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TNA DVD Review : Kurt Angle – Champion

November 25, 2008

TNA DVD Review : Kurt Angle : Champion


Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Back on September 24th 2006, TNA was presenting its annual No Surrender PPV, and heading into the show they had been promising a huge announcement. I remember that night vividly. Apparently TNA doesn’t as the voiceover in the DVD says it was September 23rd, irregardless, I remember watching the PPV live with a group of wrestling fans at a local sports bar, and the discussion throughout the night was centered around who or what the big announcement would be, The Kurt Angle rumour had flown around, but there was much doubt that he is was in any shape to sign on with TNA so soon after being released from the WWE and reportedly addicted to pain killers to get through the day. Ill forever remember the moment Kurt Angle appeared on the screen that night, and the reaction of the group of fans around me as they chanted holy s*it. It was real, it was damn real, and now just over two years later, TNA takes a look at his “impact” on the company, as they release “Kurt Angle : Champion” on DVD this week.

The 2 disc, 7 hour set continues to prove that TNA has crossed the line when it comes to their big name DVD packages. Similar to the TNA Knockouts DVD, this set’s main feature mixes in the documentary style interviews segments in between the big time matchups Angle has had over the past two years.  These interview segments feature a wide array of people both in and out of the business, including Angle’s mom, Angle brothers John, Mark and Eric, Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino, Pittsburgh Steeler James Farrior, Mick Foley, Angle’s agent Dave Hawk and of course most of the TNA roster.

The DVD begins with a intro looking at Kurt’s beginnings in TNA and the headbutt heard round the world from Angle to Joe. The documentary installments then begin with talk of Kurt’s childhood life. The match lineup begins with the first installment of the classic series of matches between Angle and Samoa Joe, this of course from Genesis in November 2006. The second and third battles then follows while also including segments on Kurt’s progression as a amateur wrestler in High school, his amateur world championships and his Olympic glory. The first disc’s match lineup then wraps up with the Slammiversary 07 King of the mountain match which saw Angle crowned TNA Champion. We then hear the story of Angle’s progression into professional wrestling, including the reactions of those around him at the time, and how his obsession with the world of professional wrestling blossomed, how it affected his personal life, his body, and his life. You also get the entire story on how he broke into the WWE, how quickly he progressed and candid thoughts on Vince McMahon’s business prowess. Angle is also very honest in talking about the hard times including the pain killer addictions and the effects it had on his family.

Disc 2 leads off with the 4th PPV encounter between Joe and Angle, this time for all the belts at Hard Justice 07. Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Angle’s agent Dave Hawk then tell the story of how Kurt Angle came to sign with TNA and what everyone close to Angle thought of the move. We then have one of Angle’s favoritematches in TNA thus far and thats where he put over Black Machismo Jay Lethal in the X division title match which was certainly a big win for Lethal and showed that Angle was willing to help some of the young talent in TNA while looking out for himself in other situations.  Before and after the back to back battles between Angle and Sting in October 07, the roster explains the impact Angle had on them and TNA once he joined the company. Followed by the Angle / Nagata matchup from Global Impact, The main feature then closes out with talk of Kurt’s future including a possible venture into MMA,and how he turned down a UFC contract when he signed with TNA.The match lineup concludes with the Angle/Joe match from this year’s Lockdown which saw Samoa Joe finally crowned TNA world champion.  

There is probobly many other matchups worthy of being included on this DVD, Had it been up to me I probably would not of included that against Nagata which was previously released on TNA DVD, but to each their own as I can understand the argument that this DVD intends to give as big of a picture of Angle in TNA as possible, but using that argument you would expect one of his battles with Christian Cage to be included which it was not. Also worth mentioning is something that has become the norm with TNA terming the interview segments as Bonus Materials, so don’t go searching for a Extras menu despite the fact that the DVD’s covers refer to one.

