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The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake Roberts

January 18, 2016


Steve Rockamaniac joins Tony Stabile of The Rowdy Wrestling Podcast to review The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts documentary. Spoiler alert: We loved the film!

Not much to say here other than go download this epic documentary and support a man who has pulled himself from the brink of death.

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DVD Review : Guest Booker With Dutch Mantell – Exposing TNA

November 26, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

A year ago the wrestling world was abuzz over the announcement that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were going to TNA to shake up the company and bring it to the next level. A year later we all saw how that has turned out, as the Monday night wars part 2 was somewhat of a failed experiment,  the re-launch button was nearly pressed again a few months later  when Paul Heyman was in negotiations to take over the company, and now Dixie Carter’s mom, Janice has been put in charge of approving all new spending,. To say the least its been a rollercoaster year for TNA.

One of the individuals who had been with TNA for years, but found himself on the outside following the takeover by the Hogan-Bischoff regime is Dutch Mantell and now he is given his chance by Kayfabe Commentaries to show us how he would of booked the new TNA roster if he had been in charge during the latest installment of the Guest Booker DVD series.

As with previous installments of the Guest Booker series, this installment serves up more than just the guest booking purpose as it takes a look at the TNA booking structure prior to the Hogan/Bischoff regime and If you’ve been a fan of TNA at any time in recent years then you’ve probably found yourself scratching your head asking why something just happened or how they came up with such an idea, which is why this DVD is such an interesting watch.

Starting with the early days of TNA’s booking by committee, Mantell shares his frustration with getting some logic into the booking process and how the booking process often ended up being a court room more than anything as it was rare the individuals all agreed and everyone was throwing in their small ideas along the way. Mantell explains why the lack of a sole director in charge of TNA’s creative caused what is an exceptional roster to not be used correctly. However he does not come off as one of those disgruntled former employees which can often be the case in some of these DVD shoot interviews, in fact he is fairly politically correct in his comments and opinions.

Mantell also shoots from the hip when it comes to him being blamed for angles that drew “Fire Russo” chants, something that had been implied in Dixie Carter’s You Shoot DVD earlier this year, Mantell calls that pure BS and implores Russo to own up to the piss poor angles he is responsible for such as the Abyss/Sting Last Rites match that drew a big Fire Russo chant.

When it comes to his expectations for Hogan and Bischoff, Mantell expected a “hell of a lot more”, which is something I think many of us shared over the past 12 months, but could Mantell do better? Well that’s what the Guest Booker portion of the DVD attempts to show.

Mantell admits that being faced with such an inflated roster of  50 to 60 guys is a tough task as it’s a recipe for exactly what happened in TNA this year, too much to get over in such a small period of time. At the same time he would find it hard to send people home as it’s a time where your trying to make sure that you want the roster to be behind you, and thus its one of the reasons creative in TNA has always been overwhelmed and stretched.

Mantell  then goes on to explain his vision of January 4th, which would have had Abyss with Jim Mitchell,who he had taken time to rebuild as a monster for the month leading up to the January 4th event and have him confront Hogan to start a major angle.

Mantell then share his plans for RVD, Jeff Hardy, Mr Anderson and Desmond Wolfe, however amongst the flaws is the fact that they don’t take into consideration that RVD was not accepting to a TNA spot until March.

One of the things Mantell preaches throughout his vision is the slow build and reveal of the new arrivals to the roster as opposed to blowing the load every few seconds.

Along the way he explains some of the flaws in what happened in reality, and how Jim Cornette would often point these type of flaws out in TNA’s product while he was still there, which eventually led to his hatred for Vince Russo exploding.

Overall this is an interesting watch for any TNA fan, especially those have been frustrated over the years with some of the booking decisions, so if you have a TNA fan on your holiday gift giving list you may consider this installment of the Guest Booker.

Guest Booker with Dutch Mantell – Exposing TNA is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries, for more information or to order your own copy check out, and to check out my previous DVD reviews check out




DVD Review : “Woodshop” starring Jesse The Body Ventura

September 9, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Jesse Ventura has had quite the adventurous life. In the early 70’s he was a Navy Seal, In The Mid 70’s and over the  2 decades that would follow, he would make a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling as ”The Body”. It’s without a doubt that his time in pro wrestling opened up many avenues for him, one obviously being the political route which saw him serve as a mayor and later governor in Minnesota, but like many wrestlers before and after him, it opened up doors in the acting world.  Over the years Ventura has had roles in Predator, Zorro, and Demolition Man, but now in 2010 he is featured in a much smaller scale film entitled “ Woodshop” which is now available on DVD from  42 Productions.

