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DVD Review : You Shoot With Maria Kanellis

July 31, 2010

Reviewed by  Steven Wilson of

Maria’s release from the WWE was one of the more surprising firings in 2010, It would set a trend that would later see Mickie James released while sending a firm message from the WWE to its talent…If you think your going to take your fame and roll it into success outside of the ring then you better give us complete control over it otherwise take a hike. Now a free woman, Maria made one of her first post WWE stops in the hot seat known as the You Shoot, which as you probably know by now has established itself as the no holds barred shoot interview for the fans.  As Maria reveals in this interview, she considers chances like this “Wrestling Therapy”,or in other words her chance to blow off some steam and move on from the WWE. With an admission like that it should be a give in that she is a great candidate for the You Shoot seat.

Despite the fact that she had just recently been released by the WWE, throughout the interview Maria does not come off as intentionally bitter, or intentionally timid in her responses to the questions, she comes off honest and to the point, which is somewhat refreshing for a recently released WWE star in a shoot interview format.

As the interview goes along you learn that Maria  may have played a bit of a ditz on WWE television, but in reality she is the complete opposite. A down to earth, smart woman who could of helped the WWE so much but because she’s  a woman, the limitations held her and other divas back. This is evident when she shares her thoughts on a variety of topics, such as how the divas have been used at recent wrestlemanias, why the guest host idea was overkill, why the divas are not marketed properly and why the WWE drops the ball on using opportunities like her musical project to create bigger prescence in the mainstream culture.

Meanwhile the marquee You Shoot games are featured, including Maria revealing whose racks are real and whose are fake in the Divas lockerroom, Discussing which male roster members were the biggest dicks and Maria playing the Guess the wrestling playboy playmate game.

Although Maria may have gotten into the wrestling world through what many wrestling fans and critics consider a joke (the diva search) After watching this interview Maria showed that if your willing to work hard at it you can become a good mind and a decent worker. This installment of the You Shoot series may not of been crazy and over the top (with the exception of the disturbing video submissions from the Off The Mark Crew) But this installment was great for the honest and playful nature of Maria.

Oh and for the pervs out there who probably don’t care about how honest Maria is or what happened during her run in the WWE, Maria drops a line in the shoot saying “Sometimes I like to play with myself” For that line alone Im sure you’ll be satisfied.

You Shoot with Maria Kanellis is now available from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more information or to order your own copy check out


DVD Review : Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

October 9, 2008

DVD Review :  Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story

Reviewed by : Steven Wilson of

Earlier this year Strong Style Productions sat down with Allison Danger to film two DVD projects, the first of which was the 4 hour “Quick Shooting with Allison Danger” shoot interview released back in April. Now work has been completed on their second project, “Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story” which is a documentary on the life and career of Allison Danger. 

With a main feature runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes, Fight Hard is able to offer up something completely different from the previously released shoot interview as the shoot focused more on her thoughts and opinions on the world of professional wrestling, picking apart the WWE, TNA and Shimmer rosters. In this feature you learn what it was like growing up as the little sister of Steve Corino, how her entry to the world of professional wrestling came about, how much involvement her brother had in her training and of course her eventual international career is covered in depth. At times there is spots were there is an assumption that you know what was going on with the storylines she is speaking of, but luckily that gets corrected as the documentary goes along. Overall there is very little downtime and makes for a fairly interesting watch. Chapter listings are as follows : 1) Growing up Corino, 2) Entering the business, 3) Ring Of Honour, 4) Hitting her stride, 5) Branching Out, 6) The girls step up, 7) USO Tour, 8) Debut of Shimmer, 9) Wrestling Takes it toll, 10) 100% Strong Style!, 11) A farewell to ROH, 12) Crowning a Shimmer Champion, and finally 13) What does the future hold?

Strong Style Productions does a decent job in dealing with the limitations an independent company faces when creating a documentary in this day and age.  Video and Photo footage of Danger in action in Shimmer, ROH, Chikara and Chickfight  finds itself sprinkled throughout the feature which to say the least is a nice addition and has become a must for a documentary nowadays, However being unable to spend a ton of cash to travel,interview, and film those she has worked and been influenced by, written quotes were instead obtained for the DVD from the likes of Francine, her brother Steve, Rebecca Knock and many others. Despite all this the video and audio quality deserves top marks. The documentary also features music from California band “theSTART” as well as irish band “Eden” and some of the musical choices are great and placed well, however sometimes the producers try a little too hard to use the music, as 10 second bits that end abruptly are more annoying than helpful.