Kurt Angle – Champion is the strongest DVD release to date from TNA Home Video. Over 7 hours of footage including 2+hours worth of documentary, plus the amazing series of matches between Angle and Joe make the 16.99 price tag easily worth it, and a recommended holiday gift for any TNA fan. I’d think it’s safe to assume that if their was one TNA DVD that a hardcore WWE fan may take a chance on it’s this, and it’s so complete that it will easily appeal to them as well and probably convince many of them to check out more of TNA as this DVD shows more than any other recent release how high of a level of main event wrestling match TNA has to offer.

Kurt Angle : Champion is now available on DVD from TNA Home Video, For more details check out or  And to read my previous DVD reviews check out


DVD Review : TNA’s Ultimate Matches

October 17, 2008

DVD Review : TNA’s Ultimate Matches

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

When you hear of a DVD entitled Ultimate Matches one could jump the conclusion that it is sure to offer some of the best matches the company has had to date, in many ways that is true with TNA’s latest dvd release, but the best way to describe this DVD is TNA’s Ultimate “Gimmick” Matches as the entire lineup is comprised of the innovative and over the top matchups that TNA’s creative team has come up with over the years.

Complimented with short interview clips explaining and hyping each match, the 2 Disc, 6 and a half hour feature serves up a look at some of the unique type of matches TNA offers to its fans, some confusing at first look, but usually highly entertaining.

Matches include : King Of The Mountain 3,4, & 5 from Slammiversary 06-08, 5 Ultimate X matchups (Final Resolution 05, Destination X 05, No Surrender 06, Victory Road 07, and Bound For Glory 07), 3 Six Sides of Steel matches including the infamous  Turning Point 04 match where Elix Skipper nearly killed himself walking along the top of the cage and pulling off the hurricarana, Also AJ Styles vs Abyss from Lockdown 05, And Abyss vs Christian Cage from Lockdown 06,  Then TNA’s version of Tables Ladders and Chairs, adding in Chains for Full Metal Mayhem featuring Jeff Hardy vs Abyss from Against All Odds 05 as well as Abyss vs Christian Cage from Sacrifice 06, Then we have 2 Monster’s Ball matchups from Bound For Glory 05, and 06, all capped off with the excellent ladder match between Christian Cage and Kaz from Genesis 07.

Id recommend this DVD mainly to those new to TNA or those who are thinking of getting into the company. Within this one dvd you get to know all the major players, and the special matches these feuds  build up to. For the hardcore TNA fan if you don’t already have most of these matchups on DVD whether it be the PPV dvd’s or the other best of releases then ultimate matches is worth the add to you collection as the amount of footage for the price is worthy.

TNA’s Ultimate Matches will be available on DVD across the continent on October 21st, Check out or for more details, and to read my previous DVD reviews check out


DVD Review : Guest Booker with Jerry Jarrett : Rebooking WCW 2000

October 15, 2008

DVD Review : Guest Booker with Jerry Jarrett : Rebooking WCW 2000

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

If there is one question that seemingly never gets old and has a million different logical answers, it’s what or who could of saved WCW in its dying days. In their latest DVD release, Kayfabe Commentaries once again looks at the end of WCW, this time with Jerry Jarrett at the helm of the Guest Booker series. Flashback to April 2000, WCW brings back Vince Russo, gives him the book, they clear the slate with a total reset and we all remember what enused, and although it’s been documented in the past that WCW was dead in the water at that point due to the corporate changes going on within the parent company AOL-Time Warner, notably documented in KC’s previous WCW themed DVD with Kevin Sullivan. However in the guest booker format, WCW gives Jerry Jarret the power instead of Russo and he attempts to revive the company in this DVD.

The opening third of the 90 minute feature focuses on establishing Jarrett’s booking policies and philosophies, such as looking at the balance of in ring action against promo’s or backstage skits. Jarrett also shares stories on how he was part of a group who attempted to purchase WCW at the time, and how WCW consistently used to contact him through the years to use him in various roles.

