kaufman’s wrestling classic films are being released on DVD, completely uncut, and packed with bonus features.

It all begins with My Breakfast with Blassie, originally released in 1983. The one hour film see’s Kaufman hop a Hollywood bus en route to a rendez vous with the one and only “King of Men” Freddie Blassie. The two sit down for breakfast in a real life restaurant and discuss life in what is often described as a classic piece of performance art. The footage which was shot over a quarter century ago does show some signs of aging but holds up well enough to be featured on DVD, while the audio is still well intact.

The driving force behind this DVD is the strength of it’s bonus features. For My Breakfast with Blassie, we begin with lost and deleted footage from the film. Director Johnny Legend introduces the 50 plus minutes of footage, which includes alternate takes, outtakes, and raw footage of the shoot. You get to see actual interaction between Kaufman and the crew, and you get a feel  for just how much Kaufman cared about the film.

This is followed up by a feature called “Blassie Graffiti“, It begins with some classic 1960’s black and white footage of Blassie from something called Wrestling Workouts. A interview and short match is shown, which is then followed by director Johnny Legend introducing the footage of Blassie’s match with Ricky Dozan where he lost the world title. Legend then introduces highlights of the Blassie Cage match with Jon Voulis from Los Angeles. The featurette completes with footage of Freddie Blassie shortly before his death, he is at a independent wrestling show, mid ring, singing his infamous pencil neck geek theme song.

A featurette on the director Johnny Legend is next which begins with an appearance on the Art Reiner TV show talking about his relationhip with Andy Kaufman. This is followed by some 1960’s footage of Freddie Blassie hanging out on the beach with some wrestling friends and Johnny Legend. This featurette wraps up with a look in at Legend’s wrestling career as a manager as he lays down a challenge live on the Jon Stewart show, and highlights of the resulting match is then shown.

The plentiful extras continue on with footage from the film’s Hollywood premiere, a photo gallery, and as if that wasn’t enough, it wraps up with a half hour  discussion between co creators Johnny Legend and Linda Lautrec which was filmed shortly before the release of the man on the moon film. The pair discuss the making of the Breakfast with Blassie.

Moving onto Disc 2, Lynne Margulies who is the writer and director of Im From Hollywood provides an introduction to the documentary explaining how the video came about, why Kaufman wanted to make it, and just how much it meant to him.

Celebrities getting involved in wrestling has been seen numerous times over the years but none that I recall got to the level than that of Andy Kaufman.  The feud he had with Jerry Lawler came at a time where kayfabe was still alive and well, people thought it was real. This documentary gives you some prime examples of that as news footage reporting he had been sent to the hospital as a result of a Lawler’s piledriver leads it off and the next hour not only chronicles a legendary feud but also a remarkable career that Kaufman led.  Andy wasn’t politically correct nor did he care to be, his challenges and insults toward women pushed the limits at a time where the idea of being politically correct was only starting to be accepted. Jerry Lawler would eventually poke his nose into Kaufman’s business defending the women Lawler was insulting and assaulting, and this would lead to the feud between the big Hollywood star and the Memphis wrestling legend. It’s wrestling gold from there on, and in my opinion something every wrestling fan should see. Much like breakfast with Blassie the video footage shows its age at times but the audio is still clear.

There is also a plethora of DVD Extras for Im From Hollywood. A feature length commentary from the afformentioned Lynne Margulies kicks it off.  Margulies, who acquired much of Kaufman’s possessions following his passing is also able to offer up some very intriguing pieces for the rest of the extras, including scans of actual letters and photos Kaufman received during his open challenge to women from across the country. Also two full length matchups between Lawler is Kaufman with boxing stipulations are offered both with original audio and alternate commentary.

We then wrap up with a 35 minute Q & A session with Jerry Lawler and Lynne Margulies following a screening of Im from Hollywood at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian theater on November 6th 2007. It is moderated by See No Evil writer Dan Madigan. Lawler gives a lot of insight into exactly how the feud came about and how and why Vince McMahon turned it down at the time.