This independent production is a teenage “dramedy” set in a high school woodshop class. The film plays out over a single Saturday at the high school shop class where class valedictorian Chris Johnson is sent to serve out a detention for having accidently concocted a mini rocket in chemistry class. Little did Chris expect to have to face quite the number of obstacles to survive the day. Amongst his fellow Woodshopers are all your typical high school characters, the best friend, the bully, the tomboy, and the stoner with a hidden genius.

Ventura plays the role of Mr. Madson, an ex army ranger who now teaches woodshop at the local high school. Longtime fans of Jesse will be reminded of his days as The Body as his character is reminiscent of his days in the wrestling world. To be honest, Ventura is the bright spot of this film, his performance is quite enjoyable.

It’s no major spoiler to say that the premise of the film is dealing with a high school bully. Director Pete Coggan deserves credit for doing a decent job of capturing the teenage character type of this day and age, although its done in a slightly cheesy and typical type of way in that the characters traits are spot on but the play out of the story is slightly off, but then again this is the movie world so I guess you have to expect such a thing.

With a low budget film comes the potential for some low quality production, In the case of Woodshop, the audio quality is what suffers. Eventhough the majority of the film is set in what is a fairly empty school, and fairly empty shop class, where in real life the audio would come off the way it does, echoy and hard to understand, this however is a film, and unfortunately its sometimes hard to understand what the characters are saying due to the poor audio quality. I sometimes had to refer to the subtitles to make sure who said what. Meanwhile I found the video quality to be more than acceptable as in this day and age with high quality cameras coming down in price its hard not to get some decent looking footage.

The IMDB page for Woodshop lists the Tag Line as “ It’s easy to convince yourself that life is a collection of unhappy memories where no good deed goes unpunished… It’s not” And although that tag line is no where to be see on the DVD cover, it is the basic message this film tries to get across. If you’re a big Jesse Ventura fan, or for that matter a fan of independent film, Woodshop is worth a look, Im not sure that many indy films hit the rental shelves anymore, but if this does I’d call this a Rent It.

Woodshop is now available on DVD from  42 Productions, You can pick up your own copy at local retailers or via online retailers such as Amazon. For more information check out , and to read my previous DVD Reviews check out


DVD Review : The Sheik – Wrestling’s Greatest Villian

September 6, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

In 2010 its rare to have a independent company put out a documentary on a legendary wrestler featuring high quality footage from years past, but that’s exactly what Independent New Service, a seemingly new company on the scene has attempted to do with their first wrestling themed released entitled  “ The Sheik : Wrestling’s Greatest Villian” now available on DVD.

Ed Farhat, better known as The Sheik, and famed uncle of ECW legend Sabu was a hardcore before hardcore was cool, he lived kayfabe to the fullest and protected the business at all costs, in fact he blew much of his earnings from wrestling by living his character 24/7/365, and this new 2 disc DVD set attempts to give you a taste of what the sheik was all about. Hosted by Robert Vito, the first disc features a 1 hour documentary, that for many dedicated wrestling fans may seem somewhat incomplete in comparison to the documentaries on wrestling stars that we have gotten used to nowadays, however it serves a somewhat of an homage to what the sheik stood for. Instead of taking the time to seek out and interview wrestling experts and wrestling supertars, Executive Producer Mark Nowotarski keeps it simple interviewing some Detroit area fans, and former Sheik manager Dave Drason. Something tells me The Sheik would of liked it that way, as his personal life and backstage reputations are not touched on, and his greatest feuds only grazed over, in fact even his time in Japan is not touched on in depth, and although it could be easy to rip on a release like this, when you think about it, The Sheik would not of wanted it any other way. The documentary portion reminds me of those later 80’s early 90’s WWF superstar tapes that keep it kayfabe while only giving you a glimpse inside the off camera life.

With that being said, this 2 disc set still contains some rare gems that make it an interesting buy for old school wrestling fans. This includes complete matchups from the Detroit area in the 80s and 90s with new commentary from the likes of Sheiks manager Dave Drason, executive producer Mark Nowotarski, and others. Opponents of The Sheik in these matchups include Malcolm Monroe, Bobo Brazil, and Luis Martinez. You also get a glimpse of the younger Sabu who used to accompany his uncle to the ring, and even some FMW footage from when The Sheik  was in a barbed wire flaming ring match with Onita which resulted in  severe injury. To say the least, very few independent releases in this day and age can feature real footage from this time period as WWE has bought up so many libraries over the years, so this is one of the brightspots of the release.