Moving into the actual booking part of the feature, Jarrett’s first move is to fire the entire roster advising them to chase their dream at a job in the WWE. An Unorthadox move to say the least, but he would footnote it with giving the opportunity to those who want to work within a new structure and possibly help rebuild a company to the point where they would make more money in the future. Jarrett also throws out all but the big 3 titles (World,Tag, US) He also allows those who were champion at the time (Sid, Harris Twins, Jeff Jarrett) to retain their belts instead of vacating them citing viewer loyalty. Jarrett then puts in motion long term feuds between Hogan/Sid, Harris’s/Harlem Heat, and Jeff Jarrett/Curt Hennig. Jarrett keeps it rather simple in terms of build and execution, which many may consider a thing of the past, while others have called for its return to return credibility to wrestling titles in this day and age.

The somewhat unique thing about this edition of the guest booker series is the guest doesn’t spend the majority of the time with explaining every little week to week thing, which had at times been a complaint from some viewers who found the features slow paced. In between the main chapters the behind the scene inserts provide for some of the most interesting moments of the DVD, specifically when the topic of TNA and Jerry’s relationship with his son Jeff and how it nearly brought him to his grave and why their relationship may never be the same.

You may have heard this topic addressed countless times in the past 7 years, but ultimately Jerry Jarrett is able to provide yet another intriguing answer to most debated upon question this decade. Even if you’ve found yourself somewhat burned out on the topic, this DVD is able to provide much more than just the hypothetical answer, thus a recommendation to just about every wrestling fan out there.

Guest Booker with Jerry Jarrett : Rebooking WCW 2000 is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information check out and to read my previous DVD reviews check out


DVD Review : Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

October 9, 2008

DVD Review :  Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

Earlier this year Strong Style Productions sat down with Allison Danger to film two DVD projects, the first of which was the 4 hour “Quick Shooting with Allison Danger” shoot interview released back in April. Now work has been completed on their second project, “Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story” which is a documentary on the life and career of Allison Danger. 

With a main feature runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes, Fight Hard is able to offer up something completely different from the previously released shoot interview as the shoot focused more on her thoughts and opinions on the world of professional wrestling, picking apart the WWE, TNA and Shimmer rosters. In this feature you learn what it was like growing up as the little sister of Steve Corino, how her entry to the world of professional wrestling came about, how much involvement her brother had in her training and of course her eventual international career is covered in depth. At times there is spots were there is an assumption that you know what was going on with the storylines she is speaking of, but luckily that gets corrected as the documentary goes along. Overall there is very little downtime and makes for a fairly interesting watch. Chapter listings are as follows : 1) Growing up Corino, 2) Entering the business, 3) Ring Of Honour, 4) Hitting her stride, 5) Branching Out, 6) The girls step up, 7) USO Tour, 8) Debut of Shimmer, 9) Wrestling Takes it toll, 10) 100% Strong Style!, 11) A farewell to ROH, 12) Crowning a Shimmer Champion, and finally 13) What does the future hold?

Strong Style Productions does a decent job in dealing with the limitations an independent company faces when creating a documentary in this day and age.  Video and Photo footage of Danger in action in Shimmer, ROH, Chikara and Chickfight  finds itself sprinkled throughout the feature which to say the least is a nice addition and has become a must for a documentary nowadays, However being unable to spend a ton of cash to travel,interview, and film those she has worked and been influenced by, written quotes were instead obtained for the DVD from the likes of Francine, her brother Steve, Rebecca Knock and many others. Despite all this the video and audio quality deserves top marks. The documentary also features music from California band “theSTART” as well as irish band “Eden” and some of the musical choices are great and placed well, however sometimes the producers try a little too hard to use the music, as 10 second bits that end abruptly are more annoying than helpful.

The second disc offers up an hour of deleted scenes from the documentary which could of easily been included in the main feature and not brought it down a bit. Stories including her time hanging out in the ECW locker room, as well as hilarious stories of teasing the guys in ROH about how she got to make out with Mickie James, how Matt Hardy’s dad made her cry and why she is deathly afraid of Curry Man! Also included is 2 matchups, first up is Danger against Daizee Haze from Chikara in March 2005,  Then we have 6 way women’s action from February 06 in Chikara as Haze, Sumie Sakai and Mickie Knuckles team up to take up Danger, Rain and Ranmaru.