For the wealth of extras alone this DVD is well worth the 24.98 suggested price tag. Add to that the chance to put these Kaufman classics into your wrestling DVD collection allowing you to relive them time and time again, to me it makes this DVD an absolute must buy. Thank you very much! (for reading)

Andy Kaufman’s My Breakfast with Blassie / Im From Hollywood Special Commemorative Edition will be available on DVD on May 12th. For more information check out or pre order your copy from Amazon, Highspots or wherever you buy your wrestling DVD’s.


TNA DVD Review : Jeff Jarrett King Of The Mountain

April 7, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

It’s been literally years in the making, having been postponed many times before, but now TNA is ready to unleash a massive 4 disc DVD set focusing on the  career of it’s founder,the King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett. Running over 11 hours featuring 25+ matches and segments from the TNA video library as well as an in depth documentary and old school 1980’s Memphis wrestling footage, fans now have a source to learn about the life and career of Jeff Jarrett.

Following what has become TNA’s standard DVD presentation, the main feature is presented with a mix of documentary chapters and full matchups. Looking at the documentary portion, It begins with Jeff Jarrett’s days as a basketball star who had a passion for the sport of professional wrestling. Being a son and grandson of wrestling promoters, Jeff recounts growing up with wrestling legends in his life who would pass through the Memphis territory including stories of the early day Sting, Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. Jarrett explains the  Memphis wrestling scene at the time and what would lead to his first match. The early part of his career is covered fairly well including footage of the time that TNA acquired for the DVD. Interviews with the likes of Dutch Mantell, Sting, Scott Steiner, Jim Cornette and others offer insight of the time.

Moving away from the Memphis territory, Jarrett talks about Vince McMahon’s revolution of the wrestling industry with the move from territory to national, which leads to chapters on his career in WCW and the WWF. For the most part his time in these companies is only  touched on via the major events, ie his debut as a fake singer, his departure from the WWF and taking part in the WCW/NWo angle, his return to the WWF, the problems he had there and his eventual hold up of the company before his match with Chyna for the IC title. The documentary then moves onto the end of WCW and the effect it had on the stars and staff at the time, including touching on the incident from Bash at the Beach 2000 where Russo cut a shoot promo on Hulk Hogan who’s creative control card was causing too many problems in the company. Closing out his time in these companies is the death of Owen Hart. Jarrett tells the story of that night and reflects on his true friend’s passing. Mick Foley and Jim Cornette also share thoughts in what is truly a touching chapter of the DVD.

As was touched on in the History of TNA Year 1 DVD, The summer of no worries is discussed, which was the time after WCW closed and everyone who didn’t take or wasn’t offered the WWE’s buyout at the time sat at home collecting paychecks, which eventually led to the idea and creation of TNA. The ups and downs of the business  of that first year is discussed, including what Jeff viewed as an insult when people said that they were nothing but a independent wrestling company. Meanwhile stars who were in the WWE at the time such as Angle, Booker and Foley share their thoughts on the opinions of those who were in the WWE at the time as to whether or not they thought the company could get off the ground.

Another highly emotional chapter looks at the final months of the life of Jill Jarrett. Jeff shows unbelievable strength discussing the time period, as does those who lived alongside Jarrett throughout it. You get a feel for just how much of a fighter Jill was, and how much of an impact it had on the company at the time.

The documentary portion rounds up with reflections on how big TNA has become, and thoughts on the future of the company as well as the future of Jarrett’s career.

The only odd thing in the documentary portion continues to be the on occasion random placement of a topic, For example the chapter about Owen Harts passing comes after the end of WCW chapter, Also on a couple of occasions a chapter about TNA’s growth or potential is thrown in out of place. This is the last step TNA needs to correct to finally complete a move to a solid documentary presentation on their DVD’s.