The vast array of Bonus Features on this release continue with a 20 minute interview with Dranson talking about his time in the wrestling world, A featurette on some famous pro wrestling ads from the Detroit area during the time period where The Sheik was king, as well as a featurette on a scrapbook that was maintained by George Crybaby Cannon.

Longtime fans of The Sheik will undoubtedly appreciate this release even with the 30$ US price tag as it pays homage to a wrestling legend in a way that legend would of wanted it. Meanwhile casual fans who are used to today’s documentary may not find this release as worthy, but considering the rarity of the footage included, it does make this release a positive addition to your wrestling collection.

The Sheik – Wrestling’s Greatest Villian is now available on DVD from Independent News Service, For more information or to order your own copy check out their website at and read all of my previous dvd reviews at


DVD Review : You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter

August 10, 2010

Reviewed by Steven Wilson of

Any fan past or present of Total Nonstop Action has probably at one time or another been so frustrated with something they saw on Impact or PPV that they just wanted to call Dixie Carter up and ask WHY!?! Realizing this Kayfabe Commentaries rolled out the You Shoot red carpet to the TNA president, and surprisingly she not only accepted but also accepted to do it live, and thus we now get the newly released DVD “You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter”

When I first heard about this DVD release I wondered to myself just how badly certain fans would take it to Dixie, After all 2010 has been the biggest roller coaster year in TNA’s history and never before has there been so much difference of opinion, I also wondered if Dixie would truly “shoot” or be a pro at dancing around the questions, ultimately what we get from her is a mix of both.

The DVD begins with some of the typical questions such as were you a wrestling fan growing up, how and why did you get into the business, etc.  Besides that, as you would expect there is plenty of questions about Vince McMahon, WWE, Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan,Eric Bischoff, and WCW comparisons. Some topics Dixie does well at avoiding while others she gets into.

For example, when asked which 1 WWE star she would want should they ever become available, Dixie basically responds that she is happy with her roster and wouldn’t really want any specific star from the WWE roster, and while I understand she wouldn’t want to put over a WWE talent and make it seem like she would desperately want a bigger star, we all know that if a Cena, Orton,  or whoever were available Dixie would be on the horn immediately trying to sign them up, and for that matter they don’t even need to be that big of a name as we’ve seen in 2010 with the likes of Orlando Jordan.

While on the topic of Vince Russo, Hogan and Bischoff, this DVD does become more insightful.  Former TNA employee and Professional Vince Russo hater, Jim Cornette submits a video question asking Dixie about why Vince Russo continues to be employed, to no surprise Carter defends Russo and explains that many times where a Fire Russo chant rang out, whatever was going on in the ring wasn’t even written or booked by him, sometimes they were instead booked by Cornette’s good friend Dutch Mantell.  Dixie reveals that one day she flipped on the creative staff and told them if there is another fire russo chant for something he had nothing to do with someone will lose their job.

The live aspect was a interesting idea, while it could have been epic, it did not necessarily make this edition of You Shoot any better than previous editions. Had their been more knowledgeable fans who were not nervous to ask Dixie questions to her face, it could have been a barn burner of a interview . Nonetheless another solid installment of the you shoot series, and you have to give some props to Dixie for having the sack to sit down and do this with seemingly no pre screening of the questions. Dixie Carter often reminds me of Sarah Palin, you never know what is gonna come out of her mouth, for that reason alone, check out this DVD release.

You Shoot Live with Dixie Carter is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more info on this and their other DVD releases, check out


DVD Review : You Shoot With Maria Kanellis

July 31, 2010

Reviewed by  Steven Wilson of

Maria’s release from the WWE was one of the more surprising firings in 2010, It would set a trend that would later see Mickie James released while sending a firm message from the WWE to its talent…If you think your going to take your fame and roll it into success outside of the ring then you better give us complete control over it otherwise take a hike. Now a free woman, Maria made one of her first post WWE stops in the hot seat known as the You Shoot, which as you probably know by now has established itself as the no holds barred shoot interview for the fans.  As Maria reveals in this interview, she considers chances like this “Wrestling Therapy”,or in other words her chance to blow off some steam and move on from the WWE. With an admission like that it should be a give in that she is a great candidate for the You Shoot seat.

Despite the fact that she had just recently been released by the WWE, throughout the interview Maria does not come off as intentionally bitter, or intentionally timid in her responses to the questions, she comes off honest and to the point, which is somewhat refreshing for a recently released WWE star in a shoot interview format.