I was generally impressed with the overall quality of this DVD. Its rare to find a documentary of high quality that tells a interesting story and actually enables you to learn about someone who has done so much for the business, specifically for women’s wrestling which right now is more popular then ever, so if your looking for something different in your wrestling library give Fight Hard a look when it comes out next week.

Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story will be available from Strong Style Productions on October 14th, For more information or to order your own copy check out, And to read my previous DVD reviews check out




September 26, 2008

DVD REVIEW : TNA WRESTLING : KNOCKED OUT –  Pro Wrestlings Greatest Women’s Division

Reviewed by : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

There is no doubt that over the past 12 months, TNA has taken women’s wrestling to a whole new level with the addition of their Knockouts division and now the Knockout’s story is told in the latest TNA DVD release “Knocked Out : Pro Wrestling’s greatest women’s division”

Knocked Out is a fitting title for this DVD because for once, TNA knocked it out of the park when it comes to a solid DVD package. A nearly 3 and a half hour main feature accompanied with a special bonus disc featuring “Gail Kim’s Final TNA Interview” has finally taken TNA DVD production to another level.

The main feature offers interview segments with every member of the Knockout division , with the exception of Awesome Kong, who instead is covered by the other knockouts, each of them speak on their beginnings in the wrestling business, what the knockouts division has meant to them, why the knockouts division is better than the Divas, and even the personal stuff like their personal hobbies. Peppered throughout the interview segments is actual photo’s and video footage of the knockouts from their pre TNA days, which is something that TNA has only included on their DVD’s on the rare occasion. Another improvement is the natural progression of the feature, Often on previous TNA DVD’s featuring interview segments you would be interrupted by a constantly repeating 5 seconds of music with a graphics board to introduce the next segment, this time however you have a smooth transition cutting with just a graphic board. For anyone who saw the original TNA Knockouts DVD from a few years ago this is no comparison as it blows the original out of the water and uses a very different format.

Also in the main feature is some of the best matches from the knockouts division over the past year, beginning with the obvious choice of the “match that started it all” the TNA knockouts battle royal from Bound For Glory 07 which crowned Gail Kim as the first ever Knockouts champion, Next up is Roxxi Laveaux vs Gail Kim vs Angel Williams vs ODB  from Genesis 07, Then we have the two knockouts matches from Turning Point 07 in The Beautiful People vs Roxxi Laveaux/ODB, and the first battle between Awesome Kong & Gail Kim, which is followed up by their subsequent battles at Final Resolution and Impact in January of this year. The So Cal Val-Jay Lethal wedding from Slammiversary 08 is next up, followed by the Sacrifice 08 Knockouts Makeover Battle Royale in which the loser had her head shaved bald. The Lockdown Tag Team Grudge match between Gail Kim / ODB and Awesome Kong /Raisha Saeed as well as the Awesome Kong vs Taylor Wilde 25,000$ Challenge for the knockouts title from Impact  wraps up the match lineup.

The DVD bonus disc features Gail Kim’s final TNA Interview, which is an audio only interview set to photos and videos of the knockout which was recorded on August 21st 2008 at 4:30pm, Running 3 minutes in length, Kim expresses that she has been debating with one of the hardest decisions of her life and had made the tough choice to leave the company. She goes onto speak of her favorite memories of her run in the company. There is obviously no mention of the WWE and why she chose to leave, and when I got the DVD, I wondered why a bonus disc hyping her departure was included, obviously it was added late in production thus the need for it to be on a second disc. A bonus match is included on this disc as well as Gail Kim takes on Awesome Kong in a street fight on Impact. This would turn out to be her final match on television for TNA and keeping with wrestling tradition she goes out on her back, Whether or not she returns is unknown at this point but if she does depart to return to the WWE then this is a nice added touch to complete the package because the documentary portion does put over Kim often as a huge part of the success of the division and the impact she has had on those around her.