Match lineup consists of three 2002 matchups which are the battle royal to crown the first NWA TNA champion, vs Scott Hall from July, and vs Ron Killings in November. 2003 Matchups see Jarrett team with the Road Warriors to take on Triple X and Vince Russo in January, as well as teaming with Sting vs AJ Styles and Sean Waltman from February, and vs Raven in April of that year. 2004 matchups include the king of the mountain from June, The ladder match with Jeff Hardy from July, and the Monty Brown matchup from December. 2005 Matchups are against Kevin Nash in February, and April’s Lethal Lockdown. 2006 has June’s King of the mountain, September’s Fan Revenge matchup against Samoa Joe, and October’s world title match against Sting from Bound For Glory. 2007 matchups are VS Robert Roode at Sacrifice and the Lethal Lockdown. While 2008 is represented by Jarrett’s matchup against Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory. Also featured on the DVD are segments such as the attack of the tennesse titans from the early days of TNA, the attack on Hulk Hogan and the Jill Jarrett tribute.

Extras consist of classic 1980’s Memphis wrestling footage including Jarrett’s first on camera appearance as a referee, as well as his television debut against Tony Faulk, and 1987/88 bouts against Hector Guerrero, Jerry Lawler and in tag action with Bill Dundee against Cactus Jack and Gary Young. These are complete matchups uncut from original footage.

As eluded to, this DVD has been a long time coming. In this day and age very few big name stars from the 80’s and 90’s don’t have at least 1 dvd dedicated to them or their career, and if they don’t then one is on the horizon very soon. TNA had a lot to live up to with this DVD and they generally deliver. The classic Memphis footage is a very nice touch as its not only peppered throughout the DVD but is also featured uncut as extras. Meanwhile there could be a debate as to whether or not more could have been put into the chapters focusing in on Jarrett’s time in the WWF and WCW. In one way I could understand that TNA would not want to spend time on their DVD talking in depth about what Jarrett did in other companies, but at the same time I would be interested to hear more about his thoughts on the feuds he had, the road stories from the time and relationships with those he worked with. Ultimately this is a minor complaint as the massive amount of footage and documentary spread out over 4 discs is easily worth the 29.99$ price tag (which is also up for pre order for 21$ via amazon)

Jeff Jarrett : King Of The Mountain will be available on DVD on April 14th. For more information or to order your own copy check out  


DVD Review : Ringside With Vader

March 27, 2009


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Before Kayfabe Commentaries blew up in 2007 with its innovative line of DVD’s, it was initially known for its audio commentary tracks which featured wrestling legends recording their thoughts and memories from some of their career’s milestone matchups. These commentaries were meant to be listened to while watching the matchups in question. The only problem with that is Vince McMahon wont give up the rights to any footage for independent DVD’s and thus you’d need to find the match in question yourself and then play the tracks over it to get the full effect. Always trying to figure out a way to deliver a innovative new product, the KC crew now offer up the new “Ringside” series which enables you to go into the ring with the wrestling legends. The first participant in the series is the man they call Vader.

As mentioned off the top, Vince McMahon enjoys the monopoly he has on the wrestling footage of the world and thus this DVD is not a best of Vader DVD with alternate commentary, instead we have a specialized shoot interview where Vader sits down with host Sean Oliver and discuss the build, execution and backstage happenings surrounding some of Vader’s biggest matchups. The footage of these matches do play in the background serving as a memory aid for Vader to recall and discuss certain aspects of the matchups.  This fact may draw some criticism from those who are drawn to the title with the idea of acquiring the classic footage, instead your acquiring a solid shoot interview.

The matchups in question spans a decade of Vader’s career touching on his time in Japan, the AWA, WCW, and the WWF. We begin in 1986 in the AWA where Vader was known as Baby Bull and was taking on Bruiser Brody. Vader discusses how he got into the business and his time workingin the AWA and how this time there played a major influence on his career. He also gives an insight on what the AWA-WWE competition was like at the time.

 Big Van Vader debuts in Japan next and takes on Japanese legend Antonio Inoki in 1987. He discusses the origins of the Vader gimmick and the reactions of the Japanese fans.