The second disc offers up an hour of deleted scenes from the documentary which could of easily been included in the main feature and not brought it down a bit. Stories including her time hanging out in the ECW locker room, as well as hilarious stories of teasing the guys in ROH about how she got to make out with Mickie James, how Matt Hardy’s dad made her cry and why she is deathly afraid of Curry Man! Also included is 2 matchups, first up is Danger against Daizee Haze from Chikara in March 2005,  Then we have 6 way women’s action from February 06 in Chikara as Haze, Sumie Sakai and Mickie Knuckles team up to take up Danger, Rain and Ranmaru.

I was generally impressed with the overall quality of this DVD. Its rare to find a documentary of high quality that tells a interesting story and actually enables you to learn about someone who has done so much for the business, specifically for women’s wrestling which right now is more popular then ever, so if your looking for something different in your wrestling library give Fight Hard a look when it comes out next week.

Fight Hard : The Allison Danger Story will be available from Strong Style Productions on October 14th, For more information or to order your own copy check out, And to read my previous DVD reviews check out



DVD Review : Quick Shooting With Allison Danger

May 9, 2008


Reviewed By : Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson of

Strong Style Productions is the latest company to form and dive in to the wrestling DVD market. Their first release is “Quick Shooting With Allison Danger” , Which is a 2 disc, nearly 4 hour sit down shoot interview that is anything but “Quick” but rather intriguing at the same time.

For the non-mainstream fans reading this review, you might be asking who is Allison Danger and what makes her qualified to speak on the world of pro wrestling for nearly 4 hours? Well Allison Danger is one of the most talented and powerful female wrestlers out there today that is not under the WWE or TNA umbrella. Danger, alongside Dave Prazak run Shimmer Women Athletes, which is a all female independent wrestling company that has helped almost all of TNA’s and some of WWE’s female rosters rise to new levels in the world of professional wrestling. Danger has also been a regular in Ring Of Honour for years having best been known for managing Christopher Daniels in that promotion,  And for those who still don’t know who she might be, perhaps her real name would help, that being Cathy Corino, which makes her the younger sister of former ECW star “The King Of Old School” Steve Corino, so to say the least her 8 years in and around the business has permitted her to see and experience a hell of a lot, and she gets a chance to take the knowledge she has gained and give her opinion on the wrestling business in this DVD.

Presented in a widescreen format, Quick Shooting With Allison Danger is visually impressive, it transitions flawlessly between topics, and generally the audio is very clear, although since it was recorded on different days and Danger wears different outfits, there is one period where the sound suffers, but getting to the actual content of the DVD, This is not your cookie cutter shoot interview, where you start from the person’s childhood and go through every aspect of someone’s career. Instead Danger is asked her opinions on a variety of topics including her thoughts on working for WWE or TNA, being a woman on either roster, her actual thoughts on every single woman on those rosters, bra and panties matches, women who take part in “custom wrestling video shoots” and what she thinks young girls who are looking to break into the business need to do. Danger also answers some more personal questions such as her experiences with promoters, whether she would sign on with the WWE or TNA, who in the wrestling world she has had a crush on since she was young girl and what she plans to do once her time is up in the business.

I must say that once you watch this DVD you’ll probably be surprised how smart to the business this woman really is, she has seen and lived through so much in the business that she has some uber interesting things to say. Can it sustain your attention for nearly 4 hours? That depends on what type of fan you are, if you only watch WWE, or TNA, or have never seen Shimmer, then there is a chunk of the DVD that will drag for you, Personally I have followed all 3, and thus knew everyone and everything she was speaking of making it highly appealing to me and time flew when watching it, so if you’re a fan of at least the two major feds, and or a Indy fan who follows Shimmer, ROH and the circuit that those stars follow then this DVD can be just as appealing to you.

 “Quick Shooting With Allison Danger” is now available on DVD from Strong Style Productions. For more information you can check out the company’s website at and to read my previous DVD reviews check out