I’d definitely recommend picking this DVD up, its one of the best DVD’s ive seen from TNA. Recently it was announced that TNA was near completion of it fully  featured and dedicated production studio, and if this DVD was any indication of where they are going then TNA has finally “crossed the line” into a major player in the wrestling dvd market.

“TNA Knocked Out : Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Women’s Division” will be available nationwide on October 7th, Check out your favorite DVD retailer to get your copy or head over to to order online. (Amazon has it up for pre order



DVD Review : XPW Wrestling TV : The Complete Third Season

August 6, 2008

DVD Review : XPW Wrestling Television : The Complete 3rd Season

Reviewed by : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

When you check out the back cover of XPW’s complete third season DVD the hype line informs you that coming off of the “Go Funk Yourself” event, XPW entered season 3 with “the drama at a all time high” To say the least that is very true. With XPW having “venue problems” at the time, no new matches were being taped and thus weekly TV focused in on soap opera like storylines full of cheesy jokes, controversial topics and x-rated content. The so called “venue problems” is a whole other story but beyond these problems, two events were announced and these episodes would serve as the buildup towards them.

Season 3 begins as owner Rob Black returns from his vacation in Japan. Although at first glance he seems to be back to normal, Black is still somewhat off his rocker, talking to his black santa claus doll “N.C”, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what NC stands for. Another thing that hasn’t changed is Black’s desire to get the XPW world title away from Sabu. Late in season 2 he had brought in Terry Funk who was unable to get the title away from Sabu, so while in Japan, Black recruits hardcore Japanese legend Atsushi Onita, the only man who Sabu fears, and Black sets up the “first ever exploding ring match in the US” for December and also supposedly sells the company to Onita and changes the name to XPW Japan. This dies out as unfortunately the December show would be cancelled, and Sabu would first face off against Kronus and Big Dick Dudley in November. Black’s wife Lizzy Borden is kidnapped by the mob over a stolen car, Meanwhile Supreme and The Messiah continue to feud and attempt to one up eachother in actual street fights leading to a final confrontation to crown the true king of the death match, Kid Kaos continues to try and put the moves on Supreme’s wife Krysti Myst, White Trash Johnny Webb takes Homeless Jimmy’s advice and returns to girlfriend Jessica Darling, but Jimmy goes missing and the pair go on a city wide hunt to make sure he is ok, while Jessica’s dark past continues to rear it’s ugly head as Tool and Cypher attack Webb and Jessica and nearly kill them! Some new stuff for season 3 is the addition of Playboy Buddy Rose as the mentor of the gigolo Steve Rizzano, as well as the debut of Juventund Guerrera, and quite frankly seeing Juventund speak on mic is hilariously bad. New Jack also debuts in a big way late in the season, taking everyone out in true New Jack style.

At times the storylines didn’t click. Rob Black often seems unfazed by the fact that his wife was being held hostage somewhere, and promo segments with hosts Kris Kloss and Larry Rivera often seem misplaced. You also have to get past the fact that a show just after the big events presumes you were there and thus your seeing reaction to what happened, with the footage only being shown later.  It may have been marketed as wrestling, but these weekly tv episodes were really just storyline buildup via short segments leading to the big monthly events they had planned at the time, One could argue that the formula would maximize the interest in seeing the actual match, while others say that they want to see some actual wrestling on a wrestling show. Taking the product for what it is, I always found myself interested in finding out what happened next and being able to see the entire progression in one fell swoop is a plus.

As far as in ring action is concerned, all the “dramatic” buildup does lead to something as you get to see some big matchups and by the end of the season things are getting back to normal as they have some action to show. First off is a Hayabusa/Onita exploding ring match from Japan to hype up Onita’s debut with the company. You also get some of the pay off matches from the monthly events including Sabu vs Kronus vs Big Dick, Supreme vs Messiah in the King of the death match championship match, Sabu vs Messiah, Big Dick Dudley vs Tool, Johnny Webb vs Supreme and many more.