Third match on the card is Big Van Vader against Hashimoto from 1989 in Tokyo, Japan where he would capture the IWGP title in  a tournament final. Vader discusses about the heat between he and Hashimoto at the time, and the stiff Japanese wrestling style he had to endure to win the tournament.

Fourth match pits Vader against Stan Hansen at the 1990 AJPW/NJPW Super Fight in the Tokyo Dome. Vader discusses how this match cost him more money they he made because of surgeries as a result of it including the one to put his eyeball back in his socket!, He also reveals how and why he got out of the WWF at the time to head back over to Japan for this match.

Fifth match is the clash between Vader and Sting from WCW’s Great American Bash in 1992. Vader discusses how he got into WCW , how well he worked with Sting, what it meant to win the WCW title and also compares the US crowds to the Japanese crowds.

The sixth bout is a handicap affair as Vader takes on Joe Thurman and TA Macoy on a episode of WCW worldwide in 1992. This is the match where Vader broke Thurman’s back while working way to stiff on the kid. Vader discusses the incident in depth, expresses sorrow and is informed by Oliver that not only is Thurman ok now but is also a police office in Georgia.

Seventh match on the card is one of the most infamous matches of Vader’s career, that being the battle between he and Cactus Jack from Munich, Germany in 1994. This match is known for being the match where Mick Foley lost his ear. Vader discusses this incident and also discusses the long drawn European tours and the effect it had on the boys, including how it let to the fight between Sid Vicious and Arn Anderson where Anderson ended up stabbed with a pair of scissors.

Eight match is probably amongst the most widely seen matches of Vader’s career, that being his Summerslam 1996 matchup with Shawn Michaels. Vader discusses the creative differences and incidents that caused him to leave WCW and how it led to him being brought into the WWF. He also offers insight onto Shawn Michaels frame of mind at the time, as it is widely known that Michaels was quite full of himself at the time. Vader also discusses whether or not he was supposed to win the title that night and what would eventually lead to his departure from the WWF.

The match lineup rounds out with a 1994 shoot style fight between Vader and Nobuhiko Takada from Budokan Hall in Japan. Vader discusses how this match came about as he was under contract to WCW at the time, he also gives insight into how much of this fight was a shoot and how much was a work, and much like many wrestlers nowadays Vader discusses whether he could have been a successful MMA fighter.

Sean Oliver’s strength as a host has always been his visible interest in the questions he asks, and the research that was put into them, but the obvious question that I need to address is beyond the shoot interview is the fact that they are watching and at times referencing a match that you can’t see overly distracting? The overall answer is no. The more specific answer would be that at times for 5 to 10 seconds when something specific is referenced that you cant see you may be left saying to yourself man I wish I could see the footage, a prime example of this is when Vader performs a drop kick against Hashimoto, but luckily the flow of the interview is maintained well enough that every time you start to think that, you also begin to forget it because your listening to a new story from Vader. Therefore I’d recommend giving the title a spin and seeing for yourself if it’s your cup of tea, chances are you’ll enjoy it as almost everything put out by Kayfabe Commentaries nowadays is praised by wrestling fans across the board.

Ringside with Vader is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy check out



March 26, 2009




Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

 Coming out of left field this week is Havin’ a beer with Mike’s Hacksaw Jim Duggan : Caught On Tape! The Orlando based syndicated TV series has over the years filmed numerous segments with good old Hacksaw and these segments have now been compiled onto this new DVD release.


When I stumbled upon this DVD, I was quite intrigued and confused all at the same time. I had never heard of the Having a beer with Mike series and if I were to make the mistake of judging the DVD by its cover I’d possibly believe that the series caught Duggan in some rather controversial moments as it boasts of its footage of Duggan intoxicated and on a legitimate rampage. As it turns out its quite the opposite.


Having a Beer with Mike is a comedy series that attempts to blur the line of reality and documentary, the easiest way to explain it would be a blend of Candid Camera and Jackass. As a result some of the stuff can be hilarious, while other parts are overly cheesy. The show itself airs in Orlando and through various other syndicated stations in the US and UK. Best of DVD volumes have also been released over the years and are available in big ticket stores like Best Buy and Circuit City. This release centering around the wrestling legend contains footage that was mainly shot in the early to mid 2000’s, much of which was before WCW closed as he is referenced to as a WCW superstar.