As the interview goes along you learn that Maria  may have played a bit of a ditz on WWE television, but in reality she is the complete opposite. A down to earth, smart woman who could of helped the WWE so much but because she’s  a woman, the limitations held her and other divas back. This is evident when she shares her thoughts on a variety of topics, such as how the divas have been used at recent wrestlemanias, why the guest host idea was overkill, why the divas are not marketed properly and why the WWE drops the ball on using opportunities like her musical project to create bigger prescence in the mainstream culture.

Meanwhile the marquee You Shoot games are featured, including Maria revealing whose racks are real and whose are fake in the Divas lockerroom, Discussing which male roster members were the biggest dicks and Maria playing the Guess the wrestling playboy playmate game.

Although Maria may have gotten into the wrestling world through what many wrestling fans and critics consider a joke (the diva search) After watching this interview Maria showed that if your willing to work hard at it you can become a good mind and a decent worker. This installment of the You Shoot series may not of been crazy and over the top (with the exception of the disturbing video submissions from the Off The Mark Crew) But this installment was great for the honest and playful nature of Maria.

Oh and for the pervs out there who probably don’t care about how honest Maria is or what happened during her run in the WWE, Maria drops a line in the shoot saying “Sometimes I like to play with myself” For that line alone Im sure you’ll be satisfied.

You Shoot with Maria Kanellis is now available from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : You Shoot with Bob Holly

January 26, 2010

When you think of former WWE superstar Bob Holly your likely to think of the racing character “Sparky Plug” from the WWF in the 1990’s, otherwise you likely will think of the controversial shoot incidents he had in the WWE during the final years of his run there. One thing’s for certain, Bob Holly is not well liked individual, some may respect him, while others absolutely hate him, but very few have a kind word to say about Bob Holly so to say the least that makes him a good candidate to sit down and go on the record with the public during the latest installment of the You Shoot series from Kayfabe Commentaries.

The DVD starts off with the expected progression from training to Smoky Mountain Wrestling to entering the WWE and hating the name Sparky Plugg. From there his days in the New Midnight Express and eventually becoming Hardcore Holly are talked about. Along the way Holly offers some interesting stories such as telling off the clique and whether he ever thought about jumping ship to WCW during the Monday night wars.

The meat and vegetables of this DVD then begins as the interesting topics and questions for Bob Holly do not revolve around the progression of his career but rather with the controversies that garner internet press and the reputation of being a bully. Holly is accosted by large shirtless men in submitted videos and numerous emails about working stiff with people in the ring and incidents with the likes of Matt Capottelli, Rene Dupree, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. Holly holds nothing back in addressing each one, providing information that wasn’t provided in the many internet reports at the time of the various incidents and explains why his so called stiff ring work is overblown.

Beyond that some other topics covered include whether he would consider jumping to the MMA world (including a challenge for Brock Lesnar), just how bad his pain killer addiction was, whether he used steroids and whether those in the WWE locker room use them, and whether or not Molly Holly has a naughty side (she apparently does!)

One of the things that I looked forwarding to seeing is what type of games host Sean Oliver would play with Bob Holly, After all You Shoot has come to be known for some of its crazy games and Bob Holly doesn’t come off as the type to play games. However, as they always do, the guys at Kayfabe come up with something unique to suit their guest, this time around they feature a hilarious “How would Bob Holly kick their ass” where Bob comes up with some crazy ideas to inflict pain and torture on people in the business that he doesn’t see eye to eye with like Ken Kennedy. As you know by now Holly is rather hated amongst wrestling fans so a game debating on who is more hated than Bob Holly is featured and then a debate on who is tougher than Bob. The You Shoot classic of What’s in the bag returns as well.

The most appealing aspect of this DVD is finally hearing Bob Holly’s side of a long controversy filled story. I think there is a lot to be learned from this DVD, that is if you want to learn something. Holly eludes to numerous times in this DVD that people will believe what they want to believe.

There is 2 sides to every story and I think the You Shoot with Bob Holly DVD is a must see for any Bob Holly hater because it sets the record straight on so many things. As the back of the DVD cover states, Bob Holly…Bully? Coward? Or misunderstood, You be the judge. Ive never been a big fan of Bob Holly, I respect him as a guy who was employed that long by the WWE has to have talent, and after watching this DVD, my judgement is he is somewhat misunderstood.

You Shoot with Bob Holly is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy check out