You also get a bunch of Unaired Bonus Matches include Abdullah The Butcher vs Homeless Jimmy, Christopher Daniels vs Donovan Morgan, Kid Kaos vs Michael Modest, Phenomenal Phil vs Dynamite D, Supreme vs Homeless Jimmy and Tool vs Dynamite D. Other bonus features  are XPW commercials, The Jessica Darling Love Triangle video, and a in ring strip tease from Kristy Myst.

XPW’s complete season DVD’s are often on sale for 9.99$ at Big Vision’s website (, other times you’ll see it listed at retailers for 14.99, at those prices, for a 3 disc, 9 hour set, its basically a steal, especially if you enjoy in depth storyline buildup, albeit at times corny, or x-rated, but there is some good stuff in the abandoned Sabu/Onita build (would have been classic had we gotten the payoff), as well as the Supreme/Messiah feud which eventually leads into Messiah vs Sabu, throw in the payoff matches for most of these feuds not to mention the bonus features, and  for the small price your paying I don’t see how you could be disappointed.

XPW Wrestling Television : The Complete 3rd Season as well as the first two seasons are available on DVD now from Big Vision Entertainment. Check out or for more information. To read my previous DVD reviews check out


DVD Review : You Shoot with Jamie Dundee

July 31, 2008

DVD Review :  “ YOU SHOOT “ With Jamie Dundee from Kayfabe Commentaries

Reviewed by : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

Kayfabe Commentaries’ You Shoot series has been highly praised by not only myself, but by many of those in the wrestling media, as well as the fans who have flocked to the series in droves. Coming off of two insane editions with the likes of Missy Hyatt and The Sandman, the KC team was faced with a big challenge…Find someone who could possibly top them, so in true You Shoot fashion, they turned the booking sheets over to their fans and asked who they wanted to shoot with. The message was apparently loud and clear as PG-13 member, one time star of the WCW, WWE, and ECW, and “semi-main eventer of Wrestlemania 13” Jamie Dundee ,was brought in, sat down, and left to the mercy of his fans who leave almost no shell unturned in the latest 2 hour edition of the You Shoot series.

According to the DVD’s back cover, Dundee garnered the most participation reaction to date, Those fan’s submissions don’t disappoint and covers a very broad range of topics, and if there is one thing Jamie delivers on, it’s the agreement to truly answer everything that is asked. In previous editions, the same pledge was made but occasionally you’d find a question or topic that the subject would kind of skate over, not with Dundee. Prime example, a individual named “Paul The Rapist” asks him about Jerry Lawler’s supposed love for young er woman, and whether or not he ever shared some of them with Dundee,  Jamie laughs, wants to skate over it, but instead says he had not indulged, and shares a story about being in a car with the Road Dogg “BG James” and Jerry Lawler that can either have you on the floor in stitches or sitting in silence with your  chin on the floor in shock.

Tons of other great stories are shared by Dundee over the course of the DVD, including who he dropped the “I was on the semi main event of Wrestlemania… Bitch!” line on in the ECW lockeroom,  his absolutely unbelievable pay off for that appearance,  why John Cena as nothing more than a Jamie Dundee copycat and a intense rant on the internet smarks who write incorrect stuff about him on Wikipedia.

You also get a special appearance via phone line from Jamie’s father Bill Dundee, who is the subject of many questions during the course of the shoot. Jamie noticeably puts a lot of effort into reacting to the fans, as he seems genuinely honored that so many fans stepped up and not only suggested him for the DVD but also sent in such a high volume of questions, so as a special treat for all of them he shoots off on them, more so than any other participant in the series thus far, He also shows his friendly side, kissing host Sean Oliver at least 10 times over a two hour period.

To be honest, when I heard Dundee had been chosen for You Shoot, I thought it would be ok, but pale in comparison to those in the 3 previous editions, and while it barely falls short compared to that of The Sandman, the best wrestling shoot DVD series out there today has another hit on their hands with Jamie Dundee in the hot seat so pick up a copy and see for yourself just how crazy a You Shoot DVD can get.

You Shoot with Jamie Dundee is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy head on over to and to read my previous DVD reviews check out