The DVD is separated into 4 separate features. The first is a “best of” episode of the series running just over 20 minutes in length, It begins with Hacksaw sitting down in a “Tuesday Night Titans” like environment to be interviewed by host Michael Mc Donald, Hacksaw promises to keep his composure as long as no one mentions Stone Cold Steve Austin. He answers the typical career in wrestling questions and eventually leads to him randomly blowing up and tearing apart the stage. Next up is a staged attack as Hacksaw is approached by a masked man while meeting with some of his fans in a parking lot, The masked man calls Hacksaw a jerk, and Duggan demands the individual get off his back and proceeds to pound him and throw the guy onto a car trunk. That would not be the end of it as Hacksaw is hanging out and signing autographs  at a local bar with a hot ring rat, this time Hacksaw puts the guy through a table to the shock of the local patrons. Getting closer to reality, Duggan accepts a dare and we get to see him performing somewhere you probably never thought you’d see Duggan perform and that’s a comedy club. Hacksaw holds his own for an amateur telling a funny airport security joke and a story about fighting Andre The Giant. This is followed by another sit down interview with stories about being sick in the middle of the ring, experiencing an earthquake while on the road, and Jake Roberts forgetting his snake in the car one night in Detroit and finding it frozen to death the next morning. The episode is topped off with  promos where Duggan confronts someone who looks like a terrorist in a bar and chokes him out, and where Duggan is confronted by a Richard Simmons impersonator.


Part 2 of the DVD is a 30 minute “lost pilot” of Bikers Court. Hacksaw is featured as the judge in this red neck biker parody of the peoples court. Alongside him is the sexy bailiff Bunny Gunns. The case before him features three individuals suing the tobacco industry for ruining their lives. The plaintiffs includes a midget who claims his growth was stunted by smoking, a fat individual who says his health sucks because of smoking, and a nude houseclean (played by Duggans real life wife) who complains about the cigarette ash burns on her breasts. There is a jury who renders a verdict but Hacksaw then lays the law down himself. This is actually kinda funny and considering Brian Knobs once had a pilot for Trailer Park Justice then something this crazy isn’t unheard of. The post show includes a real life interview with the actress who played Bunny Gunns and some deleted scenes from the episode.


Part 3 is another confrontation as the boys from having a beer with Mike convince a guy who looks nothing like hacksaw to put on the hacksaw trunks and a carlito type wig and run into a bar where Hacksaw is hanging out  and confront him as his impersonator, the stunt gets the crew kicked out promptly so they head to another bar and stage it successfully.


The DVD then closes out with a one on one interview with Duggan’s wife Debra who talks about life with Hacksaw. DVD Bonus features are trailers for the previous released best of DVD’s.

One of the cool things about this release is that it comes with an actual chip off one of Hacksaw’s recently used 2 x 4’s. A certificate of authenticity signed by Hacksaw, his wife and creator Michael McDonald accompanies it. If you’re a long time fan of Duggan’s then this alone could entice you to order a copy. One thing’s for certain, you’ve never seen a wrestling star in a DVD quite like this so if your looking for something unique to add to your collection then this could be worth a look, and even more so if you’re a fan of this type of comedy. 

Havin’ a beer with Mike presents : Hacksaw Caught on Tape! Is now available on DVD for 15.95$ US. For more info or to order your own copy head on over to and to read my previous dvd reviews check out


TNA DVD Review : Kurt Angle – Champion

November 25, 2008

TNA DVD Review : Kurt Angle : Champion


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Back on September 24th 2006, TNA was presenting its annual No Surrender PPV, and heading into the show they had been promising a huge announcement. I remember that night vividly. Apparently TNA doesn’t as the voiceover in the DVD says it was September 23rd, irregardless, I remember watching the PPV live with a group of wrestling fans at a local sports bar, and the discussion throughout the night was centered around who or what the big announcement would be, The Kurt Angle rumour had flown around, but there was much doubt that he is was in any shape to sign on with TNA so soon after being released from the WWE and reportedly addicted to pain killers to get through the day. Ill forever remember the moment Kurt Angle appeared on the screen that night, and the reaction of the group of fans around me as they chanted holy s*it. It was real, it was damn real, and now just over two years later, TNA takes a look at his “impact” on the company, as they release “Kurt Angle : Champion” on DVD this week.

The 2 disc, 7 hour set continues to prove that TNA has crossed the line when it comes to their big name DVD packages. Similar to the TNA Knockouts DVD, this set’s main feature mixes in the documentary style interviews segments in between the big time matchups Angle has had over the past two years.  These interview segments feature a wide array of people both in and out of the business, including Angle’s mom, Angle brothers John, Mark and Eric, Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino, Pittsburgh Steeler James Farrior, Mick Foley, Angle’s agent Dave Hawk and of course most of the TNA roster.

The DVD begins with a intro looking at Kurt’s beginnings in TNA and the headbutt heard round the world from Angle to Joe. The documentary installments then begin with talk of Kurt’s childhood life. The match lineup begins with the first installment of the classic series of matches between Angle and Samoa Joe, this of course from Genesis in November 2006. The second and third battles then follows while also including segments on Kurt’s progression as a amateur wrestler in High school, his amateur world championships and his Olympic glory. The first disc’s match lineup then wraps up with the Slammiversary 07 King of the mountain match which saw Angle crowned TNA Champion. We then hear the story of Angle’s progression into professional wrestling, including the reactions of those around him at the time, and how his obsession with the world of professional wrestling blossomed, how it affected his personal life, his body, and his life. You also get the entire story on how he broke into the WWE, how quickly he progressed and candid thoughts on Vince McMahon’s business prowess. Angle is also very honest in talking about the hard times including the pain killer addictions and the effects it had on his family.

Disc 2 leads off with the 4th PPV encounter between Joe and Angle, this time for all the belts at Hard Justice 07. Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Angle’s agent Dave Hawk then tell the story of how Kurt Angle came to sign with TNA and what everyone close to Angle thought of the move. We then have one of Angle’s favoritematches in TNA thus far and thats where he put over Black Machismo Jay Lethal in the X division title match which was certainly a big win for Lethal and showed that Angle was willing to help some of the young talent in TNA while looking out for himself in other situations.  Before and after the back to back battles between Angle and Sting in October 07, the roster explains the impact Angle had on them and TNA once he joined the company. Followed by the Angle / Nagata matchup from Global Impact, The main feature then closes out with talk of Kurt’s future including a possible venture into MMA,and how he turned down a UFC contract when he signed with TNA.The match lineup concludes with the Angle/Joe match from this year’s Lockdown which saw Samoa Joe finally crowned TNA world champion.  

There is probobly many other matchups worthy of being included on this DVD, Had it been up to me I probably would not of included that against Nagata which was previously released on TNA DVD, but to each their own as I can understand the argument that this DVD intends to give as big of a picture of Angle in TNA as possible, but using that argument you would expect one of his battles with Christian Cage to be included which it was not. Also worth mentioning is something that has become the norm with TNA terming the interview segments as Bonus Materials, so don’t go searching for a Extras menu despite the fact that the DVD’s covers refer to one.

Kurt Angle – Champion is the strongest DVD release to date from TNA Home Video. Over 7 hours of footage including 2+hours worth of documentary, plus the amazing series of matches between Angle and Joe make the 16.99 price tag easily worth it, and a recommended holiday gift for any TNA fan. I’d think it’s safe to assume that if their was one TNA DVD that a hardcore WWE fan may take a chance on it’s this, and it’s so complete that it will easily appeal to them as well and probably convince many of them to check out more of TNA as this DVD shows more than any other recent release how high of a level of main event wrestling match TNA has to offer